Miracle Throne
Chapter 215: Fighting Wu Yang
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 215: Fighting Wu Yang

Chapter 215: Fighting Wu Yang

The Shangguan father and son combo revealed sinister looks. The respected Wei Long had lost to a silly girl, this was truly a great insult to the talents of Southern State. If this news passed through Thunder State, what face would they have left?

“Can I go now?” Meng Yingying anxiously scratched her head, “I still have more canned food to ship!”

“There’s nothing left for you here.” Chu Tian nodded, “Go ahead!”

Wei Long had lost by accident. With Meng Yingying’s duplication ability and martial arts, she used her spirit energy very quickly. As long as Wei Long took his time, Meng Yingying would not have had a chance to win.

No one expected Wei Long to be so vicious, using his strongest attack right away!

In the end, he was the one who hurt himself by having his strongest attack being reflected with Meng Yingying’s strength added in, instantly collapsing Wei Long’s strong defenses. He had suffered heavy injuries that could not be healed in a short period of time.

The Golden Arrow Marquis Jiang Xiong gave a few loud laughs, “Strong! Strong! The Divine Wind Marquis has truly broadened this Jiang’s horizons!”

The Divine Wind Marquis’ face lit up, “My luck is just good.”

Wei Long was a famous genius and had lost to the unknown Meng Yingying which made everyone surprised.

The Golden Arrow Marquis’ successor Jiang Shan clapped his hand, “Central State is full of amazing people. Even though three of the Four Young Masters did not come, their lineup still cannot be underestimated!”

Lian Pojun and Lin Changge both nodded.

They also noticed another strange thing.

Although Chu Tian’s cultivation base was not high, whether it was Yun Yao at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer, Nangong Yun with her fiery personality, or even the Divine Wind Marquis’ daughter Feng Caidie, they were all centered around him. On the surface, the leader of the team was Yun Yao, but the actual leader was Chu Tian.

This man was definitely beyond the others.

“I’m not satisfied!” Wu Yang stood up under Shangguan Feichen’s suggestion, “Wei Long was too proud and hadn’t used his true strength. How could the Southern State’s talents be below those of Central State?”

“I, Wu Yang will rectify Southern States name!” Wu Yang pulled out a sword and shouted at Chu Tian as he pointed the sabre at him, “If you’re a man, then don’t run away. Fight me in a fair and square battle!”

The Divine Wind Marquis was a little dissatisfied, “Does the Western Marquis want to play until the end?”

The Western Marquis revealed a helpless look, “Actually, Southern State encourages them to compete, so I never interfere with matters between juniors and let them make their own decisions.”

The Golden Arrow Marquis also knit his brows.

The Western Marquis was clearly targeting this youth.

Although he didn’t know what grudges they had, nobility shouldn’t act in this kind of manner.

However, the Golden Arrow Marquis did not want to offend the Western Marquis right now because Thunder State required the Western Marquis’ strength. The youths were here for experience only, so they wouldn’t be much use. It was fine if they were injured because it wasn’t important.

“Alright.” Chu Tian unsheathed the Netherworld Sword as he walked out. The blue and white flames danced on the sword’s blade, “I will accept your challenge!”

The Divine Wind Marquis gave a sigh when he saw this.

He wasn’t worried about Chu Tian being injured, but rather this situation becoming even more complicated!

“Listen closely, my inherited «Heaven Burning Sabre Art» cultivates spirit flames. It is renowned in Southern State for having infinite might!” Wu Yang revealed a fierce look as his sabre released red flames, “My sabre contains an Earth Spirit Flame that can even instantly melt iron, even Wei Long’s defense cannot stop it. Because it is very strong, it is hard to hold back. If you accidentally die or become wasted, then don’t blame me.”

Chu Tian revealed a look of confidence, “Then let’s see if your sabre or the sword in my hand is stronger. Whether your Earth Spirit Flame or my Netherworld Flame is sharper.”

“Since you’re so arrogant, then die!” Wu Yang had already finished condensing his flames and he suddenly released his Source Spirit. His power instantly increased as he released his strongest move, “Burning Heaven Dance!”

The blade seemed like it summoned the flames of hell that had the power to exterminate the entire world.

