Miracle Throne
Chapter 237: Giving help to the Heaven’s Alliance
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 237: Giving help to the Heaven’s Alliance

Chapter 237: Giving help to the Heaven’s Alliance

After Chu Tian made the decision to produce weapons, he spent most of his time in the research facility. This was because the source energy weapons were secrets among secrets and even Yun Tianhe and Meng Qingwu had not seen it yet.

Ten days had passed after the chaos of Central State.

The Imperial City had not received the news yet.

However, the slower the response, the better, giving Miracle Commerce more time to digest the resources from the three great families. Meng Qingwu had already begun to integrate their businesses. As for the businesses that were far off or inconvenient to manage, they were given to business partners to manage.

In short, the hundred year old bases of the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families were used up in less than half a month.

The Chu Family was considered better off compared to the other three families.

Although the businesses of the Chu Family had been swallowed by Miracle Commerce, the Chu Family did not disappear and officially changed its name to the Chu Sect. The Yun Sect was the research and scholar center for Miracle Commerce, whereas the Chu Sect was the martial and retainer center. One for knowledge, one for martial arts, working in harmony.

After the three great families had been defeated, Miracle Commerce had given out many care packages that greatly benefited the citizens.

Under Chu Tian’s guidance, Meng Qingwu took out a portion of the resources taken from the three great families and used it for the citizens, giving them benefits or using it to invest into the public fund, providing free construction for the citizens of Central State City.

These were all matters that were impossible for the previous families.


To the south of Central State City, there was a small courtyard that was the “Heaven’s Alliance’s” headquarters. The siblings Lin Xuan and Lin Fan and over a hundred Heaven’s Alliance members lived around this area.

Today was the day for the Heaven’s Alliance to discuss official business.

“Everyone, everyone!” Lin Fan stood up in the crude hall, stepping up on a broken stool while lifting up a second hand newspaper. His voice was full of excitement as he said, “Miracle Commerce gave a hundred thousand cans of food to the poor a few days ago, they constructed houses in the slum yesterday, and today they announced that they would be giving free medicine to the citizens, helping the citizens stay healthy!”

“It’s not only that!” Lin Xuan stood beside Lin Fang and very excitedly added, “It’s said that Miracle Commerce will be contributing goods worth two hundred million gold coins in preparation to set up a charity fund for poor cultivators of Central State City, developing talented young cultivators without any conditions. This is really a blessing for us!”

“Long live!”

“Long live our idol!”

“Long live Miracle Commerce!”

The youths’ blood boiled, feeling proud and excited.

In this era where hierarchy was valued, Miracle Commerce were true pioneers. There had never been any families or powers that had made a charity fund to help the juniors of poor families.

However, Chu Tian had done this.

Miracle Commerce had done this!

An entire two hundred million gold coins worth of resources and money! What kind of gigantic figure was this!

Right now the “Heaven’s Alliance” had reached over five hundred people with an average age of below twenty. There were poor family’s juniors and rich family’s young masters, fans of Chu Tian at every social level. Of course, most of them were all young people. With the strength and abilities of the Lin siblings, being the lowest grade cultivators in Central State City, they could not recruit any high level people.

However, this group was very young and radical, with a lot of potential. That attracted the attention of many rich businessmen, all wanting to use large amounts of money to support or buy their organization. So, they used a price that many people found hard to resist.

In front of this kind of temptation.

The siblings reject all these offers!

Although they were poor, they still had their pride!

The Heaven’s Alliance was established as an organization of people with similar interests.

Some people like weapons, so they created a weapons enthusiast association. Some people like medicine, so they created a medicine enthusiasts association. The Heaven’s Alliance was no different from those associations!

This was a place of hot blooded young people filled with dreams. They all took Chu Tian as an idol, so they inspired each other, learned with each other, and progressed together. It was all to see Chu Tian’s progress and the rise of the Miracle Era, nothing more than that!

If this sacred belief were commercialized, everything would be over.

So the Heaven’s Alliance did not allow money to tarnish them!

The others were all touched and confirmed their statuses as leaders, supporting their every move.

Before Central State fell into chaos.

The Heaven’s Alliance frequently spread the stories of Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce in the poor area, letting more people know about the rise of Miracle Commerce.

After the chaos of Central State.

The Lin siblings and several hundred members of the Heaven’s Alliance worked hard to placate the masses for Miracle Commerce and fixed the streets, helping Miracle Commerce establish a positive image.

“Miracle Commerce has made many contributions to Central State City, we have to let more people know about this!”

“That’s right. The mission today is everyone will split into ten groups and go into the slums, bringing this news to people that cannot afford to buy newspapers, letting everyone know that there is a chance for them to change their destiny!”

The majority of the Heaven’s Alliance were poor people, so they could understand poor people.

In Central State City and most of the other cities, the lower class members would not care about the news. These people weren’t even willing to let go of a single copper coin, so how could they be willing to buy a newspaper? These people lived in groups and lived very isolated lives.

That is why they had to actively advertise!

Miracle Commerce was very strong, but it didn’t have enough people. The Heaven’s Alliance wanted to do as much as possible for Miracle Commerce that was within their capabilities. They wanted everyone to benefit from the charity of Miracle Commerce.

When the Lin siblings divided the tasks and everyone was prepared to move.

