Miracle Throne
Chapter 236: Full force expansion
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 236: Full force expansion

Chapter 236: Full force expansion

Miracle Commerce had not passed through the storm just yet.

There was a reason why the Four Great Families could develop so smoothly over a hundred years, but now that had all collapsed, it went against the interests of certain people. Moreover, with several tens of thousands of people dead in Central State, it didn’t matter it it was a normal city, but Central State City was a Main City, so this was a large matter for the Southern Summer Country!

Miracle Commerce had swallowed the three great families, giving themselves a monopoly over the power in the city.

The Southern Summer King and the Southern Summer Three Rulers, could they accommodate a large influence like Miracle Commerce?

Chu Tian did not care about this. No matter what happened in the Imperial City, the worst case scenario was just to run away. Now that they had all the resources from the three great families, including all their wealth and resources and had the Giant Shark Gang’s water superiority, they would be able to quickly develop themselves wherever they went!

One couldn’t depend on others!

The only way to become strong was to have others fear and respect you!

Chu Tian had to eliminate all the bad influences in Central State and throw more technology into the Yun Sect, letting Miracle Commerce develop their strength and influence another step.

Naturally, a person’s individual strength was also important, so after Chu Tian raided the nests of the three great families, he instantly prepared materials to refine Saint Grade Pills.

In the future.

Chu Tian would jump to the peak 4th Awakened Soul Layer!

The young miss, Meng Yingying, Lin Mu, Fang Han, and the others were all in the Awakened Soul Realm.

After the clash in Central State City, it impacted the city less than people thought it would. Miracle Commerce had made several appeasement policies that not only restored the liveliness of the city, it made the city even more relaxing.

The pressure from the Four Great Families no longer existed and the people that suppressed others had been defeated. It was now replaced by a power that was inclusive and full of vitality!

Miracle Commerce did not step on the interests of the other families, instead they worked with those families to create win-win situations.

For the citizens of Central State City, under the monopoly of Miracle Commerce, their incomes and standards of living all increased. The potential of Miracle Commerce to stimulate the economy was much higher than the Four Great Families, so the Central State citizens did not fight repel Miracle Commerce at all.

There was no enemy.

This made it much more relaxed for Chu Tian.

Meng Qingwu came in with the latest progress report, “Miracle Commerce now owns dozens of resources fields, factories, research and testing facilities, and dojos. The powers of Central State have all expressed their wishes to cooperate with us. Miracle Commerce has gone from a company without enough supply lines to one with excess supply lines in just a few days.”

From light bulbs, to batteries, to canned food, to even radios and phonographs.

The supply issue that Miracle Commerce faced was no longer an issue, so they had no choice but to open the market as soon as possible.

Now that the three great families have collapsed.

Miracle Commerce had many resources and high production, as well as all the families that wanted to cooperate with Miracle Commerce. Not to mention the Central State area, even if they wanted to spread across the Southern Summer Country, it was enough to supply this goal! Central State was quickly becoming Miracle Commerce’s biggest supply line!

“Miracle Commerce doesn’t have enough customers locally, so we will spread across the entire Southern Summer Country, then to other countries, before finally reaching even the other races.” Chu Tian said in a confident voice, “So it’s not too much, but rather it’s still not enough. On one hand, make the factories work faster and have them work earlier. On the other hand, continue buying new factories and making cooperation deals with other factories.”

Meng Qingwu never thought that Miracle Commerce would develop so quickly.

Going from a small unknown influence in South Sky City, to becoming a large player in Central State City, and finally having Central State City completely under Chu Tian’s control.

Chu Tian suddenly stood up, “Come, we’ll go have a look at the research center.”

There were already over five hundred researchers in the Yun Sect’s research labs. They were divided into departments of study such as source energy talismans, alchemy, cultivation, energy sources, source energy mechanics, and etc.

The source energy technology department was the most important one.

The Yun Sect had over five hundred researchers and close to four hundred of them were in the source energy research department which was currently being led by Yun Tianhe.

The talisman and alchemy departments were responsible for coming up with new talismans and medicines and were being headed by Xiong Tianyan and Zhang Liqing respectively. Chu Tian had taken out many recipes for them to study. Although talismans and medicines were common businesses, they still made a lot of money.

