10 Boobs, -Censored- and Looming Death!
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Author :Tyuipo
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10 Boobs, -Censored- and Looming Death!

It was morning once again in Yoahan. Mozti's saliva was dripping down his mouth as he slept soundly on the living room's couch, his usual place for sleeping in the last days. When he felt the warm soft rays of a star caressing his skin, Mozti suddenly opened his tired eyes . The fatigue of only sleeping for about an hour was painted on his face. His eyes widened after he realized that he was totally late! He jumped out of the couch and picked the computer hologram that was still playing a simulation video.

"Nira, why didn't you wake me up?!" He cried out and immediately went out of the mansion not waiting for the reply of his sister.

"You never told me to do so!" Nira replied back from the kitchen.

Mozti didn't mind what his sister was doing in there and immediately called Ricarus, "Goldy, wake up! Bring me to the academy as fast as possible!" When Ricarus heard his master's panicking voice, he spread his wings and let Mozti rode his back. "Don't fly! It's prohibited!" he said to the horse who was ready to fly into the sky. Without choice, Ricarus ran as fast as he could to Tarnton Academy.

After they arrived in the academy, Mozti jumped and ran to the Administration Building to register himself as a trainee. After completing everything, Mozti rode Ricarus going to the east wing of the academy. Running to his destination, he saw a tall handsome man wearing a white robe standing on his way. The tall man stood casually when Ricarus made a sudden halt.

"You're late," said the man on him. Mozti knitted his brows curious if who this man was.

"I overslept. I still made it here, so I hope there is no problem," Mozti said not giving any hint of respect on his voice, instead, he looked more annoyed than before. You told me that I am late, then what are you doing?! Making me come even later?!

The man's lips curved slightly and said, "Fleet Commander Trainee Shriem, I am Highest Supreme Magistrate Trainee Quinn. Also, the one who helped you to be what you are right now."

Mozti widened his eyes after realizing who was the man in front of him. "Quinn? You're Rago?!" Mozti jumped out of Ricarus and hugged Rago tightly. "Sorry for not remembering you. You actually looked manly today than yesterday! In fact, you only lack a wig to be a beautiful maiden! I even thought you're gay!" Mozti exclaimed that made the passersby laugh on what they heard.

Rago wanted to vanish immediately. It's already okay to say that you don't remember me! Why do you have to add more humiliating side comments?! Do you want me to die earlier?!

"Cough! Cough!" Rago cleared his throat and pushed Mozti away who was still hugging him like a leech. "I put some prosthetics on my face just in case I will be reduced to a dead man," Rago explained silently.

"Kyah! Master Rago, can you touch my boobs?!"

"You're such a disgusting woman! Master Rago, you can touch my -censored-."

"Master Rago, don't listen to them! I'll let you touch my boobs and -censored- at the same time!"

"All of you are cheap! Master Rago, I am ready for action 24/7! Just tell me and we're going to do all the positions you like!"

"Kyah! Master..."

Mozti who couldn't take the shrieking uproars of the women cramming all over them shouted furiously, "If no one shut their mouths, I will make your boobs and -censored- be touched by gremlins! Afterward, I will flatten those boobs plainly and make the f*cking holes of your -censored- bigger until you won't feel bliss! Scram!" Mozti didn't even saw those women before, now they're here shrieking with gusto and utmost passion! Who won't be incensed by those attitudes?! If there's something he hated the most, it was these women who don't care about their honors!

All the women were silenced for a moment before they went into another uproar.

"Hello there, handsome! Do you also want to touch my boobs?!"

"Kyah! Master Rago, what's the name of your friend?! Does he need a woman to bear his children?! I'll do it free of charge!"

"Handsome, if you are the gremlin why not?! I'll let you touch my boobs until they'll flatten and make the hole of my -censored- bigger until you satisfy your self!"

Shit! What the f*ck! Are they women?! Mozti blinked his eyes in disbelief. Where on earth these women came from?! Some of the trainees also came to see the commotion and they couldn't help their faces to redden. All the women on the side were ready to slap and stomp and slap and stomp these blatant women full of shits on their head! They're staining their honors as a woman as an entity who must always be pure and respectful! This is beyond unforgivable!

