Miracle Throne
Chapter 227: Returning to Central State
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 227: Returning to Central State

Chapter 227: Returning to Central State

Boss Yu asked, “After Miracle Commerce and the Giant Shark Gang become allies, how do we start our cooperation?”

The Giant Shark Gang recognized Miracle Commerce’s strength and decided to ally themselves with Miracle Commerce, but as for what kind of cooperation, the Giant Shark Gang was still not clear on. They had to ask clearly, otherwise, how could they be relaxed?

If Miracle Commerce called the Giant Shark Gang to the battlefield, what excuse could Boss Yu give?

“After eating fish for twenty years, is the Giant Shark Gang bored of it yet?” Chu Tian did not directly answer the Giant Shark Gang and looked at the food on the table. If it wasn’t fish, it was shrimp, and even wine was rare, “I think you should want to change this up.”

How could they not be bored!

The Giant Shark Gang were in the center of the Four States Lake, there was nothing else here other than seafood. Even salt was hard to find sometimes!

“Yingying, bring in the remaining canned food.”

Meng Yingying took out several cans of food and placed them into the hands of the high ranked members of the Giant Shark Gang. The Giant Shark Gang members curiously opened the cans and were shocked to find demon beast meat inside.

Chu Tian said with a smile, “This is Miracle Commerce’s unique canned food, have a taste!”

The five leaders saw that Chu Tian did not reply to their questions and they felt doubt in their hearts, but they didn’t dare to reject Chu Tian.

After the Giant Shark Gang high ranked members tasted the canned food.

They were all instantly shocked!

There was no words to describe the canned food’s flavour. Moreover, this meal cooked from herbs and demon beast meat was not only filling, it could also quickly restore a cultivator’s energy and long term consumption could raise one’s cultivation base!

Good thing!

This was definitely a good thing!

“I think you should understand now.” Chu Tian finally slowly said, “Miracle Commerce is a company and a company should make money. This canned food is only one of Miracle Commerce’s products and I think everyone can clearly see how well this item will do on the market! We have the technology and productive forces, but we don’t have enough marketing channels and transportation. The Four States Lake connects four different states and with Miracle Commerce’s ability and the Giant Shark Gang’s influence, how could we not come to a win-win scenario!”

Everyone was instantly reassured.

“Miracle Commerce will continue to invest in the Giant Shark Gang, giving you the capital to continue expanding yourselves on a large scale!” Chu Tian helped illustrate a beautiful scene for the Giant Shark Gang, “With the Giant Shark Gang’s manpower and strength, as long as you can break free of your shackles, you will be able to establish a giant fleet and ports in every state, becoming a nationwide large power. While the Giant Shark Gang grows, they can spread Miracle Commerce’s influence, earning us more money, which we can then reinvest into the Giant Shark Gang. It’s just that simple.”

The Giant Shark Gang members excitedly clenched their fists.

Who didn’t want to raise their positions? To them, establishing the gang was just to increase their positions!

With Miracle Commerce’s financial support, the Giant Shark Gang with its strength and background could immediately build a giant fleet, recruit new members, and increase their strength to become a true peak faction of the Southern Summer Country!

“Do you still have any doubts?”

“None, we will accept Miracle Commerce’s cooperation plan!” Boss Yu did not have any hesitation, “The only think this old man is worried about is the curse on the members of the Giant Shark Gang. If we have this curse shackling us, it will be hard for the Giant Shark Gang to expand. I wonder how long it will be before we can return to normal.”

“No rush, no rush.” Chu Tian already guessed that Boss Yu would mention this. He stood up and said, “First bring me to the ruins so I can take a look at it!”

The five Yu brothers were mercenaries at first, only being a small group at first. Because they had found a treasure map during an expedition, they came to the Four States Lake where they found the treasure marked by the map. The over a thousand mercenaries were excited to obtain the power of the treasure, but no one knew of the terrible curse it brought, restraining them to the Four States Lake, never being able to return to land.

After twenty years, the five brothers established the Giant Shark Gang. They continued to expand, reaching the point of having over a hundred thousand members. Although they were a first class faction of the Southern Summer Country, they did not dare to be high profile, only letting themselves become robbers.

Chu Tian was interested in the ruins, so he decided to personally take a look.

Boss Yu did not reject him and immediately brought Chu Tian to the ruins.

“This is the buried treasure of the ruins!”

This was a cave deep in the lake and in the center of the cave was an ancient palace. When Chu Tian and the others walked in, they saw that the floors, walls, and pillars were made with an unusual blue crystal that was smooth and transparent like ice crystals.

“There are so many cultivation techniques on the walls!”

When the girls walked in, they saw dense amounts of runes and supporting figures on the ice crystal walls. It was clear that they were all ancient cultivation techniques.

Boss Yu leaned on the fish bone cane as he walked over, “These are cultivation techniques left by the ancient sea race that normal people can’t cultivate. As for us, although we can cultivate it, the language is very difficult. There are over eighty cultivation techniques in these ruins, but we have only deciphered eight of them.”

No wonder the Giant Shark Gang could form a group.

