6 You Also Violated The Rules
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Author :Tyuipo
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6 You Also Violated The Rules

The scorching heat from magmas was enough for anyone to turn into ashes. The hot liquid rock was boiling intensely that it was now a scorching water spinning around the mouth of a volcano.

"Beru, it's already been three days that you are swimming inside that volcano! Are your injuries not healed yet?! I told you, never ever play with your..." The statement of a handsome man was instantly cut offed when a man who's even more dashing than him jumped out of the boiling magma. "Don't you ever dare mention his name in front of me, Frozal!" he roared furiously that made the whole volcano trembled in fear.

"Beru, why do you always meddle with Serah and Laquadia's life? Look at your state right now," Frozal, the

Fourth Prince of Jadase and the King of the Kingdom of Yeiwyn, stated while standing proudly at the mouth of the volcano.

"I was tricked by that foolish man who was so stupid to fell in love with a whore! If only I knew that the gift he wanted to give to that woman was intended for me! I will never touch it, Frozal!" Beru roared once again and his burning hair exploded with fury.

Frozal shook his head astonished by Beru's story. "Hahaha. You are the fool, Beru, believing that Laquadia was that easy to play with." Frozal stared at Beru inside the mouth of the volcano. He gazed at the sky above the Kingdom of Symeth with his blue-gray eyes penetrating each layer with worries in his eyes. "I don't know what will your brother do if he finds out that you blew off his..."

"Shut your f*cking mouth, Frozal! I'll destroy you and Yeiwyn if words came out from that mouth of yours!" Beru roared again and reappeared in front of Frozal. His naked body was dripping with magmas. "Mark my words, Frozal!"

Frozal raised both his hands impassively and laughed. "Hahaha. I won't tell anyone, I'm also involved. That's why... I am afraid to incur the wrath of your brother, Beru. As you know, he once destroyed a whole clan, even the babies were not spared. Blood flowed down on the streets that day. You know that he is a monster, but you still provoked him. I understand why you are doing all of this, Beru. You wanted the crown of Jadase and the throne of the Jadasians. However, he is your brother and he is the crowned prince. You must be happy with that... There's nothing more to talk about, Beru. I'll take my leave and rest assured my lips are tight," Frozal said and vanished in front of Beru.

"You don't understand anything, Frozal. I'm also doing this for my brother, only that, I can't show it to him," Beru said and dived back into the mouth of the volcano.


Laquadia appeared inside his bedroom and immediately laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling made of iron pearls. These iron pearls were mined from the depths of the ocean. It grew without sunlight and only survived through absorbing the spiritual essences deep down in the ocean floor. They then grew bigger and bigger for a hundred-million-years the size of a soccer field. It's worth was more than trillions, and only noblemen could afford them.

As Laquadia stared at the ceiling, an image of the whole universe began to form. The image was so detailed that it felt you are one with the universe. A true Paragon looking at your boundless domain. This was the worth of these iron pearls, the image of the universe it could create. No technology could compare to the details and depiction it could offer to its viewers. In fact, all of the ceilings of the Imperial Palaces and the important structures of the Empire were made up of iron pearls.

"I erased your memories for your safety, kid! Don't let me down!" Laquadia said while closing his eyes. "I sealed your true power and limiting your golden feathers to 80. You still can't protect yourself even if you don't fear anyone. Don't worry, if you become a Paramount Divine God, you can bring back your true strength. I lost all my spiritual energy and damaged my Soul Helio. I gave everything to protect you. If you truly are to destroy Jadase, I won't hold myself back in killing you!" Laquadia uttered and slept on his bed.

After sleeping and assuring that his strength came back to its fullest, Laquadia sat on his bed. "Zion, you'll pay for what you call, my Serah!" he blurted while gritting his teeth. He got three computer holograms out of his universal necklace. "You think I don't know?! I'll let you see who is the true sugar baby!" Laquadia started to type non-stop on the computer holograms in front of him. Symbols and all types of text and numbers started to form on the screen of the computer holograms. His fingers were very fast that it created after images. Laquadia was going to make Pozial pay for his actions, whether he liked it or not!


Mozti flapped his new wings non-stop. Unexplainable happiness was plastered on his face as he felt the boundless pride from every flap of his white wings. It was such an awarding feeling to fly in the air, flapping your wings and letting the cold air touch your skin. Such a wonderful feeling Mozti was experiencing right now...

"Pssst! Get down here! Don't you know that it is prohibited to fly in the Academy's ground?" Rago called him while waving his right hands telling him to go down immediately.

