Miracle Throne
Chapter 116: Flickering Netherworld Flames
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 116: Flickering Netherworld Flames

Chapter 116: Flickering Netherworld Flames

The Dragon Golden Bell Roar’s defense was very strong. Even someone who was also at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer would find it hard to break through! Could Chu Tian show strength that was equivalent to the 4th Awakened Soul Layer?

That was almost impossible!

At least he couldn’t do it now!

Although there was only a single level difference between the 3rd and 4th Awakened Soul Layers, the difference between the two was as high as the sky. The Awakened Soul Realm was divided into three stages, Void Soul, Illustrious Soul, and True Soul. The Void Soul realm which encompassed the 1st to 3rd Awakened Soul Layers was only the first stage.

Once a person broke through to the Illustrious Soul Realm!

They would experience an increase in strength by several times!

So, Chu Tongwen was invincible in terms of cultivators under the Illustrious Soul Realm with just this “Dragon Golden Bell Roar”. It was enough to stop any attacks Chu Tian could send out!

Chu Tongwen looked at Chu Tian with eyes filled with pity, “From this one slash, you truly do have some skills. But challenging me with just this insignificant amount of skills? Truly wishful thinking!”


Just as Chu Tongwen finished speaking, he realized that there was a problem.

The place where the sword qi had landed, there was still some blue fire left over. Chu Tongwen did not pay it any attention, but since the little bunch of flames appeared, it did not disappear. It remained on the protective cover and slowly began to grow larger.

It was just like a match being thrown onto a piece of wood.

The match itself could not leave a mark of the wood.

But the flame would stay on the wood and slowly consume it, it would slowly become bigger and bigger. This flame seemed like it couldn’t burn down matter, but it seemed like it could burn energy!

How could there be this kind of flame?

This was something rarely seen!

“Netherworld Flame!” Chu Tongwen was a very knowledgeable person, being able to immediately recognize the flame. His eyes glowed with greed, “I never would have thought that you would have this kind of item on you, it seems like this trip wasn’t in vain. Just leave your Netherworld Flame……”

The little fox loudly shouted out. Chu Tongwen hadn’t even finished speaking before it suddenly spat out and a red shadow that was hard to see with the naked eye flew out.


It was like popping a balloon as the small needle pierced through the Dragon Golden Bell Roar and pierced into Chu Tongwen’s chest where his heart was.


Chu Tongwen and General Xiong were both shocked!

The needle itself did not have a strong aura, but it still penetrated his defences. The only explanation was that the material itself was something precious that could penetrate through energy.

Chu Tongwen walked back two steps and his robe had been torn apart. Beneath his robe, there was a golden silk armour. The small needle was stuck in the armour itself, half piercing through, but it couldn’t go any further.

The little fox stomped its foot anger. It forcefully gestured and the small needle came back, once again being swallowed by it.

What a pity!

The small needle could disregard spirit energy, but its might was not strong. But no one would have thought that Chu Tongwen would be wearing a set of armour as well. This move worked well as a sneak attack, but once the opponent was prepared, it would be hard to try it again.

Chu Tian patted the little fox’s head, “This is your first time, it’s normal to fail.”

This was truly dangerous!

Chu Tongwen broke out in a cold sweat, but at the same time, he was thoroughly enraged.

“I want you to die!”

“Ten Thousand Li God Line!”

The Golden Book Source Spirit turned a page and the golden cover disappeared. Chu Tongwen’s body was covered in a wind attributed energy and with an incredible speed, he instantly appeared in front of Chu Tian.

“Thirty Thousand Jin Break!”

The Golden Book Source Spirit turned to another page and the wind attributed energy disappeared. Black energy appeared on the brush, increasing Chu Tongwen’s attack strength by several times.


The brush instantly fell on Chu Tian’s body.

The Starlight Immortal Body was instantly activated!

A terrifying power rushed forward and the starlight cover around Chu Tian was broken to pieces. He was sent several meters and heavily crashed into the ground, making a large hole!

This exchange made Chu Tongwen shocked, “Such a strong defensive cultivation technique? It can actually block one of my attacks!”

It was very normal for Chu Tongwen to block Chu Tian’s attacks.

Chu Tongwen had the higher cultivation base and the Dragon Golden Bell Roar was one of the techniques from the Golden Book Source Spirit. He had high achievements with it and it was currently in the Large Achievement realm. Even cultivators of the same level couldn’t break through it.

But Chu Tian blocking one of Chu Tongwen’s attacks was completely different!

It was something that was almost impossible!

It was simply going against common sense!

Chu Tongwen gave a cold smile, “Possessing the Netherworld Flame and a high level defensive cultivation technique, you have quite a few interesting things on your body. Even if I don’t find the command token this time, it would be a large accomplishment just taking you back for the young master!”

Chu Tian had suffered heavy internal injuries, but the Starlight Immortal Body was not just for defense, it could also heal him. His injuries were instantly healed and Chu Tian seemed like he hadn’t really been affected that much.

Seven Paged Golden Book Source Spirit?

It only seemed to be so-so!

Although she had the same kind of book source spirit, the young miss didn’t have this kind of battle strength. Chu Tongwen not only had a good battle strength, compared to a normal person, Chu Tongwen was actually stronger. But in terms of value, Chu Tian thought that the young miss’ Heavenly Book Source Spirit was hundreds or even thousands of time better compared to the Seven Pages Golden Book Source Spirit!

Of course.

This was also depending on the person.

If the young miss had not met Chu Tian, even if the Heavenly Book Source Spirit contained ancient memories, it would not be as easy to use as normal fighting source spirits.

