7 His Rothar“s Names
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Author :Tyuipo
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7 His Rothar“s Names

The Principal felt thousands of hammers whacking his head after hearing the young man's reply. He looked at the young man before him watching a son of a devil. Mozti looked like a seductive playboy in peasants clothing, with a messy black hair, amber eyes that hid in the shadows, a white, scarless face, and a smile with a warning: NEVER MESS WITH ME!

This young man must be thankful that he helped him bond with the space rothar as it was the First Prince's orders. Surely, the First Prince was right that Deisham would stop the young man from bonding with the Rothar. Afterward, he raised up Mozti's violations to protect the reputation of the academy and not be tainted with doubt. The Principal expected for the young man to say, 'Sorry, my Lord, it will not happen again', and he'd drop the matter like nothing happened. However, this young man went overboard saying that he, as the Principal of the Academy, also made some violations. Okay, you win with your severe attitude problem!

"Cough! Cough!" The Principal turned his back not wanting to comment any further. He'd only give himself the insults of his own actions. "The prize of bonding with that Space Rothar is to be trained as a Fleet Commander. Come back tomorrow, register your name as a trainee and go to the east wing of the academy, and find the Fleet Simulation Training Ground," the Principal said before he walked out afraid to drag the situation any further. If only he's not astonished by the young man's bonding with the Space Rothar...

When the crowd heard about being trained as a Fleet Commander, the whole training ground went into another uproar.

"He's a lucky fellow!"

"Luck?! Given his age, to be trained as a Fleet Commander needs more than luck! I don't know what this young fellow does in his past life that he is given this kind of opportunity to train to be a Fleet Commander!"

"A Fleet Commander has a higher status compared to the Ground General, the Admiral of the Fleet, and Airforce General. Also, have you all seen the newest centurial salary of the Imperial Armed Forces of Jadase. The Fleet Commander's salary is higher than the other three and the difference is not less than JHT5,000,000,000,000!"

"The downside is that he's still young!"

"Actually, the Imperial Armed Forces didn't restrict and limit the age and Spirit Power for any of the position in the military. As the Imperial Way no. 23 stated: As long as a Jadasian has potential, no power and law can stop him from his desire for success! And there's also a law passed in the military not restricting any Jadasian from joining the army and the position they can have!"

"You're right! This young man truly defies all odds!"

"I admire him for his bravery and guts to talk to the Principal casually and to incur wrath from Ground General Freim!"

The commotions from the crowd didn't die down until they noticed that their subject was already missing. Mozti immediately went out of the academy as soon as the Principal told him that his training to be a Fleet Commander will start tomorrow. He doesn't have the time to entertain anyone and to brag his achievements. Now that he decided to enter the army, he would not slack off. He must learn, read and research everything regarding Fleet Commanders. This was his chance to prove to everyone that he deserves what he got. Above anything else, he forgot to say thank you to Rago. If not for that man, he'd surely be training with all his might before he got the opportunity to train as a Fleet Commander. Such an attitude...

Night time in Cosignas was the same as ever. Wild colors bloomed in the darkness crawling and slowly consuming the stars above them. Spacecrafts flew like ants in the sky and crowds of Jadasians enter any shop that catches their eyes and splurged all the money they carry. In a single day, Mozti estimated that the expenses of every wealthy Jadasians would not fall under one billion thita. If that was for a single day, what more in a month, then in a year and accumulated to ten years. Mozti's brain malfunctioned after billions and billions of numbers flooded him crazily as he tried to compute everything with his mind. He immediately abandoned the idea when he felt blood coming out of his nose.

Small and large beasts accompanied Mozti and the white horse as they walked the streets of Cosignas. The streets were intended for these beasts to stroll the whole city. In fact, Cosignas had three kinds of streets; streets intended for recreational activities, streets where shops and malls were lining up, and streets intended for Rothars to walk into. Back then, when Mozti and Nira first came to Cosignas, they walked in the street full of shops and crowds of masses, the reason for them to not see any Rothars walking by. This was how Jadasians organize all their cities in their home system, Lemuste System.

Mozti's smile was insurmountable while riding the white horse that made all the rothars stay out of its way. Each step that it took exuded pride and power shaking the ground beneath it. The golden white wings were closed tight making its overall appearnce as an Emperor casually walking the streets of his domain.

"Hello!" Mozti finally got the courage to raise a conversation with his Rothar. "My name is Efsayah Mozti Shriem, you can call me, Mozti," he introduced himself to his Rothar, anxious on the latter's response. "Can I ask what your name is? Or can I give you a name?" The very first conversation they had telepathically was such a rewarding feeling to Mozti.

