9 Emperor Zein and Xytur
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Author :Tyuipo
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9 Emperor Zein and Xytur

"What childishness you two have done?!" a loud cold roar resounded throughout the Sangeries Throne Room, the official throne room of the Emperor of the Empire of Jadase. The priceless ornaments hanging on the golden walls trembled in fear. The pillars that supported the sophisticated map of the galaxy on the ceiling cracked nervously as the teenage man slammed his hands on his throne.

"Do you know what kind of scandal you two brought to Jadase?! What will the leaders of Conqueror States say?! I'm ashamed to let them see my face!" The throne that was entirely made up of gold silently gazed at the two men in front of it. It didn't exude any elegance, it was just a simple throne with seven golden rays and diamonds on top of it. However, its simplicity could bring down thousands of planets.

"You, Laquadia!" pointed by the teenage man wearing a very striking crown. The crown on his head was forged using the fire of a star to melt the golden red metal that will hold the seven mighty dragons coiling all over its body. The dragons started to move feeling the wrath of their master. They flew out of the crown like wisps dancing all around the head of the teenage man. Thus, he now looked even scarier and more sacred than before. "Are you using your mind?! You are the Crown Prince of Jadase and to act recklessly..." the teenage man continued for more than 30 minutes.

Laquadia who was beside Zion watched the Emperor of Jadase while kneeling on the golden floor of the throne room. The Emperor was more than a million-year-old teenage man due to the level of his Spirit Power. Laquadia knew that the Emperor just broke through the Empyrean Paramount Divine God fifty years ago. The reason for his longevity to strengthen and gives him a younger face. Though, as time passed by, he'd age like any living being and grow old. He'd escape this cycle and reclaim his current looks if he broke to another realm. However, it would need a lot of resources. Empyrean Paramount Divine God was already the limits of Jadasians, only a few broke through this barrier.

"Your Highness, I know what I am doing. I never acted recklessly," Laquadia refuted after the Emperor finished his speech. "In fact, I even discovered that the cybersecurity and malware protection of Jadase are so primitive! Whoever designed it don't know have any basic..."

"You!!" Zion roared beside him. How dare this man insult him! Primitive?! Jadase is the most secure place for any cyber attack anywhere in the galaxy! "You only hacked Filader for 15 minutes! And you're saying the cybersecurity and malware protection I made are primitive!"

"15 minutes is enough to steal your money!" Laquadia stated mocking Zion once again. "Also, it was enough to destroy Jadase. If not for my recklessness do you think Jadase will survive?!" he continued not denying what he had done.

"Of course, you have the ability to hack Filader! Yoahan and the other Kingdoms have the same malware protections. If you study one of them, you'll have the capacity to hack the whole Empire! Are you boasting in front of me?! I only got 30 seconds to track and destroy you, Laquadia! Are you proposing a duel to know if who's the best hacker?!" Zion refuted back stating the facts. Zion was right, without Laquadia seeing the malware protection Zion had installed, he'll never have the capacity to hack Filader even he tried it all his life.

"Proposing a duel?! No, thank you! I already have ONE HUNDRED QUADRILLION in my pocket What's the point of a battle?!" Laquadia enunciated the amount of money he 'stole' from Filader. Thus, Zion's face became redder that it wanted to explode.

"If that's what you want! I'll just empty Yoahan! Challenging me?!"

"Try it! I'll destroy Filader!"

"Do you think I'm afraid of your worthless threat?!"

"Okay then, let's..."

"ENOUGH!!" the Emperor roared traveling all over the walls of the 530-acre palace. His broad chest popped up and down non-stop while looking at the two puppies in front of him. His eyes were now crimson red ready to punish anyone. "Both of you are already a thousand years old! You are not children anymore fighting such trivial things! Laquadia and Zion, as the First and Sixth Prince of Jadase, you both must know that in every action you make, comes great responsibility! For five years, both of you will command not exceeding 10 Legions and 5 Armadas!"