Mozti was going to shout once again when more than five hundred women made a stampede towards them. Rago was right, he'll be reduced to a dead man after these. Mozti covered his body when he suddenly felt nauseous after a baffling sensation overwhelmed him. He saw a fast streak of white and black lights come in all directions. Mozti closed his eyes and a second passed by, he felt that he was dropped on a solid surface. When he opened his eyes, he saw a very long corridor made up of rocks.

"W-What happened?!" he couldn't help but ask after seeing Rago standing in front of him.

"Sorry for not giving you a warning beforehand. I used a teleportation scroll to get away from those creepy women!" Rago said and shiver after recalling the scary mob of women ready to tear them to pieces.

"Will Goldy be okay?! What if they'll kill him?!" Mozti said concerned on the situation of Ricarus after they left him with those women. He shook his head after he imagined the dire state of Ricarus from the hands of those creepy women.

"Goldy?" Rago asked and was immediately stupefied after realizing who's name was that. "You named him Goldy?!" Rago couldn't believe the name that Mozti had given to that powerful horse. His eyes reddened imagining the reaction of the horse. Who's in the right mind to name a horse using the name of a fish?! It's definitely the man in front him sitting on the cold floor. Such a case...

"Actually, that is his nickname, Fearsome Goldy," replied Mozti casually and continued, "His true name is Ricarus Golzeim but I like to call him by his nickname."

Rago doesn't know whether to cry or laugh. Mozti nicknamed the horse Fearsome Goldy, to think that the horse's name is Ricarus Golzeim. How terrible must that horse felt? Rago gave his condolences to the horse if he heard that it died of a brain tumor and heart failure. It's not surprising if that's the case. If Rago was in the shoes of the horse, he'll not think twice to commit suicide. It's beyond unacceptable...

"You named him Ricarus Golzeim and nicknamed him Terrifying Horsey?!" Rago asked puzzled.

"No, he is the one who named himself and the nickname is mine originally. Isn't it cool?" said Mozti full of pride.

"Okay..." the only word that came out of Rago's mouth. So far, so near to goodness. First, this Jadasian was not afraid of anyone or anything, his shamelessness was beyond recognition, his attitude was without equal, his self-confidence was beyond the limits of the Universe, and his mind was so creative that no genius could equal him. Overall rating... mental patient. Oh my goodness, gracious.

Rago stared at Mozti studying if what part of him had a technical problem. Knowing that the man was still okay, he said, "Let's enter the simulation training ground. Also, when naming the ships of our Fleet, it is my duty."

Mozti stood up from the cold floor smiling bitterly after hearing Rago's declaration. "Actually, I have already decided on the name of our Fleet. That is 'The Scary Fleet of Mozti', it sounded scary, doesn't it?" Mozti said and made some long strides catching up with Rago.

Bang! Boom! Bang! Boom!

Rago doesn't have an idea if what part of his body exploded first; his mind, his nerves or his heart. He wanted to stay away from the man beside him. He wanted to laugh it out, but seeing the man's serious face, he doesn't have the choice but to cry inwardly.

"Never!" Rago howled angrily. "If I ever know that you named our Fleet like that, I'm gonna kick your ass out of the Command Ship and I'll volunteer myself to throw you in the Imperial House of Mongoloids!" he couldn't stop the words to come out of his mouth non-stop. This man was beyond, beyond and highest than highest! He must be high on drugs! The only acceptable theory!

Rago knew that there's no such place as Imperial House of Mongoloids, but if Mozti really named their Fleet like that, he'd beg his father even dropping the hatred he had on him, just to build Mozti's safe haven! He couldn't believe that this Jadasian was just so... he doesn't know what was the right word to describe Mozti anymore.

Mozti couldn't understand why Ricarus and Rago don't like the names he was suggesting, it was cool in any way he looked at it. The fishes don't have any problem with their names! They even loved it!

Both of them walked the long corridor silently. Mozti doesn't raise anything while Rago contemplated if what he was doing right now was real or a dream. Meeting Mozti was seriously a true depiction of a retarded man inside the body of a normal being. He doesn't have any ideas if what he's doing was right or wrong! He took everything as right means good and wrong means bad! Nothing more, nothing less.

When Mozti and Rago arrived at their destination, they immediately entered a very large room. They were greeted by a large empty chamber with only sixteen chairs that were arranged into three circles on its center. The outer circle was made up of eight chairs which were surrounded by a hologram that have complicated texts and pictures. It was the same with the next inner row consisted of four chairs while the next row had only three sits and on its center was the commander's chair. This arrangement truly represented a Fleet Command Room inside a Fleet Command Ship.

