Miracle Throne
Chapter 229: A storm approaches
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 229: A storm approaches

Chapter 229: A storm approaches

Chu Family Headquarters. Eight hundred Chu Family Swordsmen were currently standing in the main yard.

They were wearing dark red leather armour with a black cape over them. Their left hands held their swords and their right hands were on their knees. They were wearing black masks that only revealed a pair of refined eyes.

This was a team that was like a sharp knife!

In front of the eight hundred silent swordsmen, there was a middle aged man standing there. He was the Chu Family’s head, Chu Shanhe.

Chu Shanhe stared at the eight hundred swordsmen in the yard and couldn’t help sighing with emotion. These eight hundred people were the elites of their family, that were distributed to each region to secretly protect their family businesses. In just a short week, they had all been summoned back to the family headquarters.

Over all these years, the Chu Family had never made such a large move.

This was an important move that concerned the Chu Family’s prosperity.

A high spirited, sharp as a blade old man walked out, carrying his blood scented sword on his back. This was the Chu Family’s remote great elder, Chu Shi, “Have they all arrived?”

Chu Shanhe cupped his hands to Chu Shi, “Miracle Commerce’s Meng Qingwu’s methods are not simple. It was hard to hide our plans from her, but now everyone has been assembled.”

Chu Shi did not care about Meng Qingwu, “That woman has skills in running businesses, but she’s only limited to this. The stronger Chu Tian is, the stronger she is and the stronger Miracle Commerce is. If we eliminate Chu Tian, there is no need to worry about Miracle Commerce and she will not have the ability to threaten us.”

The eight hundred elites of the Chu Family gathered together was their bottom line!

Chu Shanhe slightly knit his brows and said, “Are we really going to have a decisive battle with Miracle Commerce? The current Miracle Commerce cannot compare to their previous state. Not only are they quickly expanding, they also have the sentiment of the city!”

“It is because of this that we need to move as quickly as possible. Miracle Commerce will eventually become an influence we cannot deal with, so we cannot allow that day to come. So while we still have the chance, we will swallow Miracle Commerce and expand the family once again, otherwise we will perish away. This is a life or death battle for the Chu Family’s prosperity!”

Chu Shanhe’s face turned solemn, “Yes!”

Chu Shi’s expression became even more solemn, “It is currently the best chance. First, the Divine Wind Marquis is in the Imperial City giving his report, so Chu Tian has one less backer. Two, from the secret report that I received from Thunder State, Chu Tian performed a large merit in Thunder State and will receive a large reward, so we must take care of him before this spreads.”

“What? He performed a great merit in Thunder State?” Chu Shanhe was slightly surprised and then he said in a voice with no hesitation, “Like this, the Calm Martial Ruler will reward Chu Tian. If we make a move against him, wouldn’t we also be offending the Calm Martial Ruler?”

Even if they could offend the Divine Wind Marquis, they could not offend the Calm Martial Ruler.

The characters of the Three Ruler level were not people their families could offend!

Chu Shi shook his head, “There is no need to worry about this. The reward hasn’t been given yet and I have been a retainer for the Dongfang Family for a while now. As long as I buy out a few Dongfang Family members, they will speak out for me in Imperial City. Moreover, Chu Tian will die on the battlefield under Xinghe’s sword, so the Calm Martial Ruler will notice Xinghe’s talent. For someone that treats talents like gold, the Calm Martial Ruler cannot stop losing Chu Tian, but he would risk also losing Chu Xinghe.”

So they were still depending on Chu Xinghe to solve everything?

At this moment, a Chu Family’s messenger suddenly came in to report, “Reporting to the family head and remote great elder, Miracle Commerce has given their official response and Chu Tian has scheduled the fight for tomorrow!”


This was great!。

They were familiar with Chu Tian’s disposition.

This person had talent and potential, but he was very arrogant!

Chu Tian’s straightforward acceptance of this challenge made things much easier. The three families had worked together to blockade resources, so even if Chu Tian had enough money, he wouldn’t be able to buy the resources and he had no way of refining a Saint Grade Pill. If he did not have the Saint Grade Pill’s assistance, it would be impossible for him to enter the Illustrious Soul Realm in a short amount of time.

With strength at the Void Soul Realm, Chu Tian had no chance of winning!

Chu Shi said, “Send this news to Xinghe and have a look at his current condition.”

“No need for that, I already know about this!”

A voice voice came from the back yard.

Following that, a strength like a volcano exploding came from the room in the yard.

Several hundred flying swords flew into the sky and destroyed the roof, blooming like a peacock’s tail. The countless swords gathered together and formed a lotus. A young man with a strong imposing manner appeared in the center of the lotus and stood there.

A golden dragon surrounded the lotus and the strong might shined down on the Chu Family.

Chu Xinghe!

The Chu Family revealed looks of wild joy!

Chu Xinghe had finally broken through!

Chu Xinghe had recovered his previous appearance and had become even sharper. The Chu Family members were filled with excitement…..That unmatched Heavenly Sword Young Master was back?!

Chu Shanhe and Chu Shi revealed looks of satisfaction. Not only had Chu Xinghe recovered, he had become even stronger! His previous cultivation at the peak 4th Awakened Soul Layer had already reached the 5th Awakened Soul Layer!