"Uncle! (Dad!)" Laquadia and Zion simultaneously exclaimed. They couldn't believe what they had heard from the Emperor. A normal army under the Kings of Jadase consisted of 120 Legions and 100 Armadas. Cutting down their armies by 93% was a huge blow on their military might. Such punishment was equal to a death sentence.

Zion threw a murdering look on Laquadia. If not for this man's childish actions, they would never be in this state! "Look at what you've done!" Zion said in gritted teeth. This kind of man is a man without principles. He doesn't fit his status as a leader, a King, a Prince and a Crowned Prince of the Empire! How did he become one in the first place?! A case that needed concrete explanations worth more than reality. Do you know what I mean? The First Prince is a strange entity!

Laquadia didn't mind the enraged man beside him. He stood up and bowed at the Emperor. "Please forgive my preposterous actions, your Highness. I accept your judgment knowing what I had done is an act of a foolish man. I promise that I will never do it again. Zion, my cousin, I am terribly sorry for what I had caused Filader. Uncle Zein, I only wish for you to forgive me. I'll take my leave," Laquadia said seriously and turned his back to leave. Zion and the Emperor saw the emotionless face of Laquadia before he vanished in front of them. Both of their jaws dropped on the golden floor hearing the words that came out of Laquadia's mouth. How come he threw his pride away as if it was like garbage. They saw how furious he was that he wanted to destroy a whole civilization. Then, in a blink of an eye, his attitude turned 360° like a lamb accepting whatever given to him. However, before their mind processed the true reason behind Laquadia's action, he was nowhere to be found.

"Dad, my money?" Zion asked the Emperor who was also frozen on his throne not knowing what to do.

The Emperor looked at his son and pointed himself. "Me? It's not my problem anymore, Zion," his father replied not wanting to be dragged down on such a trivial case. As an Emperor, he got tons of work waiting for him. He just doesn't want to add another one if that problem could be solved with 'effort'.

"This..." No words came out of Pozial's mouth for a long time. "Dad, how can I get my money back from that, Jinx?!" Zion asked his father, the Emperor, dispirited. How can he get the money back from Laquadia?! Hack Yoahan like how the jinx does on Filader?! No, he can't do that as a man who was not shameless as Laquadia who doesn't care about reputation! Then, how?! Zion only gave a mischievous smile and walked out from the large throne room. Whatever he thinks of, would surely start another war between them!

After Zion left the throne room, Saul Quinn, the head of Quinn Royal Family and a close friend of the Emperor, appeared in front of Emperor Zein. Agitation and tiredness were painted on his old face. Though, he stood perfectly straight with his old solid body. "Your Highness, Prime Minister Calanor of the Ten Empires of Xytur and his convoy of ten Fleets have arrived. I am here to request your permission to let them enter Lemuste System's Third Shield Wall," Saul reported requesting the Emperor's consent regarding the matter.

Emperor Zein's face darkened on Saul's report. "Bringing a convoy equivalent to a small Armada?! Those ugly elves are looking for war!" Emperor Zein's deep voice echoed with annoyance. Bringing a large fleet to attend a summit was a disrespect to the host nation. It was more of insulting and slapping their faces that they couldn't guarantee safety to their guest. Most importantly, it would only escalate the tensions between the two countries. "Heed my command! Dock all their Fleets in Lemuste Border Station 5 and let only five of their battleships enter our System! If they won't comply, make them scram!" Emperor Zein instructed in rage. Saul bowed towards him and immediately vanished.

The Ten Empires of Xytur and Jadase was obviously hostile against each other. was a trading hub in the eastern part of Bizir Galaxy with a long history of trade wars with Jadase. However, the tension between these two powerful nations was not due to this conflict of interest. Their hostility span back millions of years ago. The true reason was that Xyturians were addicted to Transcendent Beryllium Opiate, one of the highly addictive illegal drugs that could make its user be devoid of pain forever. The composition of their bodies was too perfect that consuming a gram of Transcendent Beryllium Opiate, does not only limit them from having a painless body but it also gave them the power to consume souls to reinforce their longevity.

