8 First vs. Sixth
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Author :Tyuipo
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8 First vs. Sixth

On the other side of Melicah, the green rays of a star started to crawl so slowly. The morning sunrise of Asoinn, Capital of the Kingdom of Filader, was as beautiful as ever as it began to change the color of the sky. The valiant color of emerald replaced the dark blue and purple of the twilight sky. Skyscrapers welcomed the new day and let the warm greenlight touch their perfect figures that stood so mightily. The glistening reflection of the green star on the city's skyline was as alluring as a beautiful lady. The air became warmer and warmer as seconds gone by and the city once again bustled with life.

A young man admired the changing of the day as he stood proudly on the tallest skyscraper of Asoinn. His perfect nose inhaled the warm air while his emerald eyes glittered even more as the green light overwhelmed his half-naked body. A pair of wings that looked like a peacock's tail spread so vigorously that summoned a small tornado. The young man dived down the building and allowed the strong gush of wind overwhelm him entirely. 50 meters above ground, he flapped his wings and rebounded up in the sky that made the air go wild in all directions.

He flew all over the skyline of Asoinn making supersonic sounds that disturbed the sleeping residents. Flying in the air using wings was prohibited in every city of Melicah. However, this man didn't care any of those laws as he roamed the whole city for an hour before landing in a balcony of a palace entirely made up of crystals.

"You enjoyed your flight again, my Prince," greeted by his middle-aged butler. The butler stood at a height of only six-foot-three that made him a dwarf in front of his master.

"Ohtimir, such a lovely day today to have an exercise," the man said and grabbed the already prepared clothes on his bed. This man's height was at a staggering seven-foot-one. Jadasian men's average height was at six-foot-eight. It's just a normal height for those who were considered as Gods.

"My Prince..." the butler paused hesitantly. He doesn't know if this would be the right time to say it or not.

His master threw an agitated look on him which made him even more frightened. "T-The Kingdom was h-hacked!" he finally said and zoomed out of his master's bedroom.

"What?!!!!" the man shouted that shook the whole palace. He picked up his computer hologram and tapped on it rapidly. His chest started to convulse up and down that it wanted to explode.

He stormed out of the room and summoned his Generals. Ten of his Generals met him outside the palace, all have 16-colored butterfly shoulder insignias, immediately appeared behind him and reported knowing why they are summoned, "All of the Kingdom's Ministries and numerous banks under the Kingdom's name had been hacked! My Prince, our situation right now is darkness isolation! The hacker had placed an Iron Curtain isolating Filader from the other Kingdoms here in Melicah! We can't receive or send an SOS or message out of Filader! I've raised the threat level to maximum! Prime Minister Aluvus declared State of Highest Emergency!"

"The Royal Court in now panicking! Everything is a mess!"

"My Prince, I think it's time to activate the Six Rings of Spedar!"

"Are you using your head?! The sky above is normal, we can't activate a weapon that can destroy 50 planets in a single fire! This is insanity!"

"We tried all our best to communicate with the military but everything was for naught. This is an inside job as the hacker knows the secret communication code!"

"This is the first time for more than a hundred-million-years that we are under attack in our Home Planet by any means that made our Kingdom frozen!"

"My Prince, this attack will not only affect us, but Jadase will also suffer!"

"This is, atrocity! We can't make any move! The virus was now all around Filader causing havoc!"

"My Prince, our hackers and cyber securities are down! All of their computers have been hacked. This is already a one-sided battle!"

"We don't know the situation in the other Kingdoms! The sky is clear and the elders have not awoken! My Prince, obviously Filader is the only Kingdom who is under attack! Whom did you provoke this time?!"

His most trusted Generals reported one by one. Panic and fear could now be seen in their eyes. The other General was now trembling not having an idea of what is happening around them. This was like walking in a dark room not seeing who punched you from behind! Being blind is the worst nightmare of any General on the battlefield!

The Kingdom of Filader was where most of the technologies of the Empire were enhanced, made and developed. It was the most Technologically Advanced place in the whole Bizir Galaxy. However, everything they prided themselves of, was gone and they couldn't even fight back! That means if Filader fell down, the rest of Jadase would be next! Who wanted to see their country be torn into pieces?!

