2 Flying To The Heavens
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Author :Tyuipo
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2 Flying To The Heavens

For the last two days, Mozti had done his job of ransacking the whole mansion with excitement hoping to find the money he needed. Unfortunately, he hadn't found a single one. The only thing he saw that was valuable enough to give him a sum of money was a painting hanging in the center of the mansion's library. In fact, he and Nira fought over this painting with their own opinions. Mozti pointed out that this painting could bring them a sum of money enough to last them for a year and to buy some of the medicines of the woman as compensation of her ownership of the mansion before. Now that he owned the mansion "legally", Mozti had the rights to do everything he wanted within its premises. On the other hand, Nira doesn't have a problem with it but she just wanted to keep the painting as a sentimental value of the mansion and the passion she had with arts.

Mozti gave up the idea of selling the paint without a qualm. How can he say no to the cute face of his lovely sister? Therefore, Mozti was now sitting on the couch looking at nowhere. He was now a beggar owning a mansion. "Of course!" Mozti stood up after an idea popped out of his mind. Without wasting a second, Mozti picked up the computer hologram, opening a site and pressed some random symbol. "Wait, how about the woman? After I treated her illness, where will she live?" Mozti asked himself after he was struck with his conscience. "I hate this! If only she's not an angel! No! No!"

Mozti went back to the couch once again and dropped the hologram in the side. He pondered his brain again and again without an idea of what he'd do next. He saw Nira going down from the stairs and went back up again with a bucket of water. In fact, Mozti couldn't understand how in the world does this mansion have an infinite source of water and electricity. He ransacked the whole mansion but he doesn't know where these things came from. Therefore, he let it go knowing that impossibilities became possible with today's era of technology and magic combined.

For the past two days, Nira was the one who took care of the woman without Mozti's request. She does it all by herself telling her brother that the woman is so beautiful to be disrespectful against her. So that means an ugly woman doesn't need to be taken care of? Such a case. Mozti couldn't care to understand her sister's exotic principles. After he composed himself, Mozti once again opened his computer hologram and searched every possible means 'legally', on how he could get money in the shortest period. As a man who grew up stealing everything day in and day out, what could you expect inside his brain? To find a noble job and work with it without stealing everything inside the workplace? A man who grew up in a certain society will grow old with the same principle of that society.

Mozti once again stumbled on the news site like before. In fact, after reading some of the news going here in Melicah, he found that it was such a refreshing hobby to pass time. News that you could read in this galaxy were numbered millions in a second. Mozti was not an exemption to trillions of individuals who was hooked in reading news.

[The Fall Of Golden Patrio!] ---> Through a brilliant ruse, Patrio, a golden Empire, is now laying in rubles with a pile of dead bodies after a year of the bitter war. Ground General Altard and Fleet Commander Daylen together with 24 other Ground Generals and 6 Fleet Commanders lead the third campaign in the Ysla-Ver Southern Border of the Kingdom of Vehemont. Patrio, once gained the attention of the Royal Bloods when its Crowned Prince led a crowd in burning the flag of Jadase. Such an unforgivable act incurred the wrath of...

[Yoahan: On Recruit!] ---> The Kingdom of Yoahan, the military prodigy of Jadase, once again opened its doors after ten years to recruit and train new soldiers. According to...

[Symeth's Deadly Reign Of Terror!] ---> Veral and Pogol Systems, located in Sector Bynor 35, are the utopia of valuable minerals. In fact, 30% of Jadase's resources come from these Systems. The downside in this paradise is the status of the miners working in both of the systems. According to our agents in the ground, all of the workers are criminals caught by the Kingdom of Symeth. The most intriguing part is the death of the criminals that are not due to starvation or dehydration rather to the castration they went through before working in the mines. This kind of unreasonable punishment is being condemned by the rights group outside Melicah. However, the King of Symeth and the Second Prince of Jadase hasn't opened his mouth in this matter. Adding to Symeth's reign of terror the colony in Sector Vitura 65, experience...

[Pirates Defeated The Might Of Loxus!] ---> Loxus, a Tier 15 Nation, sent three Fleets to annihilate all the pirates operating near their system. As the starry space witnesses the battle, Loxus's fleet falls one by one as pirates lead their hunters into the asteroid field. The trapped spacecrafts of Loxus became the prey for the pirates who knows the area like the back of their palm. As time passes by...

