4 Entering The Academy
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Author :Tyuipo
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4 Entering The Academy

Mozti woke up from his slumber, faint headed. The delicate green light from the outside sparkled in his amber eyes. Features of a handsome young man clutched on his 2.3-meter physique. It was pitiful that no one could appreciate this beautiful face of him due to his messy hair and tattered clothes he was wearing.

Mozti surveyed his surroundings and looked at the time on his computer hologram. "9:33?!" he cried out and slapped his forehead. He instantly put his computer hologram inside his universal necklace. "Nira, there's some food in the fridge I bought yesterday! Just pre-heat them and take good care of yourself!" Mozti shouted towards the second floor and ran outside towards the teleportation portal.

"Where are you going, Mozti-kun?!" Nira asked him back before he could step inside the portal.

Mozti looked towards Nira's direction. "I'm going to sign-up in the military!" he answered back and disappeared.

Nira's jaw dropped on the ground and she nearly lost her consciousness on her brother's answer. "The military... Why Mozti-kun?" she whispered and collapsed to the ground. Her tears flow down from her face non-stop. "My mother and father were dead because of them..."

A portal gave off a light buzzing sound when a faint light appeared around it. Afterward, it spat out Mozti in front of an enormous gate. Crowds of Jadasians and some ILI's went in and out of this gate. Mozti looked at the large name above the gate [TARNTON ACADEMY]. He took his steps and entered the gate of the academy.

"Wow!" Mozti couldn't help himself to be amazed by seeing the structures of the academy. All of the building's design and architecture were unlike the ones in Cosignas's main districts that stood so elegant and majestic. The academy's buildings were like the ancient Emperors sitting on their throne for countless of years. Each was built millions of years ago and was tested by time, disasters and countless phenomena. The architecture was grand but not elegant, magnificent but not majestic, stunning but not beautiful; it's old but sophisticated. Those were the right words to describe the structures of the academy.

After admiring the academy's structures, facilities, ornaments, and its size, Mozti got his computer hologram and checked the location of the Administration Building of the Academy. Unfortunately, the location of the academy had been blurred and he couldn't find any map of the academy posted on its Wall of Information.

"I'll just ask someone, then," he uttered listlessly and walked towards the middle-aged man who was looking at something. When he approached him, he saw the scar on his face, starting from the tip of his left eyebrow all the way to his neck. Mozti stood behind him and asked politely, "Mr. Scar Old Man, do you know where is the Administration Building of the Academy? I'm here to sign up as a new trainee."

Deisham who was looking at the bird above the tree nearly exploded on the spot after hearing the young man's address towards him. "What did you call me?!!" he shouted that nearly shuttered the windows of the buildings near them. This was the first time he was insulted by someone, and to happen this to a Jadasian like him, considered as a War God, Deisham's heart palpitated furiously that the gash of blood around his vessel wanted to crash the young man in front of it! He wanted to explode and kill the young man a thousand death for every second that passed by! Deisham was totally angry that a bottomless pit was far from enough to contain his rage!

The sudden roar of a prominent Ground General of the Kingdom also caught everyone's attention. The passersby stopped and looked at the commotion that was going on, the classes inside the rooms stopped and all the Pedagogues and the trainees went out of their classrooms to probe on what happened. In a matter of a second, the attention of the whole east wing of the academy was concentrated towards Mozti and Deisham.

Previously, Deisham was happily enjoying himself on staring and listening to the bird's melodious song on the tree when suddenly, someone destroyed it by insulting him, face on! Such crime was unforgivable!

Mozti looked at Deisham's reddened face and answered without the slightest bit of hesitation, "Mr. Scar Old Man. You have a scar and you look old. Wasn't it inappropriate?"

"YOU!!" Deisham roared and pulled Mozti's ear towards the academy's western training grounds which was the furthest from their current position. Deisham was not only pulling Mozti's ear he was also lifting him while going to the most suitable place to give the punishment.

There were many addresses he could call him like, my Lord, Sir, Senior or Mister! Why in the world did he call him Mr. Scar Old Man?! Truly, Mozti got the biggest guts in the whole galaxy. As expected of a being like him who's world only revolved in stealing and taking care of his Oska and Nira.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Mozti cried out while he was being dragged by the Jadasian he never knew. He tried summoning the lighting spell and cast it towards Mr. Scar Old Man but all his efforts were for naught. Mr. Scar Old Man doesn't even give any reaction or hint that he was being attacked. Therefore, all the way to their destination, Mozti cried out in vain and wanting to rewind what had happened. He finally regretted what he had been said to this Jadasian. But who cares, he said it already and he must stand for it whatever happens!