Mozti scratched the back of his head and landed beside Rago. "Look at my white wings, Rago! They have 40 golden feathers on each side!" Mozti exclaimed and spread his wings to let Rago see what he was talking about.

Rago only rolled his eyes and summoned his own wings. "This..."Mozti immediately felt ashamed that he wanted to find a hole to hide into. Rago's wings were like that of a swan compared to his that looked like chicken wings. Mozti felt terribly embarrassed that he kept his wings back inside his body. He now understood why his spinal cord and ribs were experiencing transformation, it was to accommodate the newest part of his body.

Rago looked at Mozti nonchalantly while spreading his large wings that were very clean and white. "It was so beautiful to look at. You have 90 golden feathers..." Mozti added after counting all the golden feathers of Rago. Inside, he felt a sting of jealousy while looking at the perfect wings of Rago.

Suddenly, a lion with a golden mane and large wings approached Mozti. His eyes gleamed with excitement once more. The lion sniffed his body finding something that would make him interested in the young man in front of him. After three breaths of time, the lion ignored him and walked towards Rago. It only took a sniff from the lion before he roared as if he was uttering some sort of magical spell. The lion's eyes and Rago's body emitted a golden light that pierced through the sky.

Mozti who just standing beside them stomped his foot. His jealousy towards Rago now developed to furiousness. 'That lion belonged to me and you stole it just like that?!' Mozti gave a harumph and just accepted the fact that it was not his destiny to bond with that lion. He was currently cursing Rago when he heard Deisham's voice boomed in the whole training ground.

"Release another 1,000 Rothars!"

The same scene happened after a thousand Rothars had been released from their cages. Mozti had been sniffed by a hundred more Rothars but none of them bonded with him. All of the Rothars were not enough for everyone to be bonded the reason why some became dispirited as time passed by.

"Hay... My wings are ugly and no Rothars want to bond with me. My lucky days are gone!" Mozti complained and looked at the Jadasians who were bonded with a Rothar with utmost jealousy. Mozti now understood the rarity of bonding with a Rothar at 1-Star Spirit Power.

10,000 more Rothars had been released before the sun sets. Everyone who had bonded with a Rothar gave wide smiles on their faces. Those who didn't only gave a disappointed look in their eyes. Though, they were still hoping to bond with the single Rothar left. This Rothar was no other than the white horse who had a diamond-like mark on its head.

"That would be all for today! Everyone who had been bonded with a Rothar, I congratulate you all! May the Imperial Way guide all of you towards limitless success together with your Rothars!" Deisham exclaimed and looked at Mozti who was currently looking at the horse inside the cage full of hope. He gave a smirk and shouted, "Those who had not been bonded with a Rothar, don't be too hopeful that there will be a time you'll be bonded with one! All of you must know the reason why no Rothars wanted to bond with you, your talent is insufficient, your character is beyond unsatisfactory, and you don't have the chance to succeed! Now, focus yourselves on learning the basics of mapping a floor!" Deisham flicked his robes and took a step to leave the academy.

"Hey, wait!" Mozti shouted at Deisham who made everyone who heard him feel faint headed. 'Hey?!' You are calling the Great Ground General, 'Hey?!' Rago, who was beside Mozti who was currently patting the head of his Rothar started to step back meters away from him.

How such an ordinary Jadasian like you, who don't belong to any faction call Ground General Freim so casually?! 'Hey, wait?!' Even shouting it out loud in front of so many crowds?! The Pedagogues are listening, all the trainees of the Academy heard it, and even the Rothars started to shiver after hearing your shout! Do you want to die so eagerly?! Ok, I am not stopping you!

Mozti who doesn't care about the gazes thrown at him added, "I think that Rothar wanted to bond with me!" He pointed at the white horse inside its cage.

Ok, that's it! I'll just drop off on your grave later if your body survived the explosion! I thought you are just shameless, to think that it never crossed my mind that you are also a stupidly retarded being! You're just too perfect to be called abnormal!

"Hahahaha!" Deisham who turned his back and blurted a burst of maniacal laughter. His eyes turned blood-red and insane angriness formed on his face while the air around him started to form a tornado. The sky dimmed and lightning flashed non-stop followed by roaring thunders that shook the heavens. This time he won't stop himself in killing this brat! It's okay to call him, Mr. Scar Old Man, than calling him 'Hey, wait!', in front of a crowd of hundred thousand! This kind of action must be punished without second thoughts! Death is the lowest sentence!