"Sixth Prince Techoza Zion Sein Jadase! We are doomed!" one of the Generals uttered silently but it didn't escape Zion's ear.

"Shut up all your nonsense blabberings! This is not over yet until I am dead! If you see my body full of blood, lying in the ground and not breathing, that's only when we are doomed!" The Sixth Prince howled furiously towards his Generals. "You all are worthless pigs! After I solve this, everyone I see today will be stripped of their ranks. All of you don't deserve to be by my side! All of you are cowards! Instead of reporting what is obvious and suggesting what is worthless, all of you must find an alternative to solve this kind of situation! Yet, here all of you rapping you mouths and wasting your worthless salivas for nothing! All of you only know how to attack and conquer planets but cowards when defending! I'm ashamed to be your leader! Get out of my sight, all of you! Scram!"

Zion shouted with fury in his emerald eyes. Dark clouds started to cover the sky, millions of flashes of lightning flashed non-stop and thunders roared. Zion took out 100 computer holograms that were not available in the market and let them fly in the sky. A light started to radiate and Zion moved his arms gracefully. The 16-Colored Butterfly Generals couldn't tell what was the Sixth Prince was doing. They stared at him dumbfounded on what they were witnessing. 100 computer holograms flew surrounding Zion on the center. They heard him utter spells one after another. They saw him tapping the computer holograms one by one. His face was devoid of emotions. No seriousness or happiness and even angriness could be seen on his face. He only stared at the computer holograms in front of him.

Whoever that hacker is, one thing was for sure, he/she was too ambitious to think that he/she could bring down this Kingdom! Prince Techoza Zion Sein Jadase the one who developed all kinds of antivirus that made the whole Empire of Jadase, be the safest environment in cyber attacks, was now being challenged! Well, let's see if you win!

The Sixth Prince was also the creator of an 11,570 variant virus that took down a prominent nation in the Galaxy. Which was now part of the Kingdom of Filader after it suffered heavy losses, both on its economy and government. The virus's name was Epoc. Even until now, no one could crack half of the variants of the Epoc virus. Except, for the creator himself. That kind of Cyber Attack made by the Sixth Prince was a dramatic one. As all the citizens of the nation panicked which resulted in a civil war. The only thing Filader had done, was to wait until the forces of their enemy were weakened. On the sixth month of the civil war, the Kingdom made their move and conquered it within three days. That day was when Cyber Warfare reached its peak in the Galaxy and marked a new era of Cyber Warfare. It was also when all the powerful nations like the Empire of Jadase, improved their own malware protection. Which was of course done by the Sixth Prince. However, the safest of all the Kingdoms of Jadase had been attacked and was now frozen!


Inside one of the rooms of Umayldan Imperial Palace in Cosignas, the Capital of the Kingdom of Yoahan, faint lights escaped its doors and windows. Guards that were on patrol didn't mind what they were seeing as if they don't care whatever that faint lights were. The maids, slaves, and passersby also don't give any comment about it. In fact, they were already used to see such peculiarity happening inside that room. Most of all, they were afraid to incur the wrath of the being making those faint lights.

"Oh, you already made your move! Let's see if how good you are!" a very angry voice sounded inside.

The being inside that room was no other than Laquadia, the First Prince of Jadase and the King of Yoahan. His reason in doing this was simple, Zion must pay for calling Serah, 'Sugar Baby!' There was no problem on the other address but this one was too much. Sugar baby your ass! You'll pay for your actions whether you like it or not!

"If Deisham never reported this to me, you'll surely be thanking the heavens! However, you're unfortunate!" Laquadia said and started tapping the three flying computer holograms in front of him. He was also uttering numerous spells non-stop. His eyes were very serious and incensed while looking at the computer holograms.

Of course, he understood his actions. He won't destroy the Empire just for this, he just wanted to teach Zion a lesson he'll never forget!

