Miracle Throne
Chapter 88: Who is Lu Ren?
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 88: Who is Lu Ren?

Chapter 88: Who is Lu Ren?

Lu Ren?


What kind of strange name was this!

He was clearly a strange passerby. He had saved Yun Yao several times and easily changed the Yun Family’s cultivation technique. These two meaningless act to him had saved the Yun Family’s life!

How could Yun Tianhe not thank him?

The most terrifying thing was that from Yun Yao’s description, this so called passerby was only a less than eighteen year old wet behind the year brat!

A little brat that wasn’t even eighteen yet he could rush through the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb and could save Yun Yao’s life from the terrifying Corpse King’s hands.

To save Yun Yao.

He didn’t hesitate to use an incomparably precious Good Fortune Pill!

This was a very generous thing to do. Even to high levelled Awakened Soul Cultivators, the Good Fortune Pill was still a life saving pill. It wouldn’t be used unless in life threatening situations, but this Lu Ren had treated it like candy.

What was he thinking?

Yun Tianhe quickly asked, “Did you bring him with you to Central State? I have to personally pay him a visit. Not only is he your saviour, but he is also the benefactor of our Central State Yun Family!”

The Central State Academy’s vice principal.

The sect master of the Yun School.

How many people in Central State City wish to build relations with him? There were countless Southern Summer Country scholars that would give up everything just to learn from him.

At this moment.

This kind of highly respected character was about to pay a visit to a nameless brat?

Yun Yao sighed and said, “This person’s personality is very strange, everything he does is dependant on his mood. Even when he was improving my cultivation technique, that was only because he found it interesting. This kind of person, how could I restrain him.”

Because he found it interesting?

This was truly enough to anger someone to death!

Yun Tianhe had spent five years using all his strength to fail at this, but this brat had done it because he found it interesting. He had saved the Yun Family just because he found it interesting!

Yun Tianhe’s heart burned with impatience as he said, “He saved you and guided you with your cultivation, then your relationship must be good? Is he interested in you? You should know how to contact him, where does he live?”

“Grandfather!” Yun Yao’s face turned red, “You’re mistaken! I already said it. This person’s behaviour, it can’t be measured with common sense! Our relationship is not good and we even have a grudge!”

“Have a grudge?”

“I……I offended him!”

Yun Yao didn’t have any ways. She could only tell him about what happened before entering the ancient tomb, wanting to force him to do what she wanted and how she wanted him to act as bait. She could only tell him all of it.

“Heavens!” Yun Tianhe was so angry he almost spat out blood as he flew into a rage and said, “What did you do! This kind of rare talent, how could you be so disrespectful to him! Misfortune upon our family! Misfortune upon our family!”

Yun Yao stared, she wasn’t convinced as she said, “Who knows whether he’s a rare talent? It wasn’t written on his face! Moreover he looks like……what he looks like I don’t even remember anymore. This kind of person no matter what will look like a country bumpkin!”

Yun Tianhe’s face was dejected.

This kind of words, it was falling in one’s own pit!

For Yun Yao to have this kind of temperament, it was all because the Yun Family didn’t raise her properly. Using her strength to bully the weak, in the end she had offended this kind of unprecedented rare talent!

What Yun Tianhe admired was that this Lu Ren didn’t hold a grudge. And perhaps to him it was a small effort but to the Yun Family, what he did was a heavenly gift.

Indifferent to fame and fortune, free and uninhibited. This was the style of a true expert!

Yun Tianhe secretly decided, no matter what kind of price he had to pay or how much effort it would be, he would definitely find this person!

While Yun Tianhe was prepared to ask more thoroughly.

A steward rushed in, “Master, there is a letter!”

“I won’t look!” Yun Tianhe’s mood went up and down, how could he have the heart to look. He impatiently waved his hand, “Withdraw.”