After admiring everything, Mozti excitedly sat on the commander's chair. "This feeling is the best!" said Mozti chuckling.

"Since you are ready, let's start," said a cool voice coming from the speaker beside Mozti. Curious, he roamed his eyes all over the chamber and didn't saw the source of the voice.


Inside a separate room of the chamber, there were five men looking at the very large hologram focused on the young man roaming his head everywhere as if he was finding something.

"That kid is not only a thief, he's also an idiot! How can he become a Fleet Commander like that!" exclaimed an incensed voice.

"Deisham, why can't you befriend the kid. He's not that bad," the Principal said casually to Deisham who had papers on his right hand.

"Not bad?! He conned the officer with a 95% bloodline to go to Melicah What's worse is that he stole Neros's Nebula BV9 coming in here not even paying a single Thita! Do you know how much the Nebula BV9 is?! It's worth more than JHT120,000,000,000 and a limited edition at that! He's also a thief in Starrysnow for ten years with a bounty of JHT100,000,000! He killed the Land Bureau of Starrysnow without a reason!" Deisham blurted with burning eyes and looked at Laquadia beside him. "My Prince, isn't it right to kill him given all the crime he had done?!" Now that he had the evidence in hand, Deisham won't hold back every means he knew to eliminate the young man forever.

"He's the young man who stole my computer hologram?!" Neros pointed at the young man in the screen. "He must be punished if that's the case!" he said agreeing with Deisham's decision.

"He's just a young kid, everyone. No need to go beyond killing him." Everyone looked at the very old man sitting casually in the couch while sipping his tea. "After I felt the powerful bonding of that kid, and you, my *apo, decided to train him as a Fleet Commander, I became curious to know him more. I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity. Please, give me some face," the deep groggy voice of the old man resonated all over the walls. Even though he spoke so soft, Laquadia, Deisham, Neros and the Principal felt blades flying in the air ready to stab them.

"Of course, great great granduncle. Just enjoy yourself. I know that you came from a long slumber," Laquadia said with utmost respect on his voice. The old man was not someone to be angered, he's beyond everyone's level.

"Just call me, *Lolo Bei," the old man said casually and sipped his tea once again. "By the way, can you give this to that young kid? He looks like a beggar; not suited for his status as a Fleet Commander trainee." Lolo Bei took a complete set of Fleet Commander uniform. There was a royal blue armor that had a wave-like pattern. Atop the armor was a crown made from the roots of an unknown tree.

"Your Highness, how come you give that kid your own Fleet Commander uniform?! He's not a Fleet Commander yet!" Deisham couldn't help but feel even more incensed towards Mozti. How come so many powerful beings favor that unscrupulous young man?!

"Lolo Bei, don't be too quick with your decisions. He's my Fleet Commander and giving that..."

Laquadia hadn't finished what he had to say when the old man cuts him. "Laquadia, my *apo, if that kid is not destined to be a true Fleet Commander, don't be afraid, he'll just be cursed and die! Deisham's right, he had done so many crimes that were punishable by death! If my suit accepted him, it's his destiny! If not, he'll be one of those who are not worthy of their statuses!"

Laquadia's eyes widened from disbelief. The sly fox truly what the legends had said of him, he won't let anyone escape their crimes even he liked them so much. The old man he was calling as Lolo Bei was the brother of his great great grandfather. Lolo Bei was also the King of Yeiwyn a very long time ago and a famous Fleet Commander. His true name was Husa Bei Jadase also known as the Punisher. Thankfully, when he was born, this old man began his slumber. If not, he'll be gone by now, recalling all the things he had done in his childhood. Brrr! He only wished that Mozti would really be suited to be a Fleet Commander. If he'd die, Jadase will be safe and if not, Laquadia would still have his hope.

After Deisham heard what Lolo Bei had said, he excitedly took the set of uniform from him and went out of the room. He thought that the old man was favoring that evil kid! Now that he learned, that the old man also wanted to punish him of his crimes, his body came back to its former glory. He's very happy that he jumped while going to Mozti and to give the set of uniform to him. At last, this was the moment he was waiting for to kill that kid! He can now celebrate and his life will be back to normal!

*Lolo --- > address for Grandfather

*Apo ---> address for Grandson


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