5 Bloodline Awakening, the Prophecy, and His Hope!
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Author :Tyuipo
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5 Bloodline Awakening, the Prophecy, and His Hope!


Recalling everything that had happened, Mozti straightened his back and his demeanor suddenly changed. His Helio began to shine brighter and brighter as seconds passed by. No one noticed the change that was happening with him, as everyone's attention was glued on the sight before them.

When a Rothar bonded with its master, golden lights surrounded their bodies and a contract between them was being sealed. The bonding usually lasts for ten to twenty seconds, thus everyone couldn't take their gazes away from bewilderment.

Needles to everyone's knowledge, Deisham didn't take his gaze after seeing the young man he oath to kill. The changes that were happening to Mozti didn't escape his watchful eyes. 'This kid...' he whispered while clenching his fist.

"Look Deisham, the kid who called you 'Mr. Old Scar Man' is undergoing bloodline awakening!" Laquadia exclaimed who was just behind him. Deisham gritted his teeth after realizing that Laquadia was teasing him. Are you serious... "Look at the space rothar inside his cage! I think he'll get the jackpot!" Laquadia added and pointed at the space rothar who was kicking and stomping and neighing wildly inside the cage.

Deisham nearly lost his insanity when he heard Laquadia's statement. That kid will become a Fleet Commander?! No way! He'll kill him before he becomes one! Even though the prize was only for that kid to undergo training as a Fleet Commander, it was more than enough for Deisham to lay his hands! He would never accept this reality! As a Ground General, if that kid became a true Fleet Commander, their standing would be no less than a subordinate! The thought was killing him slowly!

"My Prince, never make him a Fleet Commander! It's a criminal injustice!" Deisham cried out helplessly.

Laquadia turned his head towards Deisham, amused by his choice of words. He looked at him eye to eye to confirm if he heard the right words. 'Criminal Injustice?! Are you serious?!'. After understanding his friend's situation, Laquadia tapped Deisham's left shoulder and said, "He'll be a Fleet Commander!"

Slash! Boom! Peng! Pak!

Deisham collapsed to the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood. He felt that his world collapsed and his life would come to its end any moment. His life was not just unfortunate, it was also lamentable that he met this duo. The other one left him do his own homework and the other insulted him with the help of the other! This is an injustice! Deisham wanted to cry so hard that he wanted to become insane! How come the heavens let him meet this duo?! Had he done some terrible things in his previous life that no punishment was deserving for him?! Deisham would choose death over a thousand times than dealing with these Jadasians! Can someone help me?


Mozti who was undergoing bloodline awakening felt that his spinal cord began to break as if something wanted to replace it. His ribs also broke apart starting from the upper ribs and were experiencing an evolution. Mozti felt intense pain that he couldn't utter or shout. Every time his spinal cord and ribs broke apart, something was forming in between them. His body radiated an even intense golden light that swallowed all the spiritual essences in his surroundings. The intensity of the bright light stole everyone's attention.

Sweats the size of beans formed on Mozti's forehead. He began to vomit mouthful of foul blood that made him nearly collapsed on the ground. He couldn't go any further, the pain was just too powerful that not only brought him pain physically, his soul was also being shredded into pieces. The pain was so excruciating physically and mentally and with that, Mozti wished to die instantly. The pain was already beyond the level that he could endure, it was too much, it was too torturing and unexplainable with every second that passed by. Right now, Mozti only felt numbness from the pain he was suffering.

No words or screams came out from his mouth. The sensation of suffering before death was like this. However, this was not enough to let him give up so easily! Who suffered the days without food and water?! Who suffered the days without being able to enjoy his life?! Who suffered the days of not being able to hold a toy?! Who suffered the days of giving up everything for his Oska and his sister?! He suffered the days and lost them forever for not having the chance to smile, to laugh and to be happy! He suffered those days and endured it for more than 10 years! He, Mozti, suffered those days without anything, only hope and wish that his Oska and his sister survive the passing of the day. He suffered everything...