[Military Rankings Makes One A Trillionaire!] ---> These are the list of the Imperial Armed Forces of Jadase's Military Ranking and their respective centurial salaries: Ranking of the Generals within the atmosphere of the planet: {Ground Force} (Descending Order) ---> Ground General ~~ JHT155,000,999,000,000

Highest Supreme General ~~JHT145,999,000,000,000

High Supreme General ~~JHT110,000,000,999,000

Supreme General ~~JHT995,000,000,000

Army General ~~JHT886,000,999,999

Colonel General ~~JHT750,000,000,000

Lieutenant General ~~JHT625,000,000,999

Major General ~~JHT510,000,999,999

Colonel ~~JHT995,000,000

Lieutenant Colonel ~~JHT855,000,999

Major ~~JHT540,000,000

Captain ~~JHT450,000,000

Senior Lieutenant ~~JHT320,900,000

Lieutenant ~~JHT210,000,000

Junior Lieutenant ~~JHT100,000,000

Kursant ~~JHT50,000,000

Senior Ensign ~~JHT950,000

Ensign ~~JHT850,000

Master Sergeant ~~JHT750,000

Senior Sergeant ~~JHT650,000

Sergeant ~~JHT550,000

Junior Sergeant ~~JHT450,000

Private First Class ~~JHT200,000

Private ~~JHT100,000

{Navy} (Descending Order) ---> Admiral of the Fleet ~~JHT153,000,000,000,000

Highest Supreme General ~~JHT142,999,000,000,000

High Supreme General ~~JHT105,000,000,999,000

Supreme General ~~JHT989,000,000,000

Admiral ~~JHT876,000,999,999

Vice Admiral ~~JHT740,000,000,009

Counter General ~~ JHT615,000,000,999

Captain 1st Rank ~~JHT505,000,999,999

Captain 2nd Rank ~~JHT975,000,000

Captain 3rd Rank ~~JHT835,000,999

Captain Lieutenant ~~JHT510,000,000

Senior Lieutenant ~~JHT410,000,000

Lieutenant ~~JHT290,900,000

Junior Lieutenant ~~JHT100,000,000

Office Cadet ~~JHT80,000,000

Senior Michman ~~JHT20,000,000

Michman ~~JHT950,000

Glavny Starshina of the Ship ~~JHT850,000

Glavny Starshina ~~JHT750,000

Starshina 1st Stage ~~JHT650,000

Starshina 2nd Stage ~~JHT550,000

Starshina 3rd Stage ~~JHT450,000

Starshiy Matros ~~JHT200,000

Seaman ~~JHT100,000

{Airforce} (Descending Order) ---> Airforce General ~~ JHT152,000,999,000,000

Highest Supreme General ~~JHT140,999,000,000,000

High Supreme General ~~JHT100,000,000,999,000

Supreme General ~~JHT985,000,000,000

Army General ~~JHT873,000,999,999

Colonel General ~~JHT738,000,000,000

Lieutenant General ~~JHT612,000,000,999

Major General ~~JHT503,000,999,999

Colonel ~~JHT973,000,000

Lieutenant Colonel ~~JHT833,000,999

Major ~~JHT508,000,000

Captain ~~JHT408,000,000

Senior Lieutenant ~~JHT288,900,000

Lieutenant ~~JHT99,000,000

Junior Lieutenant ~~JHT78,000,000

Kursant ~~JHT18,000,000

Senior Warrant Officer ~~JHT950,000

Warrant Officer ~~JHT850,000

Starshina ~~JHT750,000

Senior Sergeant ~~JHT650,000

Sergeant ~~JHT550,000

Junior Sergeant ~~JHT450,000

Yefreytor ~~JHT200,000

Ryadovoy ~~JHT100,000

{Imperial Space Force} (Descending Order) ---> Fleet Commander ~~~JHT162,000,000,000,000

Admiral of the Fleet ~~JHT156,000,000,000,000

Highest Supreme Magistrate ~~JHT146,999,000,000,000

High Supreme Magistrate ~~JHT130,000,000,999,000

Supreme Magistrate ~~JHT120,989,000,000,000

Admiral ~~JHT1,000,000,999,999

Vice Admiral ~~JHT940,000,000,009

Counter General ~~ JHT815,000,000,999

Captain 1st Rank ~~JHT705,000,999,999

Captain 2nd Rank ~~JHT605,000,000,000

Captain 3rd Rank ~~JHT505,000,000,999

Captain Lieutenant ~~JHT130,510,000,000

Senior Lieutenant ~~JHT100,410,000,000

Lieutenant ~~JHT970,900,000

Junior Lieutenant ~~JHT500,000,000

Office Cadet ~~JHT380,000,000

Senior Michman ~~JHT220,000,000

Michman ~~JHT5,950,000

Glavny Starshina of the Ship ~~JHT4,850,000

Glavny Starshina ~~JHT3,750,000

Starshina 1st Stage ~~JHT2,650,000

Starshina 2nd Stage ~~JHT1,550,000

Starshina 3rd Stage ~~JHT950,000

Starshiy Matros ~~JHT500,000

Spaceman ~~JHT400,000

This is the newest centurial salary of the Imperial Armed Forces of Jadase as of *January 06, 1560 of the Third Apotheosis Galactic War. Adding to the...]

