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Knights Of The Round Table
Author :Clown_God
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2 Prologue

In a dark alleyway in the 2nd district.

"Lancelot, stop fighting! Please! You don't have to fight!" begged a young maiden.

In front of her were 4 boys duking it out. One against three, the odds were stacked against the young man facing against the three older boys. He was wearing a tattered tunic, with bruises and cuts scattered across his body.

"No Celestria, these pigs insulted our father! How can I let this stand? He is a strong knight that once served the King personally!" shouted Lancelot with anger in his voice.

"Hmph, your father was kicked out of the order for his incompetence. What strong knight? He's a drunkard that can't even take care of his two kids." sneered the three boys.

Enraged, Lancelot rushed at the three boys; swinging wildly, he caught one of the three on the jaw. Displaced, the boy fell down unconscious while the other two jumped on Lancelot. They locked him down and spat at him.

"Heh, is this the son of a strong knight? Tell me boys!" laughed one of the boys with blue hair. On his face was mockery. Edwin's father once challenged Lancelot's dad at his peak for a spot on The Round Table. However, boastful about his own strength, Edwin's father lost his dominant arm and yielded out of fear. Every night since then, Edwin's father would lash out in anger against his wife and child, engraving fear into their minds.

A burst of heat rushed into Lancelot's face when he heard this. A red aura surrounded him as he forcefully shoved off the two boys holding him down. However, a nearby apprentice knight heard the commotion and walked in on the fight.

"Yield! Stop your fighting at once! I am an apprentice knight." said a tall figure with flowing green locks of hair. In his eyes, contempt and pride.

The three boys were startled, especially the previously unconscious teen. (I was just unconscious for half a minute, what happened?) They ran off, leaving Lancelot behind, the red aura surrounding him fading away. He stared at the apprentice and gave a cold snort. His sister, Celestria quickly bowed.

"Thank you for stopping the fight, sir." said Celestria with her head bowed.

"No need for the formalities fair maiden, it is my duty to uphold peace." replied the apprentice. Taking a quick gander at Celestria, he was mesmerized. Her long flowing blonde locks went to her hips; her blue eyes resembled fine gemstones; her fair skin glowed. (She's a beauty...)

"My name is Gawain, my lady. May I know thou's?" said Gawain.

"Celestria is my name." she replied.

"A beautiful name fair maiden, may we meet again in the future." exclaimed Gawain.

From his debut to his exit, Gawain never spared a glance for Lancelot, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. Lancelot clenched his fists as he stared at Gawain's disappearing figure. Celestria came over to Lancelot and checked his wounds, breathing a sigh of relief after she discovered there were only superficial wounds.

"Brother... please don't pick fights like these in the future. Father will be hurt seeing you like this." whispered Celestria as she looked down at the ground.

Lancelot felt a burning desire to improve his and his family's life. As a tear trickled down his face, he thought about his life every since they left the 1st district. People would sneer, mock, and openly bully him and his sister because of their father's fall from grace.

He sighed, and exited the alleyway with his sister following behind.


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