The steward’s head dripped with sweat as he said, “But……this letter comes from No Worries Valley……”

Yun Tianhe knit his brows and took the letter to read it. His expression changed and he quickly said to Yun Yao, “I need out for a bit, you rest up first. Keep the things that happened these past few days a secret, no one else can know.”

After Yun Tianhe finished, he boarded a horse carriage and left.

From the Yun Family to leaving the city, he went around several tens of li away to a secluded valley.

Outside the valley, it was completely ordinary, but that changed once you entered the valley. The high waterfalls, the hundred flowers in bloom, everywhere there were elixirs growing and all kinds of rare bird and beast trails could be seen.

Yun Tianhe had no time to admire it as he went to the center of the valley. Standing before a hut, he respectfully bowed down from the waist, “Old man Yun Tianhe pays his respects to the marquis!”

“Old Yun, no need to be so courteous, please come in.”

A relaxed and elegant male voice came from the hut.

A sturdy man walked out and looked at Yun Tianhe with respect and excitement, “This small one is Xiang Hu, I am a newly enrolled student of the marquis. I ask Head Yun to follow me in.”

He could be accepted by that man as a disciple, this brat had some good fortune!

The hut was simply decorated, there was a beautiful ancient guqin in the middle. A man wearing a loose robe and with long flowing hair was sitting in front of the guqin. His eyes were bright and sharp, he had a kind of elegant gentleman aura.

Yun Tianhe respectfully sat down, “For the marquis to be this hurried in finding me, that must mean…..”

“Naturally it is for Cai Er.” The marquis gave a gentle smile, “What are you still hiding for, quickly come out and say hello to Old Yun.”

A rainbow coloured clothed girl danced out. Picturesque eyebrows, snow like skin, and a beautiful face covered in a gauze. This was a kind of beauty found in a dream, it truly made people surprised.

“Feng Caidie has seen Elder Yun.”

That quiet and gentle voice seemed like an orchid blooming in an empty valley, it made people feel comfortable.

Yun Tianhe stroked his long white beard, “This old man truly envies marquis, Cai Die becomes more beautiful every year, only……Ai!” Yun Tianhe suddenly sighed.

The entire Central State City knew.

Feng Caidie had an inborn blocked meridian, she could not cultivate. This kind of unsolvable problem, even with Yun Tianhe’s knowledge, he was still at a lost. The marquis suddenly inviting him here, he didn’t know what for.

The marquis handed over a scroll with a formula, “Recently Cai Die has gone to the black market and ran into a mysterious expert, he left this formula behind for Cai Er. Old Yun please take a look.”

Yun Tianhe received the formula and took a look.


Yun Tianhe’s eyes popped out, almost as if they were about to fall out.

“This unheard of ancient formula, wonderful, it is too wonderful!”

The marquis’ spirit shook, “Old Yun’s meaning is, this formula will have an effect?”

Yun Tianhe’s face turned red as he said, “Based on this old man’s experience, the success rate is very large, we can definitely give it a try. Moreover, even if we fail, this formula will not harm the body……Only, the main ingredient we need, it isn’t easy to find in the Southern Summer Country.”

“Is Elder Yun talking about the Blood Marrow Lingzhi?” Feng Caidie took out a bottle, “Before he left, he also gave me this thing!”

Yun Tianhe’s pupils shrank, “This…..in the Southern Summer Country, how did you find this material? Young miss Cai Die, can you tell this old man, who is this expert you met?”

Feng Caidie gave a thought provoking smile, “In Elder Yun’s heart, you have already guessed it right?”

“He……He’s Lu Ren?”

Yun Tianhe obviously could guess, but he didn’t believe it. Where did such a terrifying person appear from?

“Yes! It is this passerby!”

Yun Tianhe’s brain turned blank!

Why was it him again?

This little brat not only helped Yun Yao fixed the flaw with her cultivation technique, but he never would have thought that he would also solve Feng Caidie’s problem with her physique. Was there anything that he couldn’t solve?

The middle aged man was very surprise, “What’s wrong, do you also know this expert?”