This pain was nothing for him! He'd endure it! He'd persevere because he still got a sister to protect! Nira needed him, and he won't let this pain stop him from giving his sister the life she deserves! He'd give her hope and he'd grant her wish, her simple wish to be with him until they grow old. That was Nira's wish on her birthdays, she wished to be with him and nothing else! He'd persevere for her sister, he'd persevere for Nira!

"Wahhhhhh!!!" Mozti finally cried out, not because of the pain, rather, the perseverance to live for Nira! Mozti finally overcame the unbearable pain welcoming it with open arms. He doesn't care about the pain he was currently suffering. He only cared about finishing this and go back to the mansion and hug his little sister lovingly.

As time passed by, Mozti felt the surging spiritual essences filled the space where his spinal cord and ribs broke apart. His body experienced transformation as spiritual essences were sucked by his body. The space in between his spinal cord and ribs became smaller and smaller. Mozti knew that any moment from now, the thing that was forming within him would explode out of his body. Alas, he's right!



The trainees, the ILI's, Jadasians, Pedagogues, Deisham and the First Prince who was witnessing the transformation Mozti was undergoing, covered their face when the surging energy within Mozti exploded. Everyone was engulfed by the golden light that came out from Mozti's body.

"Shit!!" Laquadia couldn't stop his self to utter and immediately uttered a spell. "Friderta grioz hutreda miserya undor mor..."

The explosion that wanted to engulf the whole continent has been contained within invincible energy that stopped it from going further. The explosion of energy started to die down and Laquadia thanked the heavens for that. His ragged panting couldn't be hidden as he stared at the young man who caused all of this with wide eyes. "This..." Laquadia's heart beats faster and faster with disbelief. "This cannot be! He's... No! This will only incur more trouble!" Laquadia composed himself from the scene he just witnessed. This must be stopped.

"Regala grendus yutro mis lida..." Laquadia uttered another spell and the surroundings began to freeze, the bird stopped flying, the ants stopped crawling, the air stopped blowing, and the time within the academy stopped. However, Mozti who was undergoing his transformation was still moving and breathing. The only one who was left unfrozen was he and Laquadia. After Laquadia finished the spell, he vomited mouthfuls of blood. This was already his limit in summoning a spell beyond his level. However, he must interfere in the situation that he knew would break into chaos. Surely, Mozti was someone who could bring down the Empire. The Oracle's prophecy was right!

[...there will be a child who will be born into this Galaxy. ...his wings will be like that of a Paragon, a perfect 100 golden feathers ...this child will be blessed with luck... ...he will bring peace, hope and will be light in the darkness. But... he is born to destroy Jadase!] Laquadia couldn't help to tremble after recalling the oracle's prophecy. The thought of his nation being destroyed made him shudder once more.

Laquadia's heart palpitated and he couldn't control his breathing. He must kill the young man before him! He summoned his sword that glittered in the sunlight. The sword was too sharp that even air was sliced instantly after it made contact.

[The choice is to kill him, but the hope is to set him free.] Laquadia remembered once again. There was only a single choice to avoid the destruction of Jadase, and that was to kill him. At the same time, there is hope; hope that he doesn't understand. Hope for Jadase, hope for the galaxy, hope for the future, hope for him, what was that hope is?! Laquadia struggled with what he was going to do. If he kills this young man, Jadase will be saved and will continue to prosper for another countless of years, on the other hand, if he spared him, there will be hope. The crux of the problem was, what is that hope?! Conflicted, Laquadia stared at the young man who was in the final stage of completing his transformation. 100 golden feathers started to materialize on Mozti's white wings. Suddenly, Laquadia remembered something he couldn't forget...

["I must leave you."


"We... can't be together. I don't have the courage to be by your side."


"I always believed in you, Serah. I don't care what anyone thinks about you, about us. I just want you to know that I am with you and I love you,"

"It's true... you know what, I can be an imbecile, an idiot or even the most stupid being you'll ever know because I am doing this for you... for us."

"I have waited for more than 30 years, Serah. I might be a God of Mischief, War, and Destruction, but I am also a weak man who had fallen so deeply with a gorgeous woman."

"Can you feel that? That's how I wanted you, I cared for you..."

"I am willing to give up everything."

"Trust me."