“Hell Flames of Rage!”

The Seven Paged Golden Book once again turned to another page!

Chu Tongwen’s brush drew a large incantation in the sky. Chu Tian suddenly felt the ground vibrate and his brows wrinkled. The ground suddenly split apart and a giant pillar of fire shot up into the sky, completely engulfing Chu Tian.

Lin Mu and Fang Han were shocked!

The “Life Snatching Scholar” truly lived up to his name!

This kind of invincible existence, regardless of whether it was close range or long range attacks, physical or energy attacks, he was proficient in everything. Then adding in his strengthening ability, it was hard for someone at the same level to fight him.

Not to mention a tiny 1st Awakened Soul Layer brat.

The Heavenly Demon Cult Branch Lord clearly displayed strength at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer. When Chu Tian had fought him, he had clearly been at a disadvantage. Finally, if it wasn’t for the little fox’s surprise ability, Chu Tian would not have been able to defeat the Branch Lord!

This Chu Tongwen was clearly also at the 3rd Awakened Soul layer. Without the little fox to suppress him, Chu Tian could only face him head on. The difficulty of this could only be imagined!

After the flame explosion was over.

Chu Tian’s starlight cover had clearly become much dimmer. The little fox’s white fur had also been burnt black. It angrily gestured with its hands, signalling to Chu Tian to quickly take care of this person.

“Ten Thousand Seals!”

The Golden Book Source Spirit opened once again.

Chu Tongwen formed a seal with his hands and shot it out at Chu Tian.

This was a kind of sealing move. Once Chu Tian’s spirit energy was sealed by Chu Tongwen, then even if he had heaven defying skills, he still would not be able to use them!


Chu Tongwen wanted to Chu Tian because he wanted to capture him alive.

Chu Tian’s slanted brows knit together and he longer held back. The terrifying strength of a demon god was released and the Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit appeared. A heavy pressure fell on Chu Tongwen and he could feel his body tremble.


“What kind of source spirit is this?”

Once Chu Tongwen and General Xiong was Chu Tian’s source spirit, they both revealed expressions of shock. This source spirit’s aura was just too strong, it exceeded anything they could imagine.

“Impossible!” Even though Chu Tongwen was very knowledgeable, he still couldn’t recognize it. Why couldn’t he recognize it? “This source spirit’s power is actually not inferior to Chu Xinghe’s. It even has an ancient demon god’s aura, yet it still hasn’t been fully awakened! This…..this is the highest quality sword source spirit!”

General Xiong muttered, “The number one sword source spirit in Central State, it actually doesn’t belong to Chu Xinghe? Where did this fellow come from!”

The Central State Chu Family with their sword source spirits, they were famous in the Southern Summer Country.

Even if other families had sword source spirits, compared to the Central State Chu Family, they were not on the same level!

The source spirits of the Chu Family swordsmen were incredibly strong!

No one had ever heard of anyone that could surpass them!

Now, an unknown little character had appeared and it turned out he could compete with Chu Xinghe, there was even the chance his source spirit was better. How could anyone not be surprised?

While Chu Tongwen was stunned.

The Netherworld Sword suddenly ignited with blue and white flames. An streak of indigo sword qi suddenly roared out. Just like a flowing river, it suddenly shot forward.

Before the sword qi could arrive.

Two terrifying auras began to intertwine.

One was a cold murderous aura.

The other was a terrifying ancient destructive power.

Chu Tongwen felt as if he was hallucinating as a ferocious demon charged right at him. It grabbed his arms and legs, making it so he could not move.

“Dragon Golden Bell Roar!”

The Golden Book Source Spirit quickly turned pages.

A golden cover instantly appeared.

The indigo sword qi fell onto the cover and the Demon God’s Sword’s destructive might was release. In that instant, on the golden cover, a giant sword mark appeared. The Netherworld Ghost Flames were sticking to the sword mark, slowly causing burn marks to appear.

When Chu Tian added in the strength of his sword spirit.

A single slash’s strength was increased by several times!

With the Demon God’s Sword’s destructive might, a crack had appeared on the golden cover!

What kind of terrifying power was this? A trivial 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator with a single casual slash could actually threaten the life of a 3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator. He could even cause a crack in the Large Accomplishment defensive cultivation technique “Dragon Golden Bell Roar”!

This kind of terrifying person, he simply went against common sense!

What made Chu Tongwen even more shocked was, “Your sword…..It’s the Netherworld Sword! How could it be? Did Wan Wuyi fail?”

“You’re talking about that crappy Yin Wind Swordsmen?” Chu Tian gave three loud laughs, “A little while ago, he turned into a ghost in the ten thousand corpses ancient tomb!”

What kind of person was Wan Wuyi?

He was just like Chu Tongwen, he was also a 3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator!

But because of his unpredictable sword style, even Chu Tongwen didn’t have the confidence of winning against him!

This kind of strong swordsman had gone to the ten thousand corpses ancient tomb to find the Netherworld Sword. In the end, not only had he not come out, it was very possible that he had died in this fellow’s hands!

“Since you can recognize the Netherworld Sword, then I’ll let you see its true strength!”

Chu Tian lightly waved his hand and the Netherworld Sword was covered in the glow of a large fire. The terrifying Netherworld Flame was released.

“Netherworld Flickering Flame Slash!”

The glow from the fire suddenly burst forward!

Chu Tian had disappeared.

Chu Tongwen’s body trembled.

This fighting technique……It was just like the Yin Wind Sword, a type of assassination cultivation technique.


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