The cultivation department was responsible for taking in retainers and ancient cultivation techniques, translating and finding useful parts from the techniques. This department was currently being led by Chen Bingyu because she was a martial arts maniac and was very interested in this cultivation department.

The energy sources department was very important. Chu Tian was currently occupying most of the crystal oil mines in Central State, even sending people secretly to occupy the crystal oil mines of the Southern Summer Country. This crystal oil was the foundational resource for their technology and most people did not know how important it was, so before they noticed, Chu Tian wanted to control as much as possible. The energy sources department mainly researched the Source Energy Battery, finding out the best methods to use the battery in different scenarios.

The energy source was a secret.

So Chu Tian could only send his most trusted member to control it.

This department was clearly personally headed by the young miss.

The source energy mechanical department was quite special. This department did not have a big role now and was even considered quite useless, but they had a strong value later on. The technological core of Miracle Commerce was its source energy technology, but they were slowly getting more complicated and needed a good mechanical team to put it all together!

The mechanical technique genius of Central State, Tong Xiaoyu was in charge of this department. They were mainly in charge of designing the machines and ensuring they can display their functions.

A research institute with five hundred people was already considered quite big in the Southern Summer Country!

Chu Tian was not afraid that there would be too many researchers. Miracle Commerce was rich and could afford to raise them all, he was just afraid of not having enough people.

Chu Tian came in and asked, “Old Yun, have you made any successes recently?”

“Of course!” Yun Tianhe saw Chu Tian and said with a look of excitement, “Come with me!”

In a secret room, there was a small magnetic sound tower in the center with two dark instruments hung up on both sides. Yun Tianhe pointed at it with a proud look and said, “This is the communication device that we made!”

Meng Qingwu said in a surprised voice, “You already succeeded in the few days that I wasn’t here?”

Yun Tianhe gave a laugh, “Actually, there was no problem with the technology, after all, the Chairman had already prepared the core technology. After we did a thousand tests and over two hundred adjustments, we have now chosen a frequency to use for the communication device and have stabilized it after an initial test.”

Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “Let’s try it!”

Meng Qingwu was very interested and immediately arrived in front of one of the receivers. The communication device was a box with a source energy cloth covering it. There was a circle in the center of the device with an arrow attached and numbers were placed around the circle.

“What are these numbers for?”

“How can different devices communicate with one another? After careful discussion, we came up with this design.” Yun Tianhe pointed at the numbers and said, “Different devices have different numbers and you can input the serial number here. This will send a signal to the magnetic sound tower, which will then create a communication channel while being within the tower’s magnetic field.”

This was a little complicated.

Meng Qingwu had learned quite a bit following Chu Tian, but regarding this new technology, she could not easily adapt to it.

Yun Tianhe pointed at a number written on the device, “This one’s serial number is 001 and the one the Chairman has is 000. You just need to use the dial plate to input the number of the other person’s communication device and you’ll be connected.”

This was truly mysterious!

Meng Qingwu used her hand to move the needle, stopping at the zero three times. The source energy array lit up and an energy was released. Almost at the same time, Chu Tian’s communication device also lit up.

Meng Qingwu spoke into the communication device, “Can you hear me?”

“Can you hear me?”

The noise came from Chu Tian’s communication device.

It had passed through the magnetic sound tower twice, so it was a little distorted, but it had been transmitted. Not only could the magnetic sound tower be used to send radio signals, now it could even be used as a relay medium!

“You really did it!”

“This invention is great!”

Meng Qingwu found this unbelievable. If they promoted it, how big of a change would it be to people’s lives?

Chu Tian was not satisfied with the communication device, “It’s not complete yet, there are many places that need to be improved. The sound needs to be clear and stable, which should be fixed with improving the source energy array on the magnetic sound tower. The communication device does not have a function of rejecting the call, which would cause a person using it trouble. We need to figure out a way to allow people to accept the calls…..”

Chu Tian gave a bunch of opinions that was very critical.

Yun Tianhe nodded, “Give me around half a month and I’ll be able to make a perfect communication device!”

The core mechanics of the magnetic sound tower had been completed by Chu Tian.