"It really hurts me to the deepest part of my life, Daniel! You don't know how I feel on those 'more than 30 years' you are talking about!"

"...let us forget about us! Believe me, there's never an us..."

"... Remember, you're the only woman I'll ever love... I love you and I know it's true from that day until today. I'll see you soon."

"Why haven't you searched for me after that, Daniel?"

"Time, fate, and destiny had interfered."

"Even my life added that to my status cannot outweigh my feelings towards you, Serah."

"Daniel, I still love you and I always will.

"Fate is not in our side, Daniel."

"I will always find ways to make fate in our hands, my love."]

Hope! What if that is the hope! His hope to be with Serah! He might be a Prince educated by countless famous tutors and educators. But he was never been educated about love. Was this the reason why he became so dumb when it came to this subject? Was this the reason why he was like this after all these years? No... Laquadia only fell in love with a woman he believed his true love. He loves right at the wrong time. Such a case...

If he spared the young man, will this be the hope he was finding all these years to be with Serah? If so, he won't kill Mozti because "he" is his hope!

Laquadia gripped the handle of the sword tightly. He was still conflicted of his decisions, what if Mozti was not the hope he was looking for. Then Jadase will truly come to the ends of its glory. "Luck is truly at your side! I will believe in you this time, kid! Don't let me down!"

Laquadia put back his sword inside his universal necklace and uttered another spell, "Ter saied mos herado..."


Outside the Academy, crowds of Jadasians, ILI's and aliens gathered curiously as they stared at the golden barrier engulfing the whole academy. No one could penetrate the barrier when they tried to use all sorts of spells to look at what was happening inside.

"Why is the academy being sealed?!"

"I heard the bell of the academy rang five times! As far as I know, it is a sign of Bonding of Rothars! Then, why was this happening..."

"No one knows, and I think no one will know!'

"Why?! Is something wrong?! I heard that Ground General Freim and the First Prince is inside! Was it really because of a bonding?!"

"They say that some bonding can destroy a planet due to the massive surge of energy while forming the contract! I can't believe that the Space Rothar the academy had captured was so powerful!"

Doubts, confusions, and questions started to pop out of the crowd's mouth. This was such an odd thing to seal the whole academy. Surely, there's an interesting event happening inside the academy that no one was allowed to know or for everyone's safety.

"Look! The barrier is slowly disappearing. Hurry! Let's go inside!" the crowd shouted and everyone entered the large gate of the academy.


Deisham looked at his surroundings confused. "Why are there so many crowds in here?! We are in the middle of the Bonding of Rothars! Get them out of here!" Deisham shouted furiously at the Jadasians beside him, who immediately complied and dispersed the crowd out of the academy.

Deisham stared at Laquadia who's face was all white. "What happened to you? Have you seen a ghost?!"

Laquadia didn't reply and continued to look at the scene in front of him. Desisham only gave an impassive smile and looked back at his prey, whom he wanted to kill instantly! "Oh, look! The kid just finished his pitiful transformation! A small light and his wings popped out! He's not really worth the status of a Fleet Commander!"

"I'll take my leave. After he bonded with that space rothar. Tell him to go to the simulation room tomorrow, he'll start his training immediately!" Laquadia ordered Deisham and vanished in thin air.

"Of course, my Prince. With only 80 golden feathered wings, he doesn't deserve..." Deisham who was scornfully staring at Mozti's white wings that had 80 golden feathers, nearly collapsed to the ground after digesting Laquadia's words. Why?! Why?! You're slapping my face! I'm a Ground General and a trusted subordinate of your father, and you're ordering me to tell my mortal enemy to be a Fleet Commander that I, myself, was utterly rejecting him to be one?! Tell him, personally?! If this is not slapping my own self, then what do you call it?! Where's justice?! Where's my pride, my status, and my power as a Ground General?! What have I done wrong?!

Without anyone to retort to, Deisham stared at Mozti murdering him. If only looks can kill, this young man was already minced meat. "Investigate the background of that awful kid thoroughly! Bring me all the results tomorrow!" Deisham ordered to the Jadasian behind him and went back to stare at Mozti, killing and murdering him every second.


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