Laquadia once caused the Kingdom of Yeiwyn lost its biggest city in Melicah for insulting him of not knowing how to add and subtract numbers. It was okay for a moment, in fact, he doesn't deny the allegations. However, mocking him every day was enough for him to make a whole city perish in a single day. After the incident, he was punished by his father, the Emperor of that time, but he only said, "I never regretted what I had done because I know what I am doing!" That day, no one raised the issue of him regarding addition and subtraction. Beru was the only one who had the guts to do so.

There was also a case where he eliminated a whole family. No one was spared and no one escaped his wrath. The reason was that this family had a notorious record of slaving children and selling them in the black market as sex slaves at an early age. After knowing this and confirming all the allegations towards this family, Laquadia acted immediately and the rest was history.

There were only five situations where Laquadia would do anything; for Serah, for his mother, for Jadase, for his friends and for the enemies who crossed his line.

"Techoza Zion Sein Jadase, the game begins!"


Blaring sounds all over Filader echoed as though the end of the world is coming. Billions upon billions of crowds lined up on the city streets waiting for a piece of good news. The busy skylines of the cities of Filader that was full of spacecrafts were now replaced with flying beasts and their masters riding their backs ready to fight a war. Millions of soldiers were mobilized all over the continent. Children started to cry that made the atmosphere even more horrifying. No one knows what was going on when they woke up from their beds welcomed by the blaring sounds of sirens all over the city. Bells on ancient fortresses sounded as if they were ready to defend the lands once again. The varied faces of Filader were asking the same question: What the hell is going on?!

"I can't open my computer hologram! What is going on?!"

"I don't know! Even the news stations were offline!"

"I think we are under cyber attack!"

"Cyber attack in the safest place in the whole galaxy?! This is unbelievable!"

"Let us believe in the Sixth Prince! No one is better than him when it comes to computers!"

All kinds of sentiments started to ring all over the cities. Furious tumultuous uproars from all the Jadasians and the alien races started to echo as they condemn the actions of the hacker. This is unforgivable!

Bzzzzzz! Bzzzzz!

"Look! The news stations went back online! Let's watch the reports on what truly happened!"

Large screens hanging all over the cities went back to normal and started to air the breaking news that caused their Kingdom to be in lockdown. The headlines were all the same. [Filader Experienced Cyber Attack!]

"...6:32 in the morning, Filader Standard Time, the whole Kingdom experienced a blackout in all its government offices, banks, and the internet! We have yet to get a piece of detailed information regarding this matter! Let's first go to our reporter in the field..."

"The latest story regarding the horrifying event that happened here in Filader will be reported to you live by our correspondent..."

"...According to our sources, the cyber attack was not directed to Filader, rather on the banks under its name! Ladies and gentlemen, it's a piece of shocking information that we get from the field! Even I and the whole station were shocked to know that the Kingdom had lost more than one hundred quadrillion! This..."

"...It is confirmed ladies and gentlemen, Filader had lost more than one hundred quadrillion on its..."

"Filader had lost more than one hundred quadrillion..."

"...more than one hundred quadrillion..."

" hundred quadrillion..."


The crowds don't have anything to say. Their mouths were shut tightly as they were overwhelmed by the news all over their surroundings. Such a short time, but it caused a horrifying scenario that will be printed in the minds who experienced it first hand forever. Some checked if they could now access the internet. Afterward, everyone discussed the matter and became the number one and hottest topic in the whole of the galaxy. The thread regarding the cyber attack against Filader and the sum of money it lost spread far and wide.

The *Royal Bloods was shocked to know what happened to Filader in a span of 15 minutes, therefore, they dispatched their men to investigate the matter. After they learned who caused the trouble to Filader, they immediately know their place and didn't comment any further. They'll just provoke a monster, as well as, they don't want to be barraged by his sermons. Whatever his reasons in doing this were out of their power to interfere. As such, the Royal Bloods did their best to stop leaking out the information they got. This was also a disgrace to Jadase that their Princes fought each other for a trifling matter. However, what had been done, was done.

The news also didn't get out of the Emperor's ear. After knowing it, he immediately sent an envoy to summon the First and the Sixth Prince. There were too many problems that it was piling like mountains and these two brats caused troubles! Such childishness! He must teach them a lesson!

*Royal Bloods ---> Imperial Court


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