Xytur owes its glory and power to this drug becoming what it is today, a very powerful war machine not fearing anyone. Imagine someone who couldn't feel pain even how many bullets and wounds its body took, only be killed if he/she was reduced to minced meat. An opponent like them on the battlefield was surely one to be afraid of.

Transcendent Beryllium Opiate was only mined in R-Type Planets or planets that were entirely made up of toxic minerals like Beryllium Opiate. Due to the rarity of these planets, Xytur expanded their territory non-stop for the last 2 million years. However, one-day Jadase interfered in their fast expansion that it threatened the latter's welfare. Jadase didn't stop interfering until it ensured that Xytur's Beryllium Opiate mines were empty. Jadase also conquered hundreds of R-Type Planets near Xytur's territory and impacted the supply of Beryllium Opiate. With a lower and lower supply of Transcendent Beryllium Opiate in their warehouses, Xytur became weaker and weaker as time passed by. The drug was their fuel, without it they were nothing more than useless war machines.

Thus, it started the fifty-year Beryllium Opiate War between the two countries. Thousands of Major and Minor Wars were fought near the borders of the two countries and it costed them with an incalculable sum of money and millions of their experts died in that war. The war between the two countries reached its conclusion after Xytur lost its ability to fund another long-term war against Jadase. Also, the disparity between their technologies played a major role. Jadase was already a progressive country even before Xytur was founded. The former became a Conquering State five hundred years before Xytur conquered its first planet. Therefore, even before the war starts between them, Jadase had already won.

Jadase won't proceed to destroy Xytur with its remaining forces as it still had hundreds of enemies waiting for an opportunity to attack. Thus, an agreement had been signed favoring Jadase, while Xytur loses 30 Star Systems and making their enemy even nearer to their Home System. The agreement was also a non-aggression pact between Jadase and Xytur.

Even with the agreement between the two countries, tensions between them especially for the past hundred years that Xytur had partially recovered, became more hostile. War would surely break out between them sooner or later.

Emperor Zein took a 12-inch map out of his universal necklace. When he opened the map, a faint light radiated out of it. Inside the map was billions of twinkling stars with only two colors emitting from them, red and blue. This map was called a Territorial Star Map where the territory of the registered nation was marked red. Therefore, the red twinkling stars belonged to Jadase. Currently, there were 23,234 red twinkling stars that could be seen on the map.

"We still have a very long way to go, my brothers," Emperor Zein uttered and closed his eyes. On his vision, he saw three children playing some kind of ball games under the heat of the green star. Sweat was pouring all over their bodies but they didn't mind any of it and played and played while their laughter drifted in the warm air. Suddenly, the youngest of the three tripped on a stone and he cried non-stop when he saw a small amount of blood came out from his wound.

"Zein, stop crying, first brother, will heal them for you," reassured the oldest of the three to him and put his soft hands atop his wound.

"Zein, do you want, second brother, to buy you ice cream?" asked the young boy beside him who looks exactly like him. The youngest boy only nodded and smiled happily thanking the heaven that he was given such caring brothers.

Emperor Zein's closed eyes flowed some tears that he couldn't stop after remembering the two men who were his idol. "Zyver, Cleo, my brothers, I am now the Emperor of our beloved Jadase. I already missed both of you," he whispered silently and his face darkened after recalling what happened a while ago. "I hate both of you for leaving me your sons. I will never forgive any of you. I am now an Emperor and to think that I must raise six annoying, disobedient, headstrong, wicked and evil young men. You two must have wanted me to be with you earlier than expected." Emperor Zein only gave a placid smile and opened his silver eyes like that of his other son, Pozial.

"My brothers, I promise that I will bring justice to your deaths! Whoever they were, he was, or she was, I will make them pay worst than death! And to think that I am still the same all these years, a weeping old man," Emperor Zein said and gave a light laugh. "Don't worry, I won't be the spoiled, Zein, you both knew. I now wear the crown of Jadase, my brothers, please guide me to be a better Emperor."


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