It's all about you my secret crush
51 The one who bring me to this world..
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It's all about you my secret crush
Author :jayashreeroy
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51 The one who bring me to this world..

-"What will be the duration??" Asked the aged, experienced lawyer sitting in front of Amyra and Varun, lowering his spectacle a little from his nose and wearing a strange expression on his face.

'How ridiculous our next generation is?? contractual marriage?? What a trend..' He thought in mind while expecting an answer from them.

-"one month... Is that alright??"said Amyra looking at Varun.

-"It's fair enough but it's related to the court so I think we should expand it a little in case if more time would be required... 3 months??" He said smiling while Amyra nodded agreeing.

-"Ok then you take your individual copies and write down your conditions and requirements for this marriage and submit it to me tomorrow after you sign it..." said the lawyer giving them an intense look as they were still staring at each other.

-"Mr. and Mrs. Mittal..." He said loudly to wake up the lost souls.

-"Umm.. I am Miss. Sehgal.." Amyra said correcting the lawyer.

-" both can leave now" Said the lawyer in an indifferent expression.


-"Are you free for sometime?" Asked Varun as they get on the car after leaving the lawyer's chamber.

-"Ya I don't have anything important to do right now so, I am free...but.." Said Amyra and before she could complete her sentence Varun started the car.

-"Are we going somewhere??" Amyra asked curiously and a little scared as whenever she got struck with this person she ended up with some humiliation.

-"Don't be scared.." He said as if he read her mind.

-" You know nothing happened between us that night.. There was a maid who changed your clothes..." He continued.

-" I know already.. I am not a fool and for your kind information... I am an would be doctor...I already tested that." She said in a proud voice that made Varun laugh but he controlled himself immediately.

-"But where are we going?" She asked again.

-"You will get to know.." He said and drove quietly.

Amyra knew this attitude of him, it means he won't say anything and she has to wait until they reach the place.

He stopped the car in front of a big mansion and the guards opened the gate as they saw Varun driving the car.

He parked the car in a parking space and and caught her hand as they walked inside the mansion. In the large hall room there was a beautiful woman sitting with an elderly man and discussing over something, She looks to be in her early thirties Amyra assumed. But why Varun took her to this place. Is there something between him and this woman and he wants to clear that before their contractual marriage. she thought in mind and with a careful observation she recognised the woman who is a famous TV star.

-"She is the one who bring me to this world." Said Varun noticing Amyra who was staring at his birth mother so carefully.

-"But she looks so young..." She was about to say something more but stopped by the woman who noticed them and walked towards them waving her hand. This is the reason Varun looks so handsome Amyra thought.

-" Hey my son how are you?" She said and hugged Varun and looked at Amyra with questions in her eyes, as she couldn't recognise the girl.

-"She is my fiance.. we are getting married tomorrow.. and I thought I should inform you.." Said Varun taking Amyra's hand on his.

-" Are you sure that you are marrying the one you love? Don't do anything this important in a hurry or you will regret all your life just like me." His mother said giving Amyra an intense look which made her feel uncomfortable.

-" I don't need to have a lesson of love from you.. We love each other a lot, you better focus on your own love life." Said Varun looking at Amyra passionately.

' Oh this drama king... he acts so perfectly, even can make false passion look so real. He might have inherited some acting skill from his mother.' Amyra thought.

-"Ok honey let's go." He said grabbing Amyra's hand.

-"May I come to attend my son's marriage?" Asked his mother.

-"As per your choice." He said as he walked away holding Amyra's hand tightly as if he will never let it go.


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