Dreadful Radio Game
181 Short Of One
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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181 Short Of One

The fortunate part of his misfortune was that Su Bai's other Hellfire Shotgun had fell just two metres away from him. Unfortunately, Su Bai had only one arm right now.

Su Bai was able rely on his vampire lineage to recover normal wounds, flesh wounds and superficial wounds. As for losing an arm, Su Bai still had no way to recover with his lineage.

The grade of his vampire lineage was not high. Luckily, he was able to prevent himself from dying due to blood loss. He was heavily wounded, but he could still continue to live on in this environment even without medical aid.

Just when Su Bai had kept one of his Hellfire Shotgun by his waist and was picking up the other, his keen senses felt that the temperature of the desert had abruptly risen.

The temperature in the desert was already high in the first place. With this weird phenomenon of an abrupt rise of temperature, it was like being roasted on a stove.

Traces of scald could be seen on the surface of his skin.

This was too exaggerating.

Su Bai puckered his cracked lips. He limped towards the front of the desert. He did not find the two people. Firstly, with Su Bai's current condition and ability and the results of his own actions, no other audience would bother about him. Secondly, those two people seemed to have seen Su Bai from afar and had run off early on in fear.


Su Bai cursed as he walked. If he had killed Chen Yixin previously and died in the end, all troubles would be solved. What was going on now, he had injured himself and was thrown into this desert scene by the game rules of the story world.

It might be because of being roasted by the scorching sun or perhaps because he nearly succeeded in venting out and had nearly perished together with Chen Yixin, the awakened beast in Su Bai had gradually cooled down. Su Bai was unwilling; he was unwilling to be just a passer-by and die in this darned, unrealistic desert.

Even if he were to die, he must leave this scene and kill someone outside before dying.

Su Bai was able persevere on to keep moving forward because of this weird thought which was hard for others to understand.

His leather shoes were already scalding due to the direct contact with the desert. They even gave off a burnt plastic smell; Su Bai himself could smell it clearly.

He had to continue wearing it because he couldn't walk barefooted even if his soles were melted.

Based on his experience from the sea scene, there should be a door to life over here.

Su Bai looking in every direction. Other than boundless, scalding, yellow sand, there wasn't anything else.

With a "thud", Su Bai sat on a sand dune. The sand dune was not high, it was barely able to block off the sun. The sand down there was not so scalding. After sitting for a while, Su Bai felt his thighs and butt were injured but he couldn't really move at this moment and needed to catch his breath and rest.

Su Bai had treated the Hellfire Shotgun as a walking stick. He wasn't used to having lost an arm. It was hard to keep his balance when walking.

After resting for less than a minute, Su Bai couldn't sit tight any longer, he would be cooked if he continued sitting down. With the support of the gun, Su Bai stood up, but he was immediately stunned. When the Hellfire Shotgun was pulled out from the sand, the tip of the gun had a slight chill.

Su Bai touched it and confirmed it had a light chill.

"Could it be?"

Su Bai immediately crawled back down. His hand that was on the sand had directly turned red. It even started to bleed but Su Bai disregarded this matter. He even inserted his arm into the sand; the boiling sand directly scalded Su Bai's whole arm. The position of Su Bai's finger had touched something chilly.

"That's right. Can't be wrong. The door of life is down there, right below the sand."

Su Bai immediately pulled his arm out. His whole arm was in a bloody mess, but blood did not drip down. Instead, it was covered in layers of sand. His blood was dried up by the power of the heat. He wounds were burnt until they looked like sinister scars.

He held one of the Hellfire Shotguns, showed the gun nozzle into the sand, Su Bai then directly pulled the trigger.


Sand was blasted flying and Su Bai was brushed all over by the sand. It did not feel good but he had to endure.

A two-meter radius pit appeared and Su Bai jumped in. There were dripping sounds below the pit. It was water and it was cold. It was cold water.

Su Bai did not hesitate and aimed at the bottom of the pit and fired once more.


"Oh crap..."