Deisham threw Mozti on the ground and grabbed a boulder in the vicinity. Without a warning, he threw it towards Mozti, which he immediately caught and lifted. He felt the pressure of carrying a boulder he doesn't know how heavy. His feet were on the verge of collapsing but Mr. Scar Old Man only stared at him, wishing the heaven that he'd be buried under the boulder.

Curious, thousands of trainees followed them and gathered in the training ground to inquire what happened to make the great Ground General so furious.

"Do you know that young man? To incur such wrath from Ground General *Freim is no trifling matter."

"I think he has the guts to do so. Look at his **Helio, it's shining brighter than Ground General Freim. I think he is from the Royal Family, or even from the Imperial Family!"

"Let's just wait and see what will happen."

Hubbubs from the crowd started to get intense as they became curious over the matter. More time passed by and the crowds grew even larger and the young man carrying a large boulder started to stagger.

"He's staggering already! He'll definitely die!"

"Ground General Freim was truly enraged on the young man! He doesn't care anymore on the wrath of the young man's family when he dies!"

"Look! Ground General Freim is going to kill the young man!"

"T-the First Prince! Why did he interfere?! Is the young man truly is from the Imperial Family?!"

"I don't know! I can't hear anything! The First Prince sealed their conversation! I think it's a personal matter! Let's go back to our classes!"

"You're right! We don't have the rights to meddle with the Imperial Family's problem! Such act will only bring us harm!"

The crowd immediately dispersed when they saw that Ground General Freim and the First Prince left the young man in the center motionless. After some contemplation, they saw that the young man started to walk out of the training ground. Some of the trainees couldn't stop themselves to approach him.

Mozti was walking out of the training ground when he noticed that some of the trainees went to his direction hesitantly. He didn't mind any of them and continued with his pace.

"Hey!" someone shouted behind him. "Can you please stop?! I have something to ask!" continued by the man behind him. Mozti stopped and looked at the man. He found the man too handsome to be a man. In fact, if he only has long hair, he'll surely be one of the most beautiful women in the Empire.

Mozti scratched the back of his head. "Why? What is that?" Mozti asked emotionless.

"Are you a Jadase?" the man asked him without care if his question was insulting.


"Are you from any of the Royal Family?"


"Really?! You are very brave to stand near Ground General Freim and the First Prince!" the man said full of admiration towards Mozti. "You know what, no one dared to approach any Jadasian with a status like them! Even I, will not dare to stand 10 meters from them! Are you not afraid?!"

"Are you a paparazzi? If so, I have no time to entertain your nonsense blabbering. Also, if you had done nothing wrong, you will never be afraid of standing in front of them. You're just a coward, that's all," Mozti said and took a step and left.

[[Author: 'Had done nothing wrong?!' Look who's talking, you had done terrible crimes under the law of the Empire punishable by death! You're the least of the bunch to have the rights to speak of it. However, you boasted as if you had done nothing wrong?! I've known some who were shameless but not shameless like you! You're already retarded... *blabbering non-stop*]] (Author's cameo.)

Mozti doesn't have the time to entertain anyone, he still got a very important task to finish. After a few steps, he stopped after remembering something. "By the way, do you know where the Administration Building of the Academy is at?" he asked the man he snob.

The man staggered towards Mozti's attitude. You snob me like I'm no one else and afterward you became very polite to ask me the location of your destination?! Are you serious?! "I'll just accompany you if you don't mind," the man said and walked beside Mozti. "By the way, my name's Erroll Rago Quinn, just call me Rago," the man said and led Mozti towards the Administration Building.

"Quinn?! One of the top 20 Royal Family of the Empire?!" Mozti exclaimed after knowing the man's identity.

"Shh.." Rago whispered. "Don't say it out loud! You're exposing me! That's why I approached you because I thought you're from an Imperial Family," Rago said not hiding his intention. "Are you not really from any of the Royal Family? Your Helios is brighter than mine."

"Yeah... Helios? What's that?" Mozti asked ignorant of the subject.