These cultivation techniques were a good inheritance!

Chu Tian did not have a deep understanding of sea race cultivation techniques, but he noticed that some of the cultivation techniques weren’t bad, “This isn’t that difficult. Write out a copy and take it to Central State, there will be a person that could decipher it for you guys.”

Boss Yu’s heart skipped a beat.

If they could decipher these cultivation techniques, the Giant Shark Gang’s strength would sharply increase!

There was nothing valuable in the main hall because it had been emptied twenty years ago by the five brothers. In the center of the hall, there was an incomparably big sea race altar that was giving off a mysterious strength.

The altar was in the center with a hexagon shaped ancient well surrounding it. When they came to the ancient well, there was an ancient strength coming from the ancient well with a rich energy coming from it.

“This is the source of the Giant Shark Gang’s power!” Boss Yu pointed at the well and said, “Every time there is a sacrifice, there will be a strange water that appears in the ancient well. The power that the Giant Shark Gang obtained came from using this strange water.”

Chu Tian observed the well from the side for a few minutes, “The wells are linked to powerful sea race corpses and the water from the well actually contain the powerful bone marrow of the sea race. Although it can quickly increase your strength, the strength of the bloodline is too strong, it will unbalance the human blood in you and it will cause you to be cursed.”

Bone marrow?

Chu Tian thought of the spine bone from the ancient god from the trial tower, perhaps he could extract bone marrow from that as well. If the sea race’s marrow could change one’s bloodline, would the god’s bone marrow have the same effect?

This thought flashed through his mind.

Chu Tian felt like he had to research this path.

“I want to bring back some to study.” Chu Tian extracted a bit of the water and said to Boss Yu, “How long have you used this for?”

“An entire twenty four years!” Boss Yu said this and then slowly took off his mask. His face was covered in delicate fish scales with pale white hair, making him look like a terrible monster, “Because of the strong backlash, I finally knew the pain of the curse!”

Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun, and the others all gave a shocked gasp.

Damn, this fellow was simply just a monster!

Chu Tian gave a gasp and said, “It’s too late. I can help you solve the curse, but I can’t restore your original appearance.”

“I’m satisfied with just this.”

Why wouldn’t he be satisfied?

If this continued on, at short half a year and longest a year, he would lose his life!

“I’m already clear on the circumstances and did not bring enough materials this time, only being able to solve the curse for a few people and being unable to solve the curse for the others right now.” Chu Tian stopped to say to Boss Yu, “You should come with me to Central State first and sign the agreement. I will then try to create a medicine for this water. At that time, you just need to swallow the medicine and be able to eliminate the side effects.”

Chu Tian had to be cautious.

He had to eliminate the curse of the Giant Shark Gang while keeping the sea race bloodline for the Giant Shark Gang because only the Giant Shark Gang with the sea race bloodline was the true Giant Shark Gang. Only they could do things for Chu Tian.

Otherwise if they did not have the inheritance.

What would the Giant Shark Gang use to build up their faction?

“Mister has saved out Giant Shark Gang and is the benefactor of our Giant Shark Gang!”

Boss Yu was filled with excitement. Chu Tian had saved the Giant Shark Gang and was considering their situation, how could he have any rejections?

Chu Tian did not say anything else and used some diluted divine blood to first clear the curses on the bodies of the high ranked Giant Shark Gang members. The Giant Shark Gang’s five leaders had their freedom returned to them and they were gracious to Chu Tian.

The next day, the ships set off once again. With the five warships of Central State, there were four large ships that came with them.

The five leaders and the other main members, totalling three thousand elites, all rushed to Central State.

The Giant Shark Gang elites were very strong, generally being at the Awakened Soul Layer, being even strong than normal Awakened Soul Cultivators. They were not any weaker compared to the Storm Cavalry. They were a powerful force of the Southern Summer Country, at least a water force that no one could fight!

This was the reason why the Giant Shark Gang were important to Chu Tian!

This cooperation was a significant one for Miracle Commerce!

With the Giant Shark Gang’s resources and influence, they could quickly form a fleet in the Southern Summer Country. Miracle Commerce could create private ports and factories, using the water to spread their influence.

The Giant Shark Gang itself was very strong!

As long as they could wash off their reputation, they could immediately become a large sect!

At least no one would dare fight them in the water. It would be normal for them to guard Miracle Commerce’s water routes and they would also be an important chip to Miracle Commerce.

Would the other powers dare offend me?

Then they would no longer be able to use their ships!


In the morning, the fleet arrived in Central State.

“Long live!” Meng Yingying stood on the deck, looking at Central State in the distance. She raised her hand up as she excitedly shouted, “We’re finally back! Central State really is the best!”

Meng Yingying did not fight on the front lines, but still experienced the disaster of Thunder State which was a large influence on her!

The world was not at peace!

They would never be able to stop disasters from coming, so they could only continue to become stronger. With enough strength and influence, they could protect themselves and the people by their side. Meng Yingying realized the importance of influence and strength, so she swore to become stronger and make Miracle Commerce stronger!


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