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170 The Voice In The Castle
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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170 The Voice In The Castle

Guantanamo Bay detention camp was built in January 2002 by the US military to serve as a military prison. The Joint Task Force Guantanamo[1] were in charge of running the operations.

Old Mr. Edward meant that it was better for Su Bai to be sent to prison than to receive psychological treatment.

Su Bai used his spoon and added a cube of sugar into his coffee without making a sound.

This old man was not an audience. In this world, there were really ordinary people who did not rely on external items to upgrade themselves. They only relied on themselves studying meticulously and researching to obtain basic categories of abilities that were beyond ordinary humans.

For example, the other party was able to see certain things based on the previous eye contact.

"In truth, you basically have no need to receive treatment at my place. You are well aware of your own mental disorder, even finding pleasure in it." Edward lifted his own glasses and then stood up. "I actually do not understand why Sofia would recommend someone who takes earthly pleasure in violence and bloodshed to my place. My research is to strive for humans' inner peace, not to provide a mental massage to convicts whose hands reek of blood!"

Su Bai continued to remain taciturn. This old man was full of character. Su Bai did not wish to be insistent. Edward actually said correctly; he was not in urgent need to seek treatment for his mental disorder.

Edward did not directly leave. He walked to the painting Su Bai was previously looking at. He looked at the person in the picture and sighed.

This time, Su Bai spoke.

"The painting is not bad. Work of an eastern artist?"

Even though it was an oil painting, the main characters were a pair of mother and child who were easterners. It was possible that the artist was also an easterner and the husband of that woman and father of that child.

Edward took off his glasses and wiped the lenses.

"He is the only bosom friend in my whole life. Even though we had different beliefs and philosophies, it did not stop us from admiring each other."

"I understand. From where I come from, it is called bromance."

Edward obviously did not understand the meaning of the word 'bromance'; he put his glasses back on and sighed. He turned around: "Mister, do you still need to continue with treatment?"

"If you are unwilling..."

"No. I didn't say I was unwilling. As a doctor, I had always believed that I have the authority to be permitted to lose my temper. Otherwise, when facing so many patients with negative energy, even a doctor would become a looney."

Edward sat back down while talking.

"I will be asking you a series of questions. Can you promise to answer truthfully?"

"Depends on the situation."

Edward declined to comment on Su Bai's response. But Su Bai could see that his eyes were a little reddish. It was unknown whether it turned red because he felt sad seeing the painting or if it turn red after their eye contact.

"Can you tell me about your family situation?"

Su Bai took a sip of his coffee, He did not hesitate nor try to mask anything and directly said:

"When I was seven, my parents passed away in an accident."

Edward nodded his head. He leaned on the sofa. This time, he did not look Su Bai in the eye but stared at his hands as he continued asking:

"Then, who were you living with after that?"

"I lived on my own. The wealth my parents left behind was enough for me to live by."

"How about your relatives?"

"We're not so close. I am used to living alone."

"Do you have many friends?"

"Not many."


Edward stopped talking. Su Bai also stopped talking. The whole scene fell into silence.

At this moment, Edward's phone rang. He apologized to Su Bai and cancelled the call.

After that, the silence continued.

Su Bai continued sitting peacefully drinking coffee. Even though he had never sought psychotherapy, people like Edward definitely did not use normal treatment methods.

Edward finally heaved out a sigh.

"I have observed your every movement ever since I entered this room. Your innermost being is your own secret, but the changes and fluctuations of your innermost being would be presented in the movements of your body.

You are actually normal. Or to you, you are very normal. You can face your mental problems undisturbed. No, this might not be a problem. It might be your nature, it's a type...…"

At this moment, Edward's phone rang once more. He did not cancel the call this time and instead answered it. Following which, his expression changed. He stood up and said to Su Bai:

"Excuse me for a moment, there's an urgent matter I need to tend to."

"It's alright."

Edward hurriedly left, Su Bai was unable to make heads or tails of it.

Other than the eye contact at the beginning, Edward did not give Su Bai a feeling that he was a psychologist, instead, it was a feeling of a conman. Perhaps this was the free and easy method of a very able person but being free and easy as a doctor would let your patients feel you were botching them.

After Edward had left, Sofia walked in.

"Are there any results?"

"The result is I have drunk two cups of coffee and intend to use the washroom right now."

Su Bai got up and walked out of the study. The castle was huge and the land structure was huge too. It wasn't until Su Bai walked to the end of the corridor that he saw the washroom. It was very narrow. The was a toilet bowl and a urinal and was made of wood. A stench could be smelled while standing outside.

At times, Su Bai could not understand the addictions of some people. Maybe they were persistent on certain traditions?

Su Bai entered the washroom. At this moment, Su Bai noticed palm prints and footprints on the washroom walls. The palm prints and footprints were very weird. These prints were not done by someone with nothing better to do; it was more like traces left after a struggle.

Edward who just left not too long ago ran back hurriedly. He had so happened to pass the washroom entrance. When Su Bai came out, he coincidentally saw Edward's rushing back figure.

"Really meaningless." Su Bai murmured. Su Bai currently did not place any hopes in the psychotherapy this time. He planned to directly head back after greeting Sofia. Lying on the bed watching cartoons with the little fella was more enjoyable than killing time in this castle.

When Su Bai walked over, Sofia followed Edward with a solemn look at the corridor. Seemed like Edward purposely returned to find Sofia.

Sofia looked at Su Bai and said apologetically: "Su, sorry. Today's treatment is forced to be cancelled. I have something on. Can you drive my car and go back?"

"Sure." