Miracle Throne
Chapter 124: Causing a stir in Central State
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 124: Causing a stir in Central State

Chapter 124: Causing a stir in Central State

Chu Tongwen and Chu Batian both had faces of shock.

The two of them were not members of the Chu Family and were both just people with outstanding talents.

Perhaps it was because they dreaded the Heavenly Sword Young Master’s strength, or were enamoured by the Heavenly Sword Young Master’s prestige, or they just chose to stick to this large tree, they had chosen to serve him. Eventually they had abandoned their last names and had become the Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe’s subordinates.

The Heavenly Sword Young Master had peerless elegance, there was no one in the Central State that could even look at his back. No matter who saw him, they would all feel inferior to him.

There was actually such a self confident person!

There was someone with this kind of proud spirit!

He could actually resist the Heavenly Sword Young Master’s glory!

They were both Heavenly Sword Young Master’s people and Chu Tongwen had even fought against Chu Tian, but in this moment, they couldn’t help holding this young man in high esteem. They even had a trace of admiration for him.

Because the things that they could not do, this young man could!

However, he was only so-so.

The tallest trees will be cut down by the wind!

[TL Note: those that stand out will be cut down]

After today, this young man would disappear from this world. No matter how outstanding he was, it would be useless!

Chu Xinghe’s voice was very calm. Just like a king talking to a citizen, his voice was filled with irresistible dignity, “Those of Central State know what happens if they offend this young master. Since you’re this self confident, this young master will give you a chance.”

These words were like a reward.

“One slash. I will only send out a single slash while suppressing my cultivation base to the same level as you.” The Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe’s voice was clear and mysterious. It was almost as if it could stop the wind and rain, “If you can take my sword and not die, you have the qualification to continue living. Otherwise, you will no longer exist on this earth.”

Once the crowd heard this.

Everyone began to pity the young man.

Because by the time the Heavenly Sword Young Master said this sentence, this young man was already considered a dead man.

The Heavenly Sword Young Master had a very resounding reputation which was…..One Slash Life Stealing Chu Xinghe!

It’s said that no one at the same realm and level could block a single slash from him, even the other three young masters were not exceptions. How strong the Heavenly Sword Young Master was, it was hard to imagine!

Even prestigious characters like Chu Tongwen and Chu Batian, both became Chu Xinghe’s subordinate after being defeated with a single slash. They were willing to devote their lives to him after being defeated!

This one slash was the invitation of the King of Hell.

The corners of Chu Tian’s mouth pulled back into a smile, “You seem quite confident in killing me with just a single slash, then I’ll play along with you. Not to mention one slash, how about you do two or even three slashes?”

The people of Central State city were speechless.

This really was a fearless little brat. He was already this close to dying, yet he still dared to argue back? Even if the Heavenly Sword Young Master suppressed his cultivation to the 1st Awakened Soul Layer, with a full powered slash, it was enough for him to kill someone at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer. His strength already surpassed common sense!

Chu Xinghe’s voice coldly rang out, “Are you prepared?”

Chu Tian revealed a smile, “What is there to prepare for? Come already!”

In an instant.

The air began to surge forward as a strong aura caused it to condense, this aura was incredibly strong. Not to mention a 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator fighting against it, just facing this terrifying pressure, they would be locked in place, losing their ability to fight.

At this moment, golden spirit energy shot up into the sky. A fierce four clawed flood dragon’s hand appeared.

The flood dragon was covered in golden scales and each scale had a rune engraved on top of it that was filled with overwhelming might. Once it circled around the golden carriage several times, it suddenly……

“Soul Sword Secret Art!”

From the golden carriage, a strong and mature voice rang out. At the same time, a golden sword shot into the sky with the flood dragon following close behind. It then moved closer and quickly fused with the sword.

The glow that was emitted was just like the sun shining on the earth!

It had appeared.

The Golden Flood Dragon Sword!

The legendary source spirit of the Heavenly Sword Young Master. The strongest sword source spirit to appear in the Chu Family in several hundred years. This Golden Flood Dragon Sword not only held an unsurpassable might, it also contained the power of the flood dragon. Once the sword approached, it could not be stopped!

“Heaven Cutting Art!”

This was the strongest move of the Chu Family’s «Soul Sword Secret Art»!

Chu Xinghe was much stronger than people imagined. Perhaps his mastery of the «Soul Sword Secret Art» was already in the Large Success Realm, or even in the Perfection Realm!

Once the Heaven Cutting Art was released, the Golden Flood Dragon Sword began to fill with a heaven splitting power and it condensed to its peak power instantly. A deep sword mark was left on the street and in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Chu Tian.

Up, down, left, or right.

Every direction was completely blocked.

It was impossible for Chu Tian to dodge this one slash!

Chu Tian’s body was covered in the starlight glaze and he pulled out the Netherworld Sword from behind him. On the ice like blade of the sword, large runes began to appear and a blue and white flame covered the sword.

With the Starlight Glass Body covering his body!

And the Netherworld Flame Sword in hand!

Chu Tian had no plans of dodging. Even when facing this kind of strong pressure, he moved forward one step at a time. He brandished his flaming long sword and sent out a heavy attack forward!


The Netherworld Sword had the effect of absorbing energy and the Netherworld Flame had the effect of breaking down energy, with these two combined, it could effectively weaken the enemy’s attack. However, Chu Xinghe’s slash was too strong. The strength erupted forth and completely surpassed the tolerable range.

Countless sword qi sprayed forward, turning into ten thousand tiny needles. The violent storm of sword qi fell on Chu Tian’s body and the strong Starlight Glass Body was instantly torn apart, shattering into pieces.

Chu Tian gave a loud roar.

Spirit energy continued to pour out of his body as he forced the Netherworld Sword forward to break through the Golden Flood Dragon Sword’s power. He stimulated the Starlight Immortal Body to its limit and used it to defend against the terrifying power of this one slash.

“Scram for father!”

Chu Tian wildly brandished the Netherworld Sword and the slash from the Golden Flood Dragon Sword was sent flying. It soared in the air and then flew back towards the golden carriage.

Chu Tian supported himself up with his sword. His breathing became erratic and his clothes had been ripped apart. There were at least a few hundred small wounds that covered his bloodied body.

But still.

He was still standing. He did not fall.

Even if he was seriously injured, he still had to break through Chu Xinghe’s attack.

Everyone was shocked, this young man had really blocked Chu Xinghe’s attack. He did not even take half a step back, he just continued to stand there.

The legend that the Heavenly Sword Young Master’s sword killed with a single slash.

It had been broken by this common youth!

This was more than enough to create a large stir throughout Central State!

Chu Tian scratched the blood at the corners of his lip, then he began to loudly laugh, “Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe? Even with a Large Success Cultivation Technique he is only so-so! What is there for you to be wild about! What qualification do you have for me to be your servant!”

Chu Batian flew into a rage, “I’ll kill him now!”

“Forget it!” Chu Xinghe’s voice sounded from the golden carriage, “This young master will keep his word. Since you could block one of my attacks, I’ll spare your little life today. This young master has had no peers for a while, I do need a few suitable rivals. You have a lot of potential, if you die now, it would be too much of a waste. Wait until you’ve grow bit, then come and fight me. I’ll kill you head on when the time comes.”

Chu Batian stared at Chu Tian and said, “Brat, consider yourself lucky!”

Chu Xinghe said in a low voice, “Let’s go!”

The Heavenly Sword Young Master’s team went into the distance.

Everyone in the crowd was slowly gasping for breath. On the faces of every person present, there was a look of shock. The matters that happened here today, it would spread across Central State in just two-three days.

Chu Tian turned around to enter the crowd.

“Flickering Netherworld Flames!”

He couldn’t stay here any longer, so Chu Tian instantly released his sword art. He quickly entered the Netherworld and disappeared from the crowd.

A nameless young man had blocked a slash from the Heavenly Sword Young Master!

The killing with a single slash legend had been broken!

Everyone began to gossip about this.

“Where did this young man come from? He could actually block an attack from the Heavenly Sword Young Master!”

“No, no, no! It wasn’t as simple as blocking it!”

“The Heavenly Sword Young Master had suppressed his cultivation to the same level, but the Heavenly Sword Young Master’s cultivation technique had already reached the Large Success Realm. This young man should be in the Small Success Realm, how could you compare the two?”

Hearing this one sentence.

Everyone was shocked.

Even with the same level cultivation, the Heavenly Sword Young Master had the advantage in terms of cultivation technique boundary. The «Soul Sword Secret Art» was the strongest attack cultivation technique in all of Central State and the Heavenly Sword Young Master had reached the Large Success realm, how could the two even be compared?”

“You guys don’t understand anything!”

“The Heavenly Sword Young Master was looking down on his opponent, otherwise this little brat would have already died several times!”

“The Heavenly Sword Young Master is a member of the Chu Family and he obtained an ancient sword inheritance. His truly powerful cultivation technique isn’t the «Soul Sword Secret Art», rather it’s the sword art he inherited. The Heavenly Sword Young Master did not use his unique skill, so that means he didn’t use his full strength!”

“And yet, this casual sword slash was enough to inflict heavy injuries. The difference in strength can be clearly seen!”

The people who worshiped the Heavenly Sword Young Master immediately began to argue.

But these people were very reasonable. The Heavenly Sword Young Master was not just a normal successor to the Chu Family, he was also someone who had received an ancient sword inheritance. There was no one that knew his true strength.

“Wrong! You’re all wrong!”

“Throughout the entire fight, you missed the most important point!”

“The Heavenly Sword Young Master had released his source spirit, but that young man? Throughout the entire fight……He did not release his source spirit once!”

Hearing this!

Everyone was stunned into silence.

That’s right, the young man had not released his source spirit!

When thinking of the details again, everyone was scared to the point of peeing their pants. A person that had not released his source spirit had actually blocked such a strong attack from the Heavenly Sword Young Master?

How was this possible!

Between a cultivator that used his source spirit and one who didn’t, there was a clear difference in strength. The one with the source spirit released was much stronger since it amplified his strength by several times. Even if the source spirit of the young man was only at a medium level, it would still have increased his strength by quite a bit.

If it was like this, he would not have been injured and would have completely blocked the Heavenly Sword Young Master’s attack!


Why did he not use his source spirit!

Everyone had a hard time accepting this harsh reality. This was simply a heaven defying youth! Who was he, and where did he come from?

In Central State City, everyone started to ask around.

However, within Central State City, there was no information about this youth and no one knew who he was. Since confronting the Heavenly Sword Young Master, this miraculous youth had completely disappeared!


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