Su Bai only managed to say these two words before he dropped down. Two meters below the sand was actually a layer of ice. This had directly overturned a person's general knowledge towards the desert; Su Bai was also caught off guard. He intended to get a little water but who knew that he would fall inside.

Luckily, it wasn't that high, it was only about ten or so meters. Su Bai fell into the pool of cold water. Su Bai's whole body experienced bone piercing coldness. His whole body which was scalded earlier letting him experience what it felt like being roasted was now almost frozen like a popsicle. This was the true experience of the two different worlds of ice and fire. It was much more stimulating than certain services[1] provided.

He immediately transformed into his vampire lineage. Vampires were cold blooded in nature and cold last longer in the cold but could not last too long soaking in cold water.

In this totally dark place, Su Bai unexpectedly found a piece of floating ice. He climbed on the floating ice; it was still very cold but much more comforting than soaking in cold water.

He heaved a sigh of relief. Su Bai was surrounded by darkness and no light could be seen. The Hellfire Shotgun he used to blast out the sandpit must have been jammed.

Even though it was very cold, at least it was much better than being roasted. At least there wasn't imminent danger over here.

Su Bai touched his body and found a box of matches. The matches were already soaked in water and were unable to be lit. There wasn't even a strand of light, giving Su Bai a sense of crisis.

The biggest fear of a human was actually the unknown.

Su Bai placed his hand beside the floating ice and touched the water surface. He realized there were currents in the water and the floating ice was following the flow.

Since it was moving, then things could be easily done. At least he would not be stranded over here; at least there would a destination.

Su Bai who was much more familiar with the rules of the game and Dreadful Radio's character was unperturbed. He closed his eyes and started controlling his breathing; he entered a semi-dormant state while still in his vampire state. One aspect was to maintain the heat in his body and another aspect was to save up some energy.


Under a waterfall, sever or eight people were lying down. Many of their bellies were bloated by drinking too much water due to intense thirst.

Everyone had wounds on their body; it wasn't due to battle but by being burnt.

These people had better luck. This waterfall was suddenly squirted out from the desert. It was considered a checkpoint. The place Dreadful Radio had sent these eighteen people was actually an oval and this place was the center of the circle. These seven or eight people were considered to be sent near the center and Su Bai and a few others were sent further away.

Xu Zhenzhen and Liu Tao were also over here. Liu Tao did not look like the pretty boy previously. Xu Zhenzhen also did not have the graceful bearing like an intellectual elder sister. They were lying on a pool formed by the waterfall inhaling deep breaths.

The sun was dazzling and the temperature was still high. The water that flowed from the waterfall was never-ending, but the pool still maintained its size and would not expand.

"Something's not right here. There are only eight people here, there are still ten more people. Have they died in the desert?" Liu Tao asked. "It shouldn't be, it won't happen. This does not match the spirit of the game."

Xu Zhenzhen also nodded her head. She panted heavily and said, "Indeed. It does not match the spirit of the game. The story world's regulation must first control the death count. That's why it did not allow the audience to kill each other. The deceased must die by voting every time.

"When Su Bai wanted to kill Chen Yixin, this was breaking the rules, and the rules started a new scenario to prevent Su Bai and Chen Yixin from perishing together. If a large batch of audience die outside of the time of voting, it will reduce the atmosphere of the voting in conference room. This is not what it wants to see."

"Heh heh. I would have never expected that Su Bai would not hesitate to perish together. What a madman."

Liu Tao was obviously the same as Xu Zhenzhen; they voted for Su Bai.

Someone suddenly covered his stomach and howled in grief. Liu Tao and Xu Zhenzhen's expression immediately changed. They suddenly felt intense pain in their stomach. This type of pain was unbearable even for people of their level. They curled up and started twitching. An anaconda started to appear from the pool. The anaconda constricted around an audience who was howling by the bank and slowly dragged him into the pool.

Other than that, at this moment, a gold-furred, sinister-looking sand monkey climbed out from the sand. It carried up an unconscious audience who had been roasted in the desert and dove back into the sand.

The anaconda in the pool and the sand monkey in the desert were a little perplexed.

Why were they short of one?


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