Mozti's saliva was now flowing non-stop after he finished reading the content of the news article and seeing the numbers with his eyes. As Jadasians, a century was equivalent to a month for them, therefore waiting for that sum of money was all worth it! Even the lowest paid soldier could afford to buy a lot of properties. On the other hand, time is not running per month, it's per second, therefore, waiting for that timeframe to get your salary was still worthless if you're not on the battlefield. It was like waiting for an airplane in the airport for a week before your scheduled time of departure.

Mozti stared at the picture of him with his Oska and Nira hanging on the center of the living room. This picture of them was the painting Nira had painted. Two days ago, Mozti hanged it in there after he finished taking care of the woman. Those two women, Nira and his Oska, were the only women who made him sacrifice everything. Growing up, he took the responsibility of being a mother and father to Nira. If not for his courage to steal, his Oska had died a long time ago. He never experienced playing or laughing with other children of his age. He never knew what a children park was, he never touched a toy, and he has never been a child. Mozti never regretted anything about it, in fact, he thanked that such situation occurred in his early life because he learned how to cherish it. He became a man when he was a boy; and now, he wanted to be a soldier because it is the highest obligation and privilege of a man.

His decision wasn't about money and rank or prestige. It was because he is needed and he must for Nira. Mozti knew that any day from now, someone would be knocking on their doors and arrest him of his wrongdoings. No one could escape from the eyes of the Empire when you became a soar to her eyes. Tomorrow, he'd sign up to the military for the purpose of protecting Nira and his obligation as a Jadasian. That's the only way he knew to escape the tragedy that would befall him sooner or later.

Mozti picked up the computer hologram once again and searched for the best military academies in Cosignas. He was given a list of more than 20 academies that had their own advantages on each other in military training. Mozti picked Tarnton Academy as it had many slots left for someone like him. He read the academy's requirements needed for a new recruit before he could sign-up as a trainee in the academy.

"What?! 3-Star Spirit Power?!" Mozti stood up from the couch in disbelief. Now, how could he sign up in the military? Mozti looked at the other academy's requirements and all of them requires a 3-Star Spirit Power before anyone could sign-up. Mozti searched all the military academies in the Empire, there were three academies who accepts trainees at 1-Star Spirit Power. The problem was, these academies were in planet Frevok. What he'd do on that planet? Offer himself as a gift to the Imperial Celestial Police or to the individuals who are looking for him?! Who's in the right mind to do that to himself?!

Mozti pulled his hair not knowing what he'd do. If only this was all about stealing, he had millions of ways to do so. However, such a case was too foreign to him. Mozti clenched his fist and searched the computer hologram if how he could raise his spiritual power. He nearly vomited blood when the result was zero. The site before him was blank and blank means certain doom! Now what?!

Mozti understood why there were no cultivation techniques circulating on the internet. In fact, it was already prohibited by the law of the Empire since the crackdown of the illegal dissemination of information one hundred years ago. The truth was that those cultivation techniques became the loopholes of knowing the Jadasians weaknesses. Therefore, all the cultivation techniques that were been circulated had been deleted and burned to ashes. The reason for the new cultivation techniques to be created and became the treasures of every family. The law stated that if one of the family members leaked out their cultivation technique to outsiders, they will be punished handsomely or the punishment would be the total annihilation of the family. Due to this horrifying law, cultivation techniques that could be seen outside was as rare as sand floating in the ocean. If there's any...

The other option to find cultivation techniques was to enter an academy, the greatest problem Mozti ever faced in the last two days coming here in Melicah. "I have a stroke of unexplainable luck behind me! I'll try signing up in the military academy tomorrow with my spiritual power! What's there to be afraid of!" Mozti exclaimed full of determination. He went back to the couch and searched everything he must learn as a soldier.

Mozti opened hundreds of sites on his computer hologram and read everything that was stated in there. Mozti didn't realize that what he was learning was all about the line of work of a Ground General, an Admiral of the Fleet, an Airforce General and of a Fleet Commander. He read books on the internet and consumed them in one sitting. [The Intermediate Formations In The Ground], [The List Of Imperial Navy Ships], [The Principles Behind Spacecrafts], [The Essence of Rockets In The Battlefield], and etc. Mozti had read one hundred books in ten hours before he gave up from his tiredness and slept in the coach. In fact, Mozti didn't get confused about all the books he read. He even became more exhilarated to read and learn more about new things. Mozti found reading so satisfying that he absorbed and memorized every word and sentence he previously read. He was amazed by these changes on his self and body after the death of his Oska. Had he eaten something or had he been possessed?! The possibility of the latter made him shudder to accept the fact.

However, what he was sure was that he was reborn and ready to fly to the heavens!


[I will use the same time we all know to every part of the Bizir Galaxy. I will also use the Gregorian Calander as the basis of what day is today, the month, the year, the century etc. Honestly, it's very troublesome if I'm going to change the time these novel is using. However, I will stick with the rotation of a particular planet on its axis to tell the time of the day. I'm making this novel realistic as much as possible taking note about everything that happened around us in reality. I accept everyone's opinion regarding this matter. Thank you.]


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