1 Myuanna
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Author :Tyuipo
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1 Myuanna

Myuanna was an ornament left behind by its owner millions of years ago. As time passed by, her spirit formed through the long and steady accumulation of spiritual essences in its surroundings. Throughout its growth stage, Myuanna relied solely on the abundance of spiritual essences in Tyrum Forest in the outskirts of Cosignas. Within a hundred years, she gained consciousness and the ability to suck in large amounts of spiritual essences. However, she still doesn't have the ability to move or to float. Myuanna waited patiently for another one hundred years before her spirit started to develop limbs and features. Her intangible form began its metamorphosis; day after day and bit after bit became corporeal. Decades had passed and her hair started to grow from her head that resembled the starry night flowing down to her waist.

Although Myuanna had developed limbs, she was still incapable of walking. Her current form was still a fragile glass. She devoted one hundred years of her life once again to suck in all the spiritual essences in her surroundings. With patient and dedication, she mustered all her courage to take a step every day. A step devoted to looking at the new life she was given and a step that became the foundation of her eagerness to work harder and harder day in and day out. More time passed by and she learned to run as swift as the wind and to walk as graceful as the butterflies in the meadow. One day, as Myuanna strolled in the forest, she bumped onto a dashing man. His smile entirely melted her heart. While looking at the man's face she started to develop emotions and feelings.

Myuanna's emotionless face started to form smiles, sadness, and longing. The first voice that came out from her was a laughter filled with happiness. From that day on, both of them went to see each other every day without a miss. The first name she uttered for the last 500 years was the name of the man she loved very much, Ferelean. Myuanna didn't know more about the man, only his name. For her, knowing and uttering Ferelean's name made her the most knowledgeable woman in the universe. Most of the time they met, they'd stroll around the forest gathering fruits and hunting wild animals. The destroyed mansion of Myuanna's long dead owner was raised from the ground bit by bit. Myuanna and Ferelean enjoyed the days in building their mansion without the help of anyone. Building such a big house was not a problem for them, as they put their love in the center of its foundation. More than a year had passed since then, the building of the mansion witnessed the passionate love the couple shared with each other. Each day that had passed showered the roof of the mansion with laughter and cheesy lines they threw at each other. There were times that they fight at a minor mistake or stumble upon some misunderstandings, still, their love conquers it all.

At long last, their mansion was finished and Myuanna couldn't help her tears to flow down and look at the man beside her. She thanked the heavens that she was given such a man in her entire life. He never said anything after learning that she's just a spirit formed by the spiritual energy. Ferelean even praised her for the courage she has to be in her current state. From that day on, her love towards him deepened a lot. One day, Ferelean left her going back to his home in the city. Myuanna waited for him day after day until it was accumulated to months and then years, decades, centuries and millenniums. No Ferelean came back. She saw how the green leaves of the trees turned to yellow a hundred times, caterpillars to butterflies a thousand times, the changing of the seasons made her numb to look at passing of day and night. Myuanna stayed at the mansion both of them built from rubbles for all her life after Ferelean left her. Her soul became one with the mansion and she forgot to absorb the spiritual energy around her. Now, she looked like a ghost devoid of color. She's now giving up after all those hard work, devotion, perseverance, laughter, and the love she gave. She doesn't care to live anymore because the meaning of her life was already gone.

Myuanna was now looking at the young man in front of her mansion and she couldn't stop her tears to flow down from her white skin. "Ferelean, at long last you came back!"

Mozti who was currently summoning a fire spell saw a woman on one of the windows of the mansion. However, he still continued summoning the spell and he was already on the last sentence. "Take this!" Mozti shouted and his face turned pale. Thousands of fireballs flew to the mansion like shooting stars. They continuously slammed onto the mansion making a thick smoke that hampered Mozti's vision to see clearly if the mansion had been razed to the ground. He doesn't care about a superficial ghost living inside that mansion. He just wanted to burn the house he bought which he could never enter. Such a problem.

The smoke started to dissipate as seconds gone by. Previously, there were hundreds of traps surrounded the whole mansion, however, after he cast the fireballs, everything was gone. Mozti heaved a sigh knowing that he successfully destroyed the mansion. Now, his money was not in vain. Remembering the almost JHT200,000 that he had lost made his chest pop up and down. It's still a waste of money anywhere you look at it.

Mozti clenched his fist and on the verge of turning his back when he saw that the mansion was standing in its place unscratched. "This..." Mozti uttered in disbelief and his eyes went red once again. "No! No! No!" He stomped the ground several times and threw a fireball towards the mansion.

Szzzzz! Bang!

The fireball Mozti cast was once again reflected by the mansion, leaving it unscratched. "I'll definitely buy you kerosene! I'll burn you down whatever it takes! You must be thankful that your unscrupulous owner built you a protective formation! You scam! I'm gonna tear your house apart!" Mozti shouted and threw a piece of rock towards the mansion.