“It goes beyond knowing, he is the benefactor of our family!”

After Yun Tianhe said this simple sentence.

The middle aged man revealed a shocked face, “Did Central State have someone who was even more knowledgeable than Old Yun?”

Yun Tianhe bitterly laughed, “This old man has bragged about his knowledge, but today it seems like I’m the one who was shortsighted. I am truly a frog in the well!”

From his daughter’s description, the middle aged man was already a bit interested in this mysterious person.

Lu Ren?


This name was probably an alias!

Perhaps even his appearance would be a disguise!

After all, even his daughter Cai Die could use a disguise technique, how could this kind of person not know how to use one?

From the information his daughter brought back, this person was around 17-18 years old. He was free, easy and uninhibited, he owned a Netherworld Sword and raised a white fox pet…….Although this wasn’t a lot of information, but to find a person it was enough.

At least with his power and influence, it definitely wasn’t a problem!

If he could cure his daughter, then he would owe him a big favour!

“Let us begin!”

Yun Tianhe and the middle aged man immediately began to collect the medicine. They started the treatment method and began to treat Feng Caidie.


After a day.


In the beautiful No Worries Valley, a wind storm suddenly blew away the clouds and an imposing aura shot out into the sky. The terrifying aura slowly condensed into a graceful and beautiful blue luan!

“Congratulations to the marquis!”

“Congratulations to the marquis!”

“A Blue Luan Source Spirit, it can be considered an excellent grade, only second to God Level Source Spirits!”

Yun Tianhe stood at the valley entrance, his face full of congratulations for the excited middle aged man.

On the face of the middle age man who didn’t want to remarry, this was the first time a smile appeared. He laughed several times into the sky!

Too great!

This was truly too great!

He originally thought his daughter would be a normal person, but from now on it would be a new beginning as she rewrote her own destiny.

In these few years, he had spent quite a bit of effort and elixirs to forcefully infuse them into his daughter’s body. From this he raised her strength to the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.

This time, after her inborn blocked meridian was solved, all the spirit energy stored up inside her body had completely been absorbed by Feng Caidie. This allowed Feng Caidie’s strength to increase in the blink of an eye to the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.

This was a pleasant surprise!

The middle aged man waved his hand, “Cai Er needs to close up for a few days. We will close up the valley, anyone that comes close regardless of man or beast will all be killed!”

This voice was filled with power and strength.

Several shadows disappeared from the middle aged man’s back.

The middle aged man said to Yun Tianhe, “Old Yun, many thanks for your help. This is large deed that needs to be celebrated, this marquis has not been this happy in this many years. Come, let’s drink a bit!”

Yun Tianhe was also filled with happiness.

This wasn’t only helping a famous person out, it also made him owe a favour. The most important thing was that this reason was enough to be considered a large harvest for the Yun Family. It helped relieve the pressure on Yun Tianhe’s body of supporting the family.

If he didn’t fulfil his mission.

Then after he died he wouldn’t be worthy of meeting his ancestors.

This opportunity, it was all created by the passerby.


A man in black clothing appeared in the valley entrance.

The middle aged man knit his brows and asked, “What happened?”

“According to the news, something has happened in South Sky City.”

The black clothed man reported the news in a low voice.

After the middle aged man heard the news he was a bit surprised, “Something like this has happened? Do the people of the city know?”

The black clothed man shook his head, “The news haven’t been passed on completely and the various renowned families still don’t know. The Chu and Ye Family have already received some rumours. However the Ye Wudao father and son combination, had gone to explore a ruin to the south and it will be at least several days before they can come back. And the Chu Family’s Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe has entered into seclusion so they will not make any large moves.”

The middle aged man nodded his head, “Since it’s like this then just forget about it!”


The black clothed man instantly withdrew.

“South Sky City, killing Ye Xiong……” The middle middle aged man thought for a bit and suddenly seemed like he thought of something. His eyes lit up and his mouth turned into a smile, “Come, let’s drink, let’s drink!”


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