“Big brother, big sister!”

“There are quite a few luxurious carriages outside!”

A simply dressed youth with a face full of freckles charged in.

Lin Xuan and Lin Fan looked at each other. It was probably another merchant that hadn’t lost hope which disgusted them. They had already said many times that the Heaven’s Alliance was the Heaven’s Alliance and wasn’t for sale.

But these rich and powerful people could not be offended. So even if they felt impatient, they still had to suppress their anger and go greet them.

There were four-five beast carriages parked there. From the white rhinoceros carriage in front, a young girl walked out who was even younger than the Lin siblings.


Such a beautiful girl!

Everyone’s eyes almost popped out.

That girl’s hair was tied back in a ponytail and those green clothes perfectly outlined those two round peaks. That short skirt outlined her slim waist and revealed a pair of white jade legs. Her figure was very slim and straight, making her look young and energetic.

There were two young men following behind her, wearing the uniform of the Underworld Mercenaries.

Although most people had not seen this girl before, they knew the Underworld Mercenaries. Wasn’t this Miracle Commerce’s mercenary group? They were from Miracle Commerce!

Lin Xuan and Lin Fan’s mouths went wide open, “You…..You’re miss Meng Yingying!”

“Yep, that’s me!” Meng Yingying stuck out her chest and revealed a gentle, charming smile, “It was elder sister that wanted me to come see you guys.”

“Chairman Meng Qingwu!” Lin Xuan excitedly jumped up, “Chairman Meng Qingwu knows about us?!”

“That’s right. Elder sister was already paying attention to you in South Sky City. Miracle Commerce already knows about everything you’ve done in the past few months. Elder sister has praised you multiple times!”

The aloof goddess Chairman Meng Qingwu was actually paying attention to their small organization and was even praising them?!

Was this true?

The giant organization that was Miracle Commerce would actually care about a tiny organization like them!

Meng Yingying could see that the Heaven’s Alliance members were trying to stop their faces from turning red. She revealed a faint smile, “Elder sister wanted to personally come, but she’s been too busy lately and had to handle many things, so she couldn’t come. She had me come instead, so I hope you won’t mind!”

The Lin siblings excitedly said, “It is already an honour for the chairman to know about us!”

“Don’t say that, you guys are quite outstanding. My elder sister has a good impression of you, so you have to keep working hard.” Meng Yingying said up to here and then said, “Big brother Mu, big brother Han, why haven’t you brought the gifts yet.”

Lin Mu and Fang Han came forward.

The Heaven’s Alliance members were filled with excitement!

Although they knew these were members of the Underworld Mercenaries, they never thought that they would be leaders. These two were Illustrious Soul Realm experts that their idol Chu Tian had personally trained!

Meng Yingying opened the box, “There are pills and discs in here, and there is a large phonograph and a large radio outside, as well as ten portable Magnetic Recording Machines. The radio and Magnetic Recording Machines are connected to the Qilin Hall channel with a three year subscription. We hope that it will be helpful to your cultivation!”

The radio, the phonograph, and the newest Magnetic Recording Machine were all precious items from Miracle Commerce!

“The gift has been given, so I’ll be leaving first. I hope that you guys will keep working hard.”

After Meng Yingying had the mercenaries place the boxes down, she no longer had a reason to stay, so she left in the beast carriage.

Lin Fan and Lin Xuan had not recovered yet, but the other youths impatiently opened the boxes, revealing bottles of precious pills. They were all high quality pills that could assist one’s cultivation. There were a few dozen Qi Refining Pills alone and there were over twenty Qilin Hall discs, explaining a whole series of skills. This was very useful to these people.

“These are the Magnetic Recording Machines?”

“It has to be! The newest invention from Miracle Commerce!”

There were ten silver white items inside the box, being the size of a plate and having a black magnetic sound stone antenna on it. There were several buttons on it that allowed on to change stations or to play discs.

How could the Heaven’s Alliance members not know Miracle Commerce’s new product?

The Magnetic Recording Device was the newest media platform from Miracle Commerce that combined the radio and phonograph. It was smaller and lighter. Although the sound quality and the signal receiving capabilities were worse than the radio and phonograph alone, it was very convenient, with anyone being able to carry it around with them.

Miracle Commerce was planning to sell two hundred thousand units in the next ten days.

The Magnetic Recording Machines were very cheap, being worth around five hundred gold coins for one and one-two thousand gold coins for a higher quality model. Most of the middle class in Central State City could afford to buy one!

The reason Miracle Commerce sold these new products so cheaply was mainly because Miracle Commerce wasn’t trying to earn money from the sales itself, but rather from the pay to listen channels on these new Magnetic Recording Machines.

Each frequency had its own processing method and normal Magnetic Recording Machines and radios couldn’t receive these pay to listen channels. Only after spending a bit of money to decode this frequency could one listen to this channel on their radios or Magnetic Recording Machines.

The Qilin Hall channel was the most expensive one!

It only broadcast basic skills to practice, but it cost ten thousand gold coins to listen to.

These youths needed a good teacher. The things that Meng Yingying was ordered to give them were things that they needed the most right now. The members of the Heaven’s Alliance never thought that a small organization like theirs could ever attract the attention of a large player like Miracle Commerce. It was enough to bring honour to each and every one of them.


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