As for the other details, Chu Tian did not need to care about it. It was too troublesome on one hand and on the other hand, Chu Tian needed to train his research team.

“Other than the breakthrough with the communication device, we also succeeded in combining the radio and phonograph, creating a device that has the functions of both devices. We also finished the frequency changing technology.” Yun Tianhe never thought that they would obtain this many breakthroughs with the new technology so fast, “Miracle Commerce Broadcasting will be able to begin soon!”

Meng Qingwu was feeling very excited. With this technology, how could Miracle Commerce not rise up, “There are many mayors and even messengers from other counties coming to Central State City to negotiate with us. They are hoping that we can construct magnetic sound towers in their areas and broadcast locally to them.”

Chu Tian did not give an opinion and just asked, “What’s your view on this?”

“Miracle Commerce was planning to release this service sooner or later, but with the current situation, it wouldn’t be easy.” Meng Qingwu frowned and said, “We need to set up a team for the broadcasting station and not only is this time consuming and labour intensive, we will need a big team. It will be hard to prevent technology being leaked like this, so I won’t agree with it for now.”

“Your thoughts are correct.” Chu Tian paused for a second, “I have a method that prevents having a large team and only requiring a Central State broadcasting team. We’ll just establish a single broadcast team who will broadcast to the entire kingdom!”


How was this possible!

Yun Tianhe and Meng Qingwu were both staring at him!

The magnetic sound tower was very perfect, but the only flaw was that it could only broadcast within the range of its magnetic field. A large city needed several magnetic sound tower just to completely cover it.

This era was sparsely populated.

There were usually thousand miles between two cities!

If they wanted to cover the entire country with a magnetic field, they would need to construct over a million magnetic sound towers. With Miracle Commerce’s current manpower, this was something that was impossible to do!

Moreover, there were demon beasts in the wild.

If even a single magnetic sound tower was destroyed, the signal would not be relayed!

Chu Tian said to the two people full of doubts, “Of course we aren’t using the method you’re thinking of. We just need to find a new material called Ultra Wave Crystal. We can start building magnetic sound towers in other cities and as long as we can find this kind of crystal, we’ll be able to cover the entire continent…..As for our communication device, we will be able to connect the counties!”

Communication with other counties!

It really was a perfect long distance communication method!

How much prestige and wealth would this bring to Miracle Commerce?!

“Use all of Miracle Commerce’s channels to find this crystal as quickly as possible. Tell me as soon as you find it.” Chu Tian said this and then added in, “The Yun Sect’s development is even faster than I expected. The Source Energy Computer will not be that easy to complete, so let’s work on another project.”

Another new project?

The Yun Sect couldn’t even get a single second of rest!

But Yun Tianhe liked this, “What project do you want to make this time?”

“Of course it’s a project to make money with.” Chu Tian gave a mysterious smile and then asked the two of them a question, “What kind of commodity makes the most money in this world?”

“This…..” If it was before, Meng Qingwu would have answered talisman and medicine without any hesitation because these things were consumables and made quite a bit of money, but after Miracle Commerce was established, the electric lights, the canned food, and the other products had already changed her worldviews. Just the communication device was already hard enough for her to imagine, “I don’t know.”

Yun Tianhe also said, “Don’t keep us guessing. How could we guess your thoughts?”

“There are two types. The first is energy and the second are weapons.”

Energy? Weapons?

Chu Tian explained, “You will understand in the future. The current main energy is crystal oil and before the powers of the continent can react to this, we have to take the initiative to occupy this. Following this, we will begin to make weapons!”

“Your meaning is to have Miracle Commerce recruit weapon refiners and have them make weapons and equipment in large amounts?”

“We do need weapon refiners, but the weapon I’m going to make is quite different compared to normal weapons.” Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “Create a military tools department in the Yun Sect. Then invest another one hundred million gold coins into the weapons and energy department. They will be an important part of our future.”

Chu Tian wasn’t strong enough currently, but the opportunity was right!

Miracle Commerce currently had the basis to construct some new weapons!

The rules of this world was that strength was revered, so a true giant needed to have strength at its foundation. These new source energy weapons would allow Chu Tian’s ambitions to progress a step forward.


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