Not only that!

Chu Xinghe’s «Imperial Flood Dragon Sword Art» had reached the perfection realm. The current Chu Xinghe was several times stronger compared to the Chu Xinghe from the trial tower!

There was no doubt.

If Chu Xinghe was to use his full strength, then he would not be weaker than his father, Chu Shanhe!

Chu Xinghe even had the qualifications to fight against those old True Soul Realm characters!

After being broken, he had been reborn in the flames.

Chu Xinghe had become even stronger.

Chu Shi broke out in laughter, “Xinghe has already become this strong, the day when he’s conferred a Marquis title is just around the corner. First you’ll kill that peasant Chu Tian and then step over his corpse to an even higher position!”

Chu Xinghe slowly fell down.

Chu Xinghe was very clear on Chu Tian’s strength.

Even if that fellow was a monstrous talent, he could not have progressed that much in this short period of time. Even if Chu Xinghe had made no progress, he would not lose to Chu Tian, not to mention the fact that he was much stronger now.

Not to mention Central State, even out of all the talents from all eight states, how many of them could catch Chu Xinghe’s eyes? Chu Xinghe was not even thirty years old yet. Even when the Southern Summer Eight Marquises were his age, they were far below Chu Xinghe’s strength!

If Chu Xinghe was born in a Marquis’ family, he would have been able to take the Marquis’ title already!

If Chu Xinghe was born in the Three Great Clans, then he would only need two years of merits on the battlefield and he could have become a Marquis before he was even thirty years old!

The Central State’s Chu Family were not strong in the Southern Summer Country and it was hard for them to receive the Marquis title. But for one favoured by the heavens like Chu Xinghe, becoming a Marquis’ family was just around the corner!

“Miracle Commerce does not know about Xinghe’s breakthrough, we must keep this a secret!” Chu Shi said this and then said, “To guarantee our safety, I have to go see those two old enemies.”

Chu Shi left the Chu Family.

The old enemies Chu Shi mentioned were no one else than the Ye and Luo Families’ remote great elders. Those two elders had arrived in Central State City three days ago, but the news had been suppressed, so most of the citizens in Central State did not know this. Even the middle and lower class members of the two families did not know.

Chu Shi and the two of them had prepared a secret meeting.

The Ye Family’s remote great elder – “Ghost Eye Wolf” Ye Yi!

He was an old and thin man with a black eye mask covering one eye and a long iron stick in his hand. Although his appearance was normal, even seeming like a blind disabled old man, he was a mercenary and a legendary ruler.

The Luo Family’s remote great elder – “Giant Spirit Lion” Luo Wanxiang!

He was probably affected by his family’s cultivation technique, but he looked like all the other members of the Luo Family. Luo Wanxiang was a very bulky man with a very fat face. Although he was old, he was still very tough. His hair was not completely white and his arms were long and strong. His hands were big and thick, covered in black hair and it seemed like it could even pinch steel!

Chu Shi looked at his enemies of the past and couldn’t help lamenting, “I never thought that there would be a day where we three old men would actually work together.”

Ye Yi said in a hoarse voice, “There are no fixed changes in this world, everything depends on benefits. We gather for benefit and won’t gather if there are no benefits. There is nothing else that can be said.”

Because one’s cultivation could stop aging to a certain extent, these old men were already over eighty years old. They had fought for half their lives for benefits, already becoming old foxes. Their hearts were deep and hard to measure.

“You’re completely right. This time it is our three families against the Yun Family and Miracle Commerce. It’s time for our families to fly up!” Chu Shi did not waste words, “Are you prepared?”

Luo Wanxiang confidently said, “The Luo Family has gathered five hundred elites and three thousand law enforcement officers from the supervisor’s hall to ambush Miracle Commerce’s headquarters. Once the news from the arena comes, we will immediately attack Miracle Commerce and pull out their roots.”

“The Ye Family’s wolf cavalry are observing the military camp outside Central State City. Once Xiong Wuji tries to rescue them with the military, the Ye Family will be responsible for stopping them.” Ye Yi gently tapped his iron stick and gently said, “Five hundred blood wolf mercenaries will ambush the Yun Family. Once the plan begins, we will immediately attack the Yun Family and this old man will personally kill Yun Tianhe!”

“Good!” Chu Shi patted the table, “The eight hundred swordsmen of the Chu Family will surround the arena. If anything happens, then we’ll kill Chu Tian first and then decide on what to do next!”

“Then it’s decided!”

“What about the mayor?”

“There is no need to worry. The mayor will not interfere and will secretly help us. As long as we get rid of the eyesore Chu Tian, then the results will be good for everyone.”

The three old men looked at each other and finally reached a consensus.

When the winds came, they survived by bowing, but now was the time to counterattack!

The three families had tolerated Chu Tian for several weeks, but now they had this opportunity. They would strike as fast as lightning, taking care of this power that should not have appeared and the blind Yun Family, eradicating them from Central State!


Would be decided tomorrow!

The three remote elders and the three families with long histories. Central State would welcome in a storm of blood and when everything was settled, the one that remained would become the ruler!


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