The white horse who was walking casually stopped and spread its golden white wings towards the busy sky of Cosignas. Mozti who was riding on tje horse's back grabbed his mane afraid to fell down. This was his first time riding a beast on its back, therefore it's understandable if he's not used to it yet. All who saw the grandness of the horse while spreading his wings couldn't remove their eyes from daze as if they were charmed by its beauty.

"I never had a name master," said his Rothar with an archaic deep voice that chilled Mozti's bone. "I want a name that resembled my wings."

Mozti was shocked to hear his Rothar's voice for the first time. It sounded like a formidable Emperor. Getting back to his senses, he started to suggest some random names while smiling like a free bird.

"White Golden?" Mozti looked at his Rothar after thinking about a good name but the horse turned his head and looked at him displeased. "No?"

"How about... Goldy? Or Whitey?" Mozti added putting his right hand on his head like he was in a deep concentration in naming his Rothar. The horse thought that his master was just joking when he suggested the first name. Then to his surprise, he heard another 'serious' suggestion from his master. Was this a joke again?! No, it's already naming him as a mermaid!

The white horse couldn't contain his irritation anymore and exclaimed, "You are such an idiot in giving names, Master! I don't like to be called that way, add something fearsome into it!" The horse never imagined that his master would give him a names that were suitable for fishes. Or he was just confused on the names he was giving. Hoping for that reason...

Mozti contemplated for a couple of minutes and his eyes shone with a glittering idea. His Rothar waited for the name his master would suggest full of enthusiasm. Mozti tapped the neck of his Rothar and said in a confident voice, "I know what you will be called, it will be... Fearsome Goldy!"

Oh my, goodness gracious! Okay, I lost my insanity and ready to castrate myself willingly! I'd rather suffer not having an offspring than being called with that name! Fearsome Goldy?! Your suggestions are on point and can't be refuted by what I want to be my name! You're Godly! His Rothar won't hold back if someone ordered him to kick his master's head hoping that he'll get a revival of his idiotic brain!

"Master how about I'll name my self?!" suggested the Rothar very much concerned about the new name that would come out of Master's mouth. "It will be better for both of us in that way." Of course, it would be better for both of them in that way. The other will not lose his insanity and his ability to have an offspring, while the other will be enlightened when suggesting names next time. Hoping that those who would hear him, at the least, would not bother to hammer his brain out of his head!

"Don't you like Fearsome Goldy? How about Formidable Whitey or Terrifying Horsey?" Mozti suggested once again posing cooly while riding the horse's back. What's wrong with those names he was suggesting?! Nothing right?!

Nothing, in the sense that nothing could only be understood by those beings who were living in a mental hospital for all their life! Naming a horse like a mermaid, suggesting names that were truly fearsome and if you don't like I'll just find the synonyms! Who's in the right mind to do that?! Anyone who hears a name like that will surely be ashamed that they wish to vanish instantly. However, you are not only satisfied by a single name, you even suggested more that would make anyone shudder in non-stop laughter. Have I really made the right choice or destiny was just angry towards me that I became your Rothar? Such a case...

The white horse this time not only wanted to castrate himself, but he also wanted to volunteer himself to be beheaded in front of a crowd. Those two choices were better than to be called by those horrific names. This time, his Rothar closed his eyes before he heaved a deep sigh and said, "Master, how about... Ricarus Golzeim?"

"Ricarus Golzeim? Okay, no problem," Mozti said and immediately added, "However, Fearsome Goldy is the best. I thought you like to be named fearsomely that anyone who hears it would shudder in fear!" Yeah, shudder in non-stop laughter. We'd win a war that way, instead of screams coming out of the battlefield, it would be the undying laughter of our enemies hoping that they would die instantly! "What about making it as your nickname?" Mozti suggested and looked at Ricarus with a bashful smile on his face. Nickname?! Nickname is the worst of the names! Don't you know that?!

All the passersby looked at Ricarus worriedly. They couldn't help to comment on the Rothar's current state.

"Such a beautiful Rothar and to think that he is sick!"

"Yeah, look at his red eyes, his pale complexion, and his listless disposition. His master must surely be worried!"

"Hay... I think both of them just came back from a bitter war, narrowly escaping death! His Rothar must have been wounded in his soul as there was no blood!"

"You're right! Look at his face, it wanted to cry but he tried to suppress it hoping for his master to not be worried."

