Miracle Throne
Chapter 181: Mirror and demon
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 181: Mirror and demon

Chapter 181: Mirror and demon

This center palace was completely empty, being filled with a deathly silence. It was completely made of black metal, making the hall feel like a mausoleum.

The strangest thing was that all around them, the walls were covered in countless giant mirrors, perfectly fitting together. There were no gaps and it extended infinitely. When a person stood in the center, countless reflections on the mirrors were in every direction. It looked like there was no end, and a single person was turned into tens of thousands of people.

The hundreds of three meter tall giant mirrors seemed like they were arranged in a special pattern. Once one came in, they wouldn’t be able to find the exit, so it was very easy to get lost.

The large hammer touched the ground with a “dong” sound.

“This is the treasure room? This is the treasure room? Pei! There’s absolutely nothing here!” Nangong Yun was set ablaze with rage, “We were tricked by the map! Perhaps this was a joke made by the trial tower designer!”

The others felt the same way. In the giant bee hive, they had harvested the half step Sacred grade ten thousand year old spiritual honey. In the craftsman palace, they had harvested a bunch of Soul Items.

They had worked hard to reach the center of the giant’s labyrinth, but they found nothing in the end. There was no guards or treasure boxes at all! How could this be? This was too unreasonable!

“The map cannot be wrong, the trial designer would not be that bored.” Chu Tian did not believe this. He felt that the formation here was strange. This many crystal mirrors would not be suspended here for no reason, but he did not find a single clue yet, “Look around, there must be something strange!”

“I found it!”

“This mirror is a little different!”

The mirror that Yun Xiao found was not different in size, but its frame was a purple gold colour. It was unknown what it was made of, but it was very exquisite. It was releasing a faint glow, and there was no demonic totem painted on the back.

Feng Caidie rubbed the purple gold mirror out of curiosity and found that there was a hole in the back. The hole was square shaped, as if something could be placed inside of it.

Everyone immediately remembered the treasure house key!

Chu Tian pulled out the square crystal that he received from the purple chest. Comparing it, it seemed like it was the right shape, so he pushed it in without thinking about it anymore.

When the crystal stone entered the hole, it fused together with the ancient mirror like it was a part of the mirror in the first place.

The ancient mirror vibrated a few times and was instilled with some kind of energy!

The purple gold frame began to light up, and that smooth mirror without any dust on it suddenly began to release energy fluctuations. It seem like it was about to melt as waves appeared on its surface.


A muffled sound rang out!

Everyone felt like it was hard to open their eyes because of the intense light. A beam of light came from the mirror, hitting a pillar in the distance!

A giant hole appeared in the pillar!

After the beam of light pierced through the pillar, it passed through the entire hall and hit the metal walls of the corridor. Even though there was a six-seven li distance, the high energy light beam began to melt the metal turning it into red hot liquid, creating a stream of it coming from the wall.

Nangong Yun was stunned, “Such a strong energy!”

The crystal stone’s ability is to energize the mirror and let it release this high energy beam of light. Then the real key of the treasure room was not the crystal stone, but rather it was the mirror. Or more accurately, it was the light beam?

“This beam is so strong, it can actually melt the metal wall.” Feng Caidie said, “Is there a door on the treasure room walls? Do we need to use this light beam to melt the metal door to go in?


When Chu Tian entered the giant’s labyrinth, he realized something.

This trial space did not only test strength and luck, it also tested one’s knowledge and technology. For example the cube puzzle and the secret puppet room, he believed that out of all the other palaces, there were many other places like this.

The giant’s treasure house was the core of the trial space, which meant it was the hardest to solve, it might not have been opened in te

How could it be as simple as using a beam of light to melt a wall?

Chu Tian observed the area around them for a long time. Suddenly a loud and long cry rang out in their ears.

“The surrounding mirrors are releasing smoke!”

A black demonic fog came from all around them.

The demonic wolf totems behind the mirrors received some kind of stimulus and were coming to life. They slowly crawled out of the mirrors and an evil roar sounded in the entire space.


“The totems have turned into monsters!”

Monsters began to crawl out of the mirrors. They had wolf heads and human bodies with cold appearances. They also had lizard tails and bat wings……It was a kind of undescribable, disgusting mess!

Yun Xiao shouted, “There are so many of them, what should we do?”

Chu Tian ordered, “Nonsense! What else can we do? Fight them!”

The demons were three meter tall with demonic qi soaring into the sky, releasing killing intent to suppress them. When they fully formed, their bodies began to dissipate and turn into black fog, which charged at them.

They controlled the puppets to charge over.


A rune covered fist attacked a mass of black fog, and the black fog was instantly dispersed.

Was one killed?


It would not be that easy!

The black fog that dispersed continuously gathered, appearing at the giant puppet’s chest. It turned into a large trident that pierced into the puppet’s chest and came out its back side.

The entire puppet was nailed into the ground!

With the puppet’s defenses, even Illustrious Soul Realm Cultivators would find it hard to destroy them!

The demons had actually easily pierced through the puppet’s body, just like piercing paper!

Feng Caidie’s face turned pale, “My puppet can’t move anymore!”

Lin Mu, Fang Han, and Yun Xiao wanted to help, but couldn’t do so.

After these demons turned into black fog, their entire bodies transformed. Any attacks that hit them did not make contact and passed right through them.

There were seven-eight monsters approaching!

A giant puppet had been ripped to pieces!

In another direction, a demon formed a bow and arrow. An arrow flew out without any sound, and Yun Xiao did not even know what happened when the arrow pierced through his body.

The jade trial token released a white light!

Yun Xiao disappeared from the trial space!

Yun Xiao had been eliminated!

Everyone’s expressions quickly changed.

This was the first time someone had been eliminated.

Chu Tian said to the little fox, “They seem like demonic beings, so can you suppress them?”

The little fox shook its head and made a few gestures with its hand.

Although they were demonic beings, the little fox could feel that they were very special and received a special protection. It was impossible to destroy them in this situation and unless they had a special attack, they could not do anything to them.

Chu Tian’s eyebrows knit together, “Would the trial space have invincible monsters appear? That doesn’t seem logical!”

The little fox rolled its eyes and revealed an expression like it did not know.

“This is bad!”

“We can’t block them!”

With the monsters coming in waves, Lin Mu and Fang Han’s puppets were broken in succession. Then they were attacked by a mysteriously appearing attack, being instantly sent out of the trial space.

Too fast!

Not only could the demons not be eliminated, they were also quite strong and very fast. Before they even had a chance to react, they were completely surrounded.

Nangong Yun’s face turned white when she saw this, “It’s all over now!”

As her voice fell.

A large mass of demons formed together and created a black tornado as they charged over.

What should they do?

Physical and energy attacks all had no use!

“I got it”! In this critical moment, Chu Tian suddenly had an idea, “Quick! Use the light to deal with them!”

Nangong Yun, Feng Caidie, and Yun Yao all suddenly realized it!

That’s right!

The light mirror!

Feng Caidie was the closest to the light mirror, and she charged over to aim it at the mass of black fog. When the light beam hit the demons’ bodies, the demons let out shrill cries. The black fog immediately disappeared, and they turned back into wolfmen, with the effects of the transformation completely disappearing!

Cracks appeared on these demons’ bodies as they used their hands to guard against the light mirror.

The little fox’s eyes lit up as it immediately jumped out. Taking in a large breath while facing the demons, the demonic strength was sucked out and absorbed into the little fox’s body.

Just like this, several stone figures completely collapsed to pieces!

Nangong Yun wielded her hammer and slammed into the escaping demons. When the attack hit the monster, it sent the monster flying, while it shattered to pieces!


They had succeeded!

The trick was the mirror!

The entire group of demons was exterminated, but they did not have time to be happy.

After the beam passed through the monsters, it hit a mirror in front of it and was reflected onto a mirror behind it.

The beam was reflected five-six times.


Feng Caidie let out a shocked cry as she was hit by the beam, being instantly sent out of the trial space!

Nangong Yun cursed, “Fuck! What is she doing! She reflected the ray back on herself and eliminated herself!”

This occurred instantly.

Feng Caidie didn’t even know how she had been eliminated!

Yun Yao said in a serious voice, “There are mirrors all around us, and after the light beam has been reflected several times, no one can judge its path. It seems like using the light mirror itself is incredibly dangerous!”

The beams that the main mirror released were reflected by several other mirrors, creating a dense web of light beams. These beams were very strong, and even if they were touched a little bit, they would be instantly eliminated!

The mirrors in the hall began to vibrate.

Over a hundred demons appeared once again!

Nangong Yun’s heart lost all confidence. She immediately steeled herself and planned how she would die, “I’ll go and manage the mirror, you guys take care of them! Eliminate them all!”

The main mirror position was very dangerous.

Nangong Yun wanted to take out these monsters before she was eliminated.

“Nangong come back, there’s no need for you to put yourself in danger!” Chu Tian stopped Nangong Yun’s rash decision. Since Chu Tian had found the rule, of course he had found the solution, “Let me do it!”

The Mind’s Lamp was ignited!

His Divine Sense was released!

Chu Tian locked the positions of the demons and used his Divine Sense to control the mirror from a distance. Turning the mirror, the strong beam of light shined on the hundred demons and instantly scattered their protective energy.

“Little fellow, it’s your turn!”

The little fox quickly rushed past them, sucking in the demon’s strength. These spiritual formed demons, once they lost their protective energy, immediately became very frail. In the blink of an eye, they lost their energy and the light mirror’s beam shattered them to pieces.

“You have killed a mirror demon! You have been awarded three trial points!”

“You have killed a mirror demon! You have been awarded three trial points!”

“You have killed a mirror demon! You have been awarded three trial points!”


Chu Tian’s jade trial token continued to changed, instantly obtaining two-three hundred trial points!

Nangong Yun happily shouted, “You’ve taken them all out!”

Yun Yao found that the remaining demons separated from the mirror were gathering together and she immediately reminded Chu Tian, “Be careful, there are still many of left!”

Around two hundred demons had gathered together.

The two hundred of them formed a giant being!

Nangong Yun laughed, “These idiots, don’t they know that they’re just creating a larger target? Boss, shine the light on them and kill them!”

When the light shined on them, the giant demon began to release a blue smoke.

It was like a piece of iron being burnt. Although it screamed in pain, it did not revert back to its original form. It seemed like it was being protected by a strange energy and refused to change back!

“What is happening?” Yun Yao was stunned, “Did the light mirror lose its effect?”

Chu Tian knit his brows and said, “It’s not the light mirror is losing its effect. When the demons fuse together, they have enough strength to resist the power of the light mirror!”

Nangong Yun’s mouth opened wide, “How can this be? How do we beat it!”

The newborn giant demon roared into the sky. Countless black energy arms came from its body, creating over a hundred limbs, making it look like a giant octopus.

A terrifying pressure filled the air.

Almost as if it had surpassed the Awakened Soul Realm and had reached an even higher realm!

Even if this monster did not have the ability to resist death, it was still not an enemy Chu Tian could defeat, not to mention that the light mirror would not affect it anymore!


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