“Good move!” Chu Tian’s Netherworld Flame was also fully condensed as he escaped into the netherworld, releasing a single giant burning sword glow – Netherworld Raging Flame Slash!


The two flaming weapons clashed and the walls of the marquis palace were shattered. The sabre and sword qi clashed, its might flew out unhindered. The two different kinds of strength seemed to be equally balanced.

Wu Yang was shocked. This fellow could block his full strength attack?

Chu Tian was also a little surprised because even Luo Xianglong had not been able to block this. This Wu Yang’s strength was higher than he imagined!

They seemed to be equal, but Wu Yang was a bit stronger. The moment the sword collided and the flames exploded, there was a part that hit Chu Tian. If it wasn’t for the Starlight Immortal Body, Chu Tian would have lost.

This move was not weaker than the Raging Flame Slash!

Wu Yang also had a top class soul weapon!

Chu Tian’s source spirit’s enhancement was stronger, but Wu Yang’s cultivation was much deeper!

“Ha, ha, we’re even in this one move!” Wu Yang’s long sabre lit up once again, “But how will you block the second attack?”

Wu Yang was clear on his superiority, he would use his cultivation base to suppress him!

Comparing the 3rd and 4th Awakened Soul Layers, not only was there a difference in spirit energy strength, there was also a difference in condensing speed. So, Wu Yang was able to release another “Burning Heaven Dance”, but Chu Tian could not condense another attack so quickly.

No one expected that when Wu Yang half condensed his attack, the bead in Chu Tian’s chest would release a glow and spew out large amounts of Netherworld Flames, which instantly entered his sword.

“What?!” Wu Yang revealed a look of panic as Chu Tian’s sword approached, “Wait, I give up!”

Too late!

The flaming sword glow shattered the long sabre!

The slash pierced through Wu Yang’s body protecting spirit energy and countless streams of sinister Netherworld Flames entered his meridians. Wu Yang gave a pitiful cry as he fainted.

They lost again?

And they had lost in such a clean manner!

Two geniuses at the peak 4th Awakened Soul Layer actually couldn’t fight two people at the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer?

Shangguan Feichen used his spirit energy to stabilize Wu Yang’s injuries. With a simple inspection, he flew into rage as he said, “Wu Yang’s meridians and visceras are all heavily injured. Perhaps even top class Sacred Medicine will not be able to heal him!”

“Despicable!” Shangguan Hong looked at Chu Tian will a face of rage and killing intent, “This was just a match of comparing notes and Wu Yang clearly gave up at the end, but why would you ruin a person’s future to then end? How could there be such a sinister person in Central State!”

“If I didn’t show mercy, then he would have died already!” Chu Tian sheathed his sword, “Next time you send someone over to cause trouble, think over your own actions. Don’t slap yourself with your own hand.”

It had been many years since someone dared to provoke the Western Marquis.

The Western Marquis was still one of the eight Southern Summer Marquises

The Golden Arrow Marquis looked at Chu Tian with admiration. The current youths found it hard to block the pressure the marquises released. However, this youth named Chu Tian not only dared to provoke the Western Marquis, he even showed his pride in front of the Western Marquis’ pressure.

“You’re going too far!” Shangguan Feichen angrily stood up, “I’ll fight with you!”

Shangguan Feichen was the Western Marquis’ successor and hopefully the future Marquis. The resources invested into him was not something an elder like Shangguan Ming could compare to. So, Shangguan Feichen’s strength was far above Shangguan Ming’s, and could even compare to the shocking Chu Xinghe.

The Divine Wind Marquis was afraid Chu Tian would do something crazy.

Chu Tian should have used his full strength to deal with Wu Yang, so he will not be able to fight this Shangguan Feichen who could compare to Chu Xinghe!

“That’s enough!” The Divine Wind Marquis was already angry, “Does the Western Marquis really want to go this far? How about I compete with you instead!”

The Divine Wind Marquis was truly angered.

The Shangguan Family did not need to fear the Divine Wind Marquis with their background, but they weren’t willing to provoke the Divine Wind Marquis over a small person like Chu Tian.

“Brother Feng is too serious.” Shangguan Hong said in a fake reprimanding tone, “Feichen, you are still my successor, how could you degrade your status by fighting a low cultivation person like this? Wei Long and Wu Yang were weaker, so they lost. The competition ends here!”