"Rothars are really the gift from heavens. They'll do everything for their masters."

When Ricarus heard those statements from the passersby, he couldn't control his emotions anymore and released a very loud angry roar towards the starry night. Thus, the other Rothars and their masters avoided Mozti and Ricarus's position afraid to be vented by the white horse's agitation. The roar sounded more that of extreme anguish and despair rather than with angriness. '...His master must surely be worried?!', "...came back from a bitter war, narrowly escaping death?!', '...wanted to cry but he tried to suppress it hoping for his master to not be worried?!', and " everything for their masters?!' I wish I can talk to some of you! I wish I never been born into this world!

Ricarus eyed at Mozti murdering him in his mind. If he had hands, his body would already be devoid of hair. His frustration towards this young man was enough to fill every corner of the universe! "If you ever call me by that name, I'd rather kill myself!"

If only Ricarus could reverse time, he'd agree with Deisham on stopping this man to bond with him! Most importantly, why in the first place did he chose this man?!

"No problem, Fearsome Goldy!" Mozti uttered mocking Ricarus even more and not caring about the words he said about killing itself. "It's time to go back to our humble mansion, Goldy!"

Ricarus doesn't have a choice but to follow his master accepting the faith of his name. He retorted a thousand times without hope that it would change. Today, he bonded with a true 'genius'...

Ricarus walked to a teleportation portal nearby while Mozti rode his back with gusto. Such a tragedy. They disappeared and appeared on a forest covered with snow. "This is where your mansion is?" Ricarus asked full of disbelief.

He does not see anything except trees, the vast expanse of white snows and darkness. What are we doing in this place?! I don't see any home or even just a shack in here! Wait, you're living in a cave?! Ricarus felt that his mind wanted to collapse already and he couldn't take this anymore!

"Yeah, see that beautiful mansion in there?" Mozti pointed towards a big open area without looking at it.

Ricarus blinked twice and looked at his master like a retard. "Mansion?! Where's a mansion in there?! I only saw a big open area full of snow. Are you seeing something I couldn't see?!" Ricarus exclaimed nearly head butting his master.

Mozti stared at the location he was pointing to and scratched his head, "Sorry, I pointed at the wrong place. Hehehe," Mozti explained and turned his head. "There! That's my humble mansion, I call it Humble Mansion," said Mozti proudly. Ricarus didn't give any reaction to the name of the house. What more could he expect in a forsaken mind of his master in giving names?

This time, Mozti pointed at a direction where a golden light was shining faintly. Ricarus also turned his head towards the direction and saw a large mansion in the distance. "Why did you pointed at a wrong direction?!" Ricarus cried out.

"Oh... the house is changing locations," Mozti said casually and rode Ricarus towards the mansion. Your house is alive?! Okay... Both of them was immediately welcomed by a sweet scent of flowers in the garden and fresh air from the trees surrounding it. At least, his master is not a beggar. His mansion is incredibly big for a man like him to own it. If only this horse knows the true situation of his 'wealthy' master. Ricarus also saw fishes in the pond swimming freely. His eyes flew out of their sockets when he confirmed what kind of fishes they were. He thought that they were already extinct so many many years ago.

"You like to collect fishes?" asked Ricarus curiously.

"No, they came together with this mansion when I bought it four days ago. Actually, they have names, that one who has a long tail is called Long Tail. That one who has an orange color is called Orange. That one who has..."

Naming those Energy Phantom Dragon Koi who could generate an infinite source of electricity like that?! It's an insult to their kinds. Of course, as expected... Before his master could even finish saying the names of the fishes, Ricarus walked towards Humble Mansion and picked a nice spot for him to sleep. It was already midnight before they came home, therefore, Ricarus immediately slept soundly hoping that everything was just a dream.

When Mozti noticed that Ricarus was already gone, he gave an excited smile and entered the house to look for Nira. He saw her sleeping on a couch without a blanket. "Hay... I told you a thousand times before to not wait for me," he whispered before carrying Nira upstairs and lay her down on the bed. Mozti arranged her pillows, put her a soft blanket and planted a kiss on his sister's forehead. He checked the woman on the other side. He noticed the changes in her complexion. "I think I don't need those pills anymore, " Mozti uttered before going downstairs to learn more. This time he focused on studying all about Fleet Commanders. He read books, watched a simulation of other Fleet Commanders especially Neros's whom he immediately idolized after watching more than one hundred of his simulations. He also watched some of Neros's real battles. Mozti's eyes sparkled full of excitement. Tomorrow, he's ready to claim victory!


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