"Hay... You're really just a country bumpkin." Rago sighed deeply and explained, "Helios is the five golden hair strands that are shining on your head. Three of the golden hair strands are connected to the three main parts of your brain, namely, the Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Brainstem. The other two is connected to your heart and soul. Each connection is as important as your life. If one of those strands has been cut, you'll lose the function of that particular connection. For example, if your golden hair strand connecting to your cerebrum has been cut, you lose the ability to interpret touch, vision, hearing, speech, reasoning, emotions, learning, and fine control of movement a thousand times faster than any living beings. As a Jadasian, that's how important a strand of Helios is to us. But don't worry, it will not be severed easily as you are thinking, it always needs 20 strikes before it will be severed. For me, it's okay to lose those strands than to lose our wings."

"Wings? We have wings?" Mozti asked casually. Rago only stared at him like a retarded being. Every Jadasian knows that fact! Where did you come from?! I can't believe that all this time, this is the first time you get out of your cave! You're a shame to our race!

"You know that you are a Jadasian but you don't know what a Jadasian is. You're hopeless.." Rago replied. "That's the Administration Building." Rago pointed at the biggest structure surrounded by gardens of flowers and trees. In fact, it looked like a palace standing grandly at the center of the academy.

"Thank you, my friend. See you around!" Mozti waved goodbye and went inside the Administration Building.

Rago only shook his head looking at Mozti from behind and on the verge of going back to the western training ground of the academy when the bells of the academy rang five times. "Bonding of Rothars?!" Rago excitedly exclaimed and run towards Mozti and dragged him back to the western training ground of the academy.

"What are you doing?!" Mozti asked while being dragged by Rago. He couldn't believe the attitude of this man. He had something important to do more than anything else. Don't you know that?! Well, I'll let you know it!


"Ow! Why did you whack my head?! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Rago cried out while massaging the part of where Mozti whacked him. It was certainly powerful as he nearly collapsed to the ground. What did I do wrong?!

Mozti glared at Rago on his nonsense question. "I have something important to do! More important than whatever is happening in this galaxy right now!" Mozti said and went back to the Administration Building of the Academy.

"If you say so. Today's the bonding of rothars and I'm heading there. Bye..."

"Why haven't said before?! Let's go!" Mozti excitedly exclaimed and ran quickly towards the western training ground.

"..." Rago stared at the fading figure of Mozti and followed behind while massaging his head. It really hurts! Don't you know that?!

At the training ground, Rago searched for Mozti and unexpectedly the shameless Jadasian couldn't be found. "Oh, there's my friend! Rago!" Rago heard someone called his name from behind. He turned his head only to found out that, Mozti was being barred from entering. Of course, he's not yet a trainee. Why did that unscrupulous man shouted his name and calling him a friend?! Rago now regretted approaching this man and making a casual conversation with him! He'd only be dragged down by this man's careless actions! What would his father say to him again?! A worthless son of a whore?!

Rago clenched his fist and walked towards Mozti. "Let him pass!" Rago ordered the Jadasian and showed the Quinn Royal Emblem. This time, Rago's face was devoid of emotion and he immediately ignored Mozti.

"By the way, thank you. Hehe," Mozti said and scratched his head. "This..." Mozti couldn't help to utter after seeing tens of thousands of cages lining up on the side. This was truly amazing! However, when he saw the majestic horse inside the cage, excitement filled his amber eyes. Mozti also glanced at the large balcony of the western building and he saw the First Prince, Deisham and all the Pedagogues. All of the trainees simultaneously bowed and greeted the First Prince that boomed all over the Academy, "Naeyri, Vahan Farha!" (Greetings, First Prince!)

"Release 500 Rothars in their cages and let us witness another wonder!" Laquadia declared in a commanding voice to the Jadasians guarding the cages.

The first row cages were then unlocked releasing 500 Rothars. All the Rothars bellowed in unison excited to bond with a master. When the door of the cage opened, some Rothars flew high up in the sky and some that don't have wings immediately searched for a master to bond. Every time a bonding occurred, a majestic air filled the sky. It was such an exhilarating scene to behold.

*Deisham's surname

**Helio is the name of the Jadasian's five golden hair strands. Remember? I didn't name it before to outline that Mozti doesn't know anything about these things. (Additional information about the word "helio". Helio/Helios is a Greek word for sun or solar.)


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