Shangguan Feichen gave a cold snort.

The Golden Arrow Marquis shook his head with a bitter smile, “We’re all here to help Thunder State, so how could we let it go this far? Jiang Shan, you will introduce the talents of the two states. I will discuss the strategy of how to eliminate the disaster with the other two marquises.”

Jiang Shan walked over with the Thunder State geniuses, “The Thunder State wine is very famous, I ask everyone to come and enjoy it!”

“We’ll pass!” Shangguan Feichen had a look of rage, so how could he remain here with Chu Tian, “Wei Long and Wu Yang have been seriously injured and I need to give them treatment, so we won’t come with you.”

After saying this.

He left without looking back.

Nangong Yun said in a voice of disdain, “Small hearted and small minded, really not a true man!”

Jiang Shan did not wish for conflict, so he quickly led them away.

Jiang Shan’s group of three and Chu Tian’s group of four went to find a tavern.

“Brother Chu’s strength is quite impressive!” The Golden Arrow Marquis’ successor, Jiang Shan sat down and began to laugh, “To be honest, I am also dissatisfied with those from the Shangguan Family. Isn’t he just relying on his background to be so high and mighty? Ever since they came to Thunder State, they had been looking for faults with me and my father, acting in a high and mighty manner! This time, you really taught them a lesson, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“I never thought that Brother Chu would be able to defeat Wu Yang!” Lian Pojun had a full bearded face and although he was only twenty six-seven, he looked like he was around thirty-forty years old, “If I fought him, I would have only had a 50% chance of winning. My cultivation has already reached the peak 4th Awakened Soul Layer, but Brother Chu is only in the Void Soul Realm, it really is incredible!”

Lin Changge gave an emotional sigh, “The Chu Family has a Chu Xinghe and now another Chu Tian, they will truly shake the land. Central State is not simple! Central State’s Chu Family is not simple!”

“Wrong!” Nangong Yun corrected them, “Chu Xinghe is Chu Xinghe, Chu Tian is Chu Tian, they’re not related at all. Moreover, although Chu Tian is surnamed Chu, he is not related to the Central State Chu Family at all.”

Jiang Shan, Lian Pujun, and Lin Changge were all shocked.

Chu Tian was so powerful, but he wasn’t from the Central State Chu Family?

Feng Caidie simply explained the matter, “To be honest, Chu Xinghe, Luo Xianglong, and Ye Tianlang not being able to participate is all related to Chu Tian.”

“Fuck!” Lian Po Jun directly blurted out, “Did you cripple the three of them?!”

Lin Changge was also stunned for a while before raising a thumb and said, “Strong! You really are too strong!”

“No wonder the Divine Wind Marquis places so much importance on Brother Chu! I really look forward to the day when I can rush to the northern battlefield with Brother Chu and fight the spirit beasts together!” While Jiang Shan was speaking, he heroically picked up a jug of wine, “I, Jiang Shan admires heroes the most. It is fate that we met today, so let’s become friends. No need to be polite, drink up!”

The Golden Arrow Marquis was considered an extraordinary person in the Southern Summer Country.

Although he was born in a small family, he had extraordinary talent. With a chance encounter, he received an ancient bow inheritance. Spending half his life, performing many merits, he was finally given the title of the Golden Arrow Marquis. He was given power by the country, turning Thunder State into his territory!

Although the Golden Arrow Marquis no longer walked the battlefield, in the battlefront against the spirit beasts to the north, around a third of the soldiers were trained in Thunder State. In terms of military knowledge, the Golden Arrow Marquis could not compare to the Southern Summer Country’s War God, the Calm Martial Ruler, but he was still extremely skilled in military training.

The Golden Arrow Marquis had his own personal training method and the troops trained by him were all elites of the Southern Summer Country. The people of Thunder State all regarded entering the army as an honour, so they all worshipped heroes. Jiang Shan, Lian Pojun, and Lin Changge were all officers of the army, serving in the military and living life with the troops, so they had a high prestige in Thunder State.

Jiang Shan had the esteemed position of being the successor, but he did not have the arrogance of a noble.

Lian Pojun and Lin Changge were all from aristocratic families, but they did not have an arrogant disposition.

These people were worthy of befriending.

“You are all here!” When they were close to finished drinking, Meng Yingying came panting in. Following her were Lin Mu and Fang Han who she was giving control of, “We have given a hundred cans of food to the soldiers of the three states and everyone was full of excitement and welcoming! There’s still a few left for you to eat!”

Jiang Shan was very curious, “What are these cans?”

“Easy to store cans of food invented by Central State’s Miracle Commerce!” Feng Caidie gave the three of them a can each, “I’ll also tell you that Brother Chu is the Chairman of Miracle Commerce. If you like them, then you can ask him for them!”

“Miracle Commerce?” This was Lian Pojun’s first time hearing about it, “Little Brother Chu’s company? Ha, ha, this is quite refreshing! Brother Chu is this young and he’s already starting a business!”

Chu Tian helplessly said, “I didn’t live a life in a large family, having the family train me. Cultivation costs a lot of money, so I have to start a business.”

After saying this, the three of them opened the cans.

“Yi? It’s demon beast meat!”

Meng Yingying confidently said, “Have a taste, the flavour is quite good!”

The three of them had a bite in a doubting manner. They had never eaten source energy cooked food before, so how could they know how delicious demon beast meat was?


“This is incredible!”

“When did demon beast meat become this delicious!”

Lian Pojun and Lin Changge revealed looks of disbelief.

Jiang Shan excitedly asked, “How long can this demon beast meat be stored for?”

Meng Yingying revealed a slightly embarrassed smile, “With Miracle Commerce’s current technology, it can be stored in normal environments for around a year!”

“What? A year!”

This was canned meat!

This was meat that could last a year!

Jiang Shan realized the importance of this canned meat to the army. A cultivator required large amounts of energy, so they required a large amount of normal food. A normal Awakened Soul Cultivator could eat an entire roasted sheep, so while they were marching, it was required to bring along a large amount of food. It would be better to just bring along some demon beast meat!

The demon beast meat was very tough and hard to cut even with a knife. It was very hard to eat and one couldn’t eat a lot of it or they would have digestive problems.

This canned meat was not the same!

A single can of food would be enough to meet the food requirements of an elite soldier for an entire day. Body Refinement Cultivators could eat level one cans and Awakened Soul Cultivators could eat level two cans. Cultivators of different realms could eat different grades of demon beast meat. This would be a large help to the efficiency of the army.

“This stuff is really good!” Jiang Shan was full of praise, “Brother Chu, I will represent my father in talking with you. How many cans of food can you make every year?”

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile, “You have to ask Yingying.”

“Miracle Commerce has two canned food factories open right now and there will be over ten in the future. With our current situation, a single factory can make close to twenty-thirty thousand cans per day.”

The production line is quite good!

Jiang Shan’s eyes lit up revealing a clear excitement!

“From the popularity of the canned foods, our supplies have fallen short of our demand.” Meng Yingying thought about it, “We can provide Thunder State with three hundred thousand cans of food every month. Because there is a grade difference between level one demon beasts and it is being used for the military, then the beast meat must be at high quality, which should cost ten-fifteen million gold coins!”

The prices of these cans were not cheap!

After all, there was the worries of shipping between counties.

“Three hundred thousand is too little!” Jiang Shan did not even think about it before saying, “How about six hundred thousand for forty million every month?”

This price was not bad.

When he saw Meng Yingying hesitate, Jiang Shan quickly said, “The Jiang Family will not store the canned food and these cans of food will be directly sent to the northern battlefront, being considered as contributions to the kingdom. We will not resell these cans, so Miracle Commerce can still trade with the merchants of Thunder State.

Of course, the kingdom would also give them money.

Central State had troubles directly sending the goods to the battlefront and Thunder State had the topographical advantage. If they sold the canned foods, then they could easily make ten-twenty million per month. The kingdom will not care about this small amount of money because the canned food would increase the battle strength of the army.

“Alright!” Meng Yingying made her decision, “We’ll give you six hundred thousand!”

Meng Yingying had already taken a large order as soon as she came to Thunder State. With the order of the Thunder State Jiang Family, Miracle Commerce would be able to make twenty-thirty million gold coins per month!


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