Myuanna tears streamed down her tears non-stop. She couldn't believe what she was hearing from 'Ferelean' outside the mansion they both built. "You wanted me to perish, love? I thought we made a promise... I waited for your return... I waited until I am willing to give up everything... Love, what had I done wrong that you thought that I am a scam? I only loved you... Was it not enough... Are you angry towards me because I didn't search for you? Sorry, loves, I can't leave the forest... If you wanted me to perish let me hug you one time... Can I?" Myuanna cried out when she heard 'Ferelean' cursing their house. The house that they both built with their love. However, today he wanted to destroy it. What had she done wrong that he became so incensed and wanted to burn down the mansion? You want me to disappear? Fine! You wanted me to forget everything about us? Fine! Before that, can I hug you one last time?

Myuanna's body was now full of burns. She's the one who absorbed all the fireballs that 'Ferelean' had cast. Her tears were still streaming down to her face drowning her from the questions she wanted to ask 'Ferelean'. No matter how she wished to hug him, she couldn't even make a step towards him. Her strength was slowly diminishing and her courage to see Ferelean one last time fueled her last will to go on. Without a thought, Myuanna mustered all her strength to take a step towards 'Ferelean'. Every step was heavy and stealing her last bit of strength. She took her second step bit by bit trying to lift her feet.

"If someone there, can you go down here! I wanted to ask something!" Myuanna heard from 'Ferelean' outside.

"Wait! I'm coming down, my love!" she shouted but no voice came out from her mouth. Hearing that 'Ferelean' was looking for her, the determination to take those few steps towards him made Myuanna lift her left foot. After a lot of effort, she tried to lift her right foot. If not due to the millions of years of standing up in the window waiting for Ferelean, her feet would not be this stiff. The muscles on her feet were already fixed within her flesh that it became chains bounding her to the ground. When she took her third step, Myuanna fell down to the floor and loud thud resonated all over the mansion.

Mozti who was still waiting outside heard the loud thud of a falling body. He wanted to go inside but he stopped himself due to the traps around the mansion. He threw a stone on the ground but there's no reaction. Mozti sighed deeply and mustered all his courage to step on the tiles of the mansion. Still, there were no traps being triggered. Mozti took another step and when he was sure that the traps were deactivated, he called Nira and they ran inside the mansion.

Myuanna trembled upon falling down on the floor. Since her birth into this world, this was the first time she became so obsessed with someone. She used her hands and crawled towards the stairs. Inch by inch, the gap between them and the stairway became closer. Myuanna pushed herself with her remaining strength towards her destination. Her soul was unyielding but her body was giving up. The last wisp of her strength was drained before he saw a foot in front of her. Myuanna lifted her head and tears once again flowed down her face.

"Felerean, sorry..." she said whispering in the air and her vision darkened losing her consciousness.

Mozti searched the first floor in vain and immediately went straight to the stairway and climbed to the second floor. He doesn't have the time to admire the interior of the mansion. As soon as he stepped on the second floor, he saw a woman devoid of any color. Her skin was pale like that of a dead being. Mozti saw the tears that were flowing down her pale white face when she looked up and saw him. He saw her saying something but there's no sound that came out of her mouth and she fell down on the floor unconscious.

Mozti helped her to get up and carried her towards a room in an empty room behind them. Mozti called out for Nira to go upstairs and to dust away the bed. Afterward, she let Nira fix the bed. When everything was done, Mozti put the woman in the soft bed. He studied the pale complexion of the woman before him and he took an image of her. He uploaded it and let the computer hologram gave its diagnosis which afterward gave a list of possible treatment for her illness. If only this kind of computer hologram was available in the markets of Starrysnow, Mozti had already cured their Oska. But he was in vain in coming into contact with it before her Oska gave her final breath.

[Diagnosis Report: [1] The patient was devoid of spiritual energy that keeps her body from functioning. As a spirit entity, the patient needed to absorb a lot of spiritual essence on its surroundings. However, the patient's meridians were blocked and absorbing spiritual essence naturally is impossible. The only possible treatment for the patient is by consuming the following medicines: Tier 3 Phantom Rejuvenation Pill, Tier 3 Young Spiritual Essence Pill, Tier 4 Black-Gold Phantom Pill, Tier 4 Queen Soul Spiritual Pill, and Tier 6 Crystal Blood Bathe Spirit Pill. All of the pills must be consumed and each pill must be taken once a day for one month.

[2] The patient have a Metallic Muscle Disorder. A rare disorder where the muscles clamped together due to the lack of movement for a very long period of time. The possible treatment for the patient is consuming a Tier 2 Muscle Revival Pill for five days, twice a day. [3]... [4]... [5]...]

Mozti read everything inside the diagnosis report and after finishing everything 'till the last word, he stared at the woman lying in bed. He found the woman attractive, even though her complexion was devoid of color. "You're a spirit entity, right? You must be more than a million years old to possess intelligence. I can't buy all those medicines for you. Do you have money?" Mozti talked to her politely. When he saw the price of each pill to treat her, he nearly fainted on the spot. The cheapest pill is worth JHT340,000, while he needed to buy 160 pills with a total average price of not less than JHT100,000,000! Where could he get that sum of money?! He was even reluctant to buy an ice cream worth JHT10 and to buy a pill worth ten million times of it! How unfortunate!

"I really need to rummage your mansion if I am going to treat you," Mozti asked for her consent before he literally "ransacked" the whole mansion.


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