A sudden ghast of cold wind battered Mozti, though he still stood proudly in the center of the training ground. Deisham who was previously standing in the balcony now appeared in front of him. His red wings with 98 golden feathers overshadowed the thin physique of Mozti, ready to release its wrath against him. "You overestimated yourself, kid!" Deisham shouted at him and was on the verge of slapping him when someone instantly appeared next to him.

"Let him bond with that Rothar, Deisham," the most Senior Pedagogue interfered, calmly. A sanguine aura emanated out of his dying body. The disposition of a soldier who joined and witnessed countless battles shone through his blue eyes. The trenches that formed in his face made Deisham bow down with utmost respect. Previously, he didn't pay him respect because their status was like that of a Ground General and a Pedagogue, though this time, the old Jadasian was his senior. Comparing the experiences he had and the old Jadasian, it was like a lake in front of an ocean. Deisham doesn't qualify to retort anymore, and so, he kept his wings back inside his body and reappeared back in the balcony.

His chest popped up and down that it was going to explode in angriness. His fury towards Mozti was already at maximum. A planet would surely be turned into smithereens if he would vent his anger on it. His body was now trembling, thus Deisham nearly lost his insanity once again. Thankfully, he was a trained soldier who must know how to control himself in pressing circumstances, though today's situation was different from controlling and restricting!

"Release the Space Rothar!" shouted the most Senior Pedagogue, who was also the Principal of the Academy.

When the cage's door opened, the white horse who had a diamond-like mark on its head, jumped out of his cage and a majestic golden white light radiated out of his body. A beautiful pair of wings flapped majestically towards the air.


Everyone in the training ground couldn't help but be amazed at the scene they were looking at. Mozti looked at white horse eye to eye and his heart started to pound crazily. Immediately after, golden rays of light radiated all over Mozti's body.

"H-he bonded with a Rothar just by lo-looking it in the eye?!" Rago exclaimed on the side. The crowd also commented with astonishment and complete adoration towards Mozti.

"He truly has the guts to back up his claims in bonding with that Rothar!"

"I never saw or heard of him since the class started! I think geniuses truly make their entrance at the most exciting moment!"

"However, his bloodline awakening was just like that of any ordinary Jadasians. Also, he only got 80 golden feathered wings, it is good but compared to the true geniuses of the Empire, he'll be considered as ordinary. Though, to think that he bonded with a Space Rothar just by looking it in the eye. He truly is a genius in some way or another."

"Do you think Ground General Freim will let him off after insulting him for the second time?! Hay... We'll truly lose another genius tomorrow."

"Let's just be quiet and look at their bonding!"

Mozti summoned his wings and flew towards the white horse. His wide smile was apparent when he touched the white horse's head to seal the contract. Afterward, a powerful light wave spread all over Cosignas that pierced through the starry night sky. The dazzling light radiated and immediately inundated all of the Academy. Everyone in Cosignas, whether they were walking or training, playing or working, driving their spacecrafts or flying vehicles, stopped what they were doing and looked at the golden light replacing the starry sky of the city full of bewilderment.

On a far away place surrounded by mist and dead trees, a Jadasian who was laying in a coffin for eternity suddenly opened his eyes. His silver eyes that were dormant for who knows how long, penetrated the tomb that surrounded him. His sight traveled far and wide and stared at the young Jadasian and a horse flying in the air. "What a magisterial bonding!" he uttered with his groggy voice filled with excitement before his eyes closed once again.

The golden light silently dispersed and the starry sky once again appeared above Cosignas. Everything went back to normal outside the academy, while Mozti who was flying together with his Rothar gave out a brimming smile and laughed cheerfully.

"What's your name?!" asked the Principal of the academy.

Mozti looked down after he heard a deep voice on the ground and immediately flew down after seeing who it was. "My name's Efsayah Mozti Shriem, my Lord. You can call me, Mozti," he politely answered and bowed his head slightly.

The Principal nodded his head. "Your name is not registered as a trainee in the academy, you violated the rules of flying in the grounds of the academy, you bonded with a Rothar illegally, and you insulted Ground General Freim as your senior. Do you want me to say more?" The Principal listed all the violations Mozti conducted coming here in the academy. The Principal's eyes were calm, yet Mozti was suffocated just by looking at it.

Mozti smiled bitterly and said, "You also violated the rules of the Academy, my Lord. Do you want me to say all of them?"

Everyone collapsed...


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