11 The Game Begins!
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Author :Tyuipo
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11 The Game Begins!

Mozti who couldn't take his excitement touched and examined everything. His eyes were filled with admiration looking at the large chamber. He went to the other side, then the other side, then back to the other side, then touched the chairs as if he was a technician looking for their flaws. Anyone who looked at him would surely become dizzy.

"Mozti, you're being rude! Stop what you're doing and get down here! The simulation hasn't started yet!" Rago shouted at him, shameful of what the young man was doing.

Mozti scratched his head and went beside Rago. "What are we going to do now? I thought we're late!" he complained full of annoyance. He's already excited to start the simulation and to give out his commands. Most importantly, the feeling of itchiness to feel the feeling of being a true Fleet Commander. He's just very very excited! Why don't they start it now?!

Rago was going to reply when he saw a middle-aged man entered the large chamber going towards them. "Highest Supreme Magistrate Trainee Quinn greets Ground General Freim!" Rago saluted to the Ground General who was now in front of them.

"Why are you here? You're a Ground General. What do you know about commanding a Fleet?" Rago only shook his head after hearing the statement of the man beside him. War would start once again.

"Oh, I'm here to give you this set of uniform," Deisham said while brimming with a smile and took out the set of uniform. "Fleet Commander Bei wanted to give you this."

Mozti stared at the set of uniform Deisham was holding. He raised his eyebrow and said, "Are you tricking me?"

"No, of course not. Why would I?" Deisham immediately answered. Yeah, why would he?

"Who is Fleet Commander Bei?" Mozti asked still skeptical on the actions of Deisham. He's already used to the war they always had every time they met. However, what's the sudden change of attitude? You must have a knife on those bright smile you're giving me! Also, you ought to kill me and now you're helping me?! "Sorry, I won't accept someone's gift I do not know," Mozti said and going to reject the set of uniform when Rago pulled him on his side.

"Fleet Commander Bei was the former King of Thaomos and the great great granduncle of the First Prince! He destroyed millions of spacecrafts throughout his career! You must not waste the opportunity!" Rago couldn't contain his excitement and respectfully took the set of uniform from Deisham.

"Do not receive a gift from your enemy," Mozti said disregarding the set of uniform in front of him. "Also, you wanted to kill me right? I don't care whoever that Fleet Commander Bei is, he's just a scam!"

Deisham's smile turned into a frown. How he wanted to kill this young man. His wants to kill Mozti turned into a wish and a promise then evolved into an obligation. This was his obligation! To kill the man! How many times did he say that he'd kill the young man?! A thousand times that would surely make anyone go insane and be numb of his promises to kill him!

"Rago, return the set of uniform to him!" Mozti ordered and turned his back. "Can we start the simulation now?!" he shouted furiously that could burst an eardrum.

Deisham took the set of uniform from Rago and vanished. Now he won't kill him, he'll experiment the whole body of his mortal enemy. What if he could discover a medication for raising someone's shamelessness? It woul surely be a trend for those shy beings.

"That kid is... Waaaa!" Deisham howled while holding his hair. He's gonna go insane any moment from now.

"Haha... That kid is surely interesting!" Fleet Commander Bei commented on the side. "Laquadia, let him meet his officers and let's proceed to his simulation," he added and sipped his tea once again.

Laquadia nodded and grabbed the microphone. "Fleet Commander Trainee Shriem, please meet your officers," Laquadia said and 14 young men went inside the chamber all wearing the same set of uniform. "They will be your team until you all die in a space war."

Mozti looked at his officers one by one. They stood next to him with pride on their faces. Some looked at Mozti curious while some gave him a look of skepticism. He heaved a sigh and walked towards the commander's chair.

"Everyone please meet your Fleet Commander!"

Commanding a Fleet was equal to a team game. They needed a lot of coordination, trust, loyalty, and friendship. It was with great pressure to start this training without knowing or even meeting any of them.

"Don't worry, I know what you are thinking. You just need to give a command to them which I believe you must be capable of. Your relationship with them doesn't matter today." Mozti heard from the speaker reassuring him on the current situation.

"All of you are now under me!" Mozti said full of authority ignoring Laquadia's advice. "If you do not believe in my capability, the door is open! I need all of you to trust me, even just for today! You might not know me, but look where I am! I am sitting in this chair because I am your leader and as a leader, it is my responsibility to bring victory! This is the first time I meet most of you, but this is not the last time we see each other! I am Efsayah Mozti Shriem, your Fleet Commander!"

Everyone looked at the young man sitting in the commander's chair. Before, he was so ordinary that his presence was negligible. He doesn't have anything to boast from his messy hair to his tattered clothes. He's even comparable to a beggar, however, after he finished his last sentence, they were all stunned. His aura changed as well as his presence, he was now a true leader whom you must believe.

"I am Frazco Vilmor Crete, your Admiral of the Fleet, Fleet Commander Shriem! Let's bring victory!"

"High Supreme Magistrate Trainee Senus Miguel Bry, giving respect to Fleet Commander Shriem!"

One by one, Mozti's officers introduced themselves giving him their trust. They will never doubt their Commander after his small speech which described himself entirely. This was what they need, a passionate leader ready to be the light in the darkness. A leader who will lead them towards success. Mozti made them believe that he was their leader.

Deisham watched the scene on the big screen rolling his eyes. "Show off!"

"He's good!" Fleet Commander Neros commented.

"Interesting! I want to know him more! By the way, Principal Giule, why isn't he wearing the Academy's uniform?" Fleet Commander Bei added.

"I don't know, he must have forgotten to get it in his wardrobe," the Principal said casually. Actually, Mozti didn't forget to get his uniform, he immediately ran away after his name was registered. Even the clerk never had the chance to tell him everything after he vanished without saying goodbye. Also, Mozti doesn't have any idea that he could now stay in one of the dormitories of the Academy and the special privileges he could get after being a Fleet Commander Trainee. Such a wasted opportunity...

Laquadia only looked at Mozti emotionless. He didn't expect that the young man was serious about becoming a Fleet Commander. Without saying or commenting to anything, Laquadia leaned towards the microphone and said seriously, "Mozti, be ready, and everyone please go to your designated chairs."

"Why are we even here?! He'll definitely fail!" Deisham exclaimed once again.

"A team like them only deserved to be watched by us! Frazco, Rago and Senus, they're the heirs of three prominent Royal Families! Deisham, we're not only here as spectators but also their examiners. It's a good thing to watch the future of Jadase," Neros said calmly standing beside Deisham.

"Neros is right," the Principal joined their conversation. "They're worth our presence."

"Hay..." Fleet Commander Bei sighed. "Laquadia, my apo, let's begin!" he ordered Laquadia excitedly who immediately complied.

Laquadia stared at the complex screens. "Mia, please start the simulation battle. Ready a Level 4 Fleet for the trainee," he said seriously towards the simulation chamber spirit, whose name was Mia. "Set the location near a half-destroyed planet. Prepare a Level...

Deisham cuts off Laquadia and exclaimed, "Prepare a Level 10 enemy!"

A Level 1 Fleet is composed of 100-115 warships and adds 15 warships on every level. Therefore, a Level 4 Fleet have 160-175 warships while a Level 10 Fleet has a total of 250-265 warships. Thus, a Level 4 Fleet is destined to be annihilated by a Level 10 Fleet. This was like a fight between an egg to a rock, total defeat!

Everyone turned their heads towards Deisham who had a bold saying plastered on his face: WHAT?! IT SLIP OUT OF MY MOUTH!

In the simulation chamber, Mozti and the others were now on their positions waiting for the signal to start.

"Simulation battle will start in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." an emotionless voice of a woman echoed. "Location: Planet Gyrus near Victoria-Grudes Border! Trainee Fleet: Level 4! Enemy Fleet: Level 10! Fleet Commander Trainee Shriem and Officers, good luck!"

"L-Level 10?! H-How... W-Why?!" Rago exclaimed who was sitting on one of the three chairs beneath Mozti. His forehead was now full of sweats. He couldn't believe what he just heard!

"Fleet Commander, w-we cannot defeat a Level 10 Fleet with a Level 4 Fleet!" Frazco cried out wanting to get out of his chair.

"W-What are we gonna do now?! We'll s-surely die!" Senus was now panicking on his chair. This was unbelievable!

Mozti stared at the faces of everyone not having any idea why are they so afraid as if they'll die. "What's there to be afraid of?! This is just a Fleet Simulation Battle!" Mozti stated naively.

"Fleet Commander Shriem, if we are defeated we will be..." Rago couldn't make the word out of his mouth.

"Electrocuted!" Frazco finished. "That's the punishment of losing in a simulation battle. In fact, this was also a form of discipline and preparation for a true battle. As we all know, on the true battlefield; death is death, defeat is defeat! Fleet Commander, this is not just a simple simulation battle but a trial by fire with life at stake!" Frazco explained to Mozti.

Senus also added, "Fleet Commander, a defeat from a Level 1 enemy is equivalent to 1,000 *Vios [1,000 lightning strikes] and increases by 500 Vios every level. Therefore, a defeat from a Level 10 enemy is equivalent to 6,000 Vios which was enough to kill a Highest Supreme General Spirit Power!"

"What?!" Mozti stood up from his commander chair dumbfounded. There's a single being in his mind who could do this. "Scar Old Man!!!!" he howled his mortal enemy's name! How could he! It's okay if he wanted to kill him but to drag those who were innocent! This was unforgivable! He'll make that man pay!

"Don't worry, I'm here!" Mozti reassured everyone and went back to sit on his chair silently.

Everyone nodded their heads after hearing their leader's words. 'Don't worry, I'm here!'... 'I'm here!" Yeah, their leader was there to be their strength! As long as he was there, they will be safe! They will win this battle! They will succeed! Together and as a team!

The simulation room chamber changed into a vast starry space. Mozti witnessed how everything around him transformed. The empty chamber from before now looked like a true Command Room inside a Fleet Command Ship. The view outside the large window was full of all sizes of warships lining in a formation. There were Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyer Escorts, Destroyers, Heavy Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and Battleships. Each had powerful guns and cannons mounted all over their massive bodies ready for battle. Their background was a half-destroyed planet floating with rubbles and dead bodies. There were also a vast number of asteroids floating everywhere. Everything felt real and actual as if you are in a true battlefield.

Mozti had no time to be amazed by the sensation given to him. Instead, he immediately gave out his orders. "Flash the map of the battlefield and give me the number of our warships!"

The window was changed into a large screen with a map of the battlefield. There could be seen hundreds of glowing small blue dots surrounding a blue butterfly. The small blue dots were the warships of Mozti's Fleet while the blue butterfly was the Fleet Command Ship.

"Fleet Commander, we currently have 50 Corvettes, 35 Frigates, 25 Destroyer Escorts, 19 Destroyers, 18 Heavy Destroyers, 12 Cruisers, 9 Battle Cruisers, and 5 Battleships in our Fleet, a total of 173 warships under your command!" Frazco, the Admiral of the Fleet reported. He was intently looking at the screen full of complex symbols, numbers, and letters.

Mozti nodded his head. This is the time where all those hard work and sleepless night he had would be paid off. If he wins this battle, all the sacrifices he had will turn into an opportunity. He knew that their spectators have high statuses and he must catch their attention! He's doing this not for himself, this was all for Nira's secure future. He was here all because of Nira and he'll do everything he can for his sister!

Mozti heaved a deep sigh and started to give out his orders, "Deploy 20 scouts and send them to explore the 162-mile radius! Transmit the message to the Fleet to power up their shields to maximum!"

In commanding a Fleet, one must give out the command quickly and they must know the strength, weaknesses and the weapons the ships they were commanding have, most importantly, they must control the area surrounding their Fleet.

Immediately after, someone in the outer row reported alarmed, "20 enemy Corvettes, 15 Frigates, and 12 Destroyer Escorts spotted within a 123-mile radius on the eastern section of the planet!"

When Mozti heard it, he calmed down his self and mind and ordered breathless, "Transmit the command to the Captains of our 10 Destroyers, 8 Heavy Destroyers, 6 Cruisers, and 1 Battleship to attack the enemy in the eastern section and ready to fire all their weapons within attack range! Deploy 15,000 Fighters to reinforce them! Cloak the Command Ship and go to the western section of the planet! Transmit the command to the remaining warships to retreat as far as possible from the battlefield!"

Everyone was stunned on Mozti's decision to cloak the Command Ship and to retreat the remaining warships away from the battlefield. This was making those warships deployed in battle a suicide squad. However, they didn't mind any of this and immediately heed his commands.

The game truly began!

"Cloaking the Command Ship will lose its ability to communicate to his Fleet and he will lose his shield! What is he doing?! Even though he is cloaked, he is still vulnerable to enemy attacks! This is committing suicide!" Neros commented displeased on Mozti's decisions. As a man who dedicated all his life studying and learning all about commanding a space fleet, he had enough knowledge to know the conclusion of a space battle. On what he was witnessing right now, Mozti is destined to fail!

Deisham only gave a happy smile while the rest watched the battle happening on the large screen. Even though he's a Ground General, he still had enough knowledge on what is happening in a space battle. Disregarding everything, Mozti was still destined to fail whatever happens. The disparity in the number of warships and firepower between him and the enemy was the assurance for his failure.

Boom! Bzzzz! Bang!

Tumultuous sounds and confrontations between warships painted the starry space with all combinations of colors. Thousands of torpedoes, cannons, missiles, rockets, lasers and other powerful weapons were launched and fired every second slamming against their targets. Fighter spacecrafts, smaller types of warships, were in a frenzy as they circle around the larger types of warships in a dogfight. Some were turned into dust while some fell in the starry space before exploding. Mozti's single Battleship in the battlefield held its ground as it was bombarded by enemy Cruisers. Destroyers, Heavy Destroyers, and Cruisers started to hold their footing as the enemy Frigates and Destroyer Escorts were barraged by their powerful armaments.

The *FCS (Fleet Command Ship) silently traveled the western section of the destroyed planet watching the intense battle happening on the other side. "Uncloak!" Mozti shouted after he was satisfied with the FCS's position. "Fire the Heavy Particle Beam towards the destroyed planet!" he roared furiously that made his Officers stunned for a while but immediately complied.

The Fleet Command Ship's humungous body suddenly materialized and a powerful blue beam radiated on its mouth. The mouth of the FCS was actually a huge laser launcher that could destroy a planet's natural satellite (moon). Sometimes it could inflict huge fissures on a planet's surface. All officers don't have any idea regarding their Commander's order to fire the Heavy Particle Beam towards the destroyed planet. Though, Admiral of the Fleet Frazco still pushed the red button beside him.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Szzzz! Whooo! Crrrr! Bang!

The powerful weapon blazed the whole starry space into white. Its domineering might zoomed towards the destroyed planet slamming on its surface. Suddenly, the whole planet shook releasing a frightening force that rippled throughout the starry space.

"Retreat at full speed! Order the remaining warships in the eastern section to retreat immediately! Power the shield at maximum!" Mozti roared and hold the armrest of the commander's chair tightly. They must escape this battlefield as soon as possible! If they couldn't, only heaven knows what will happen!

*Vios ---> lightning strike

*FCS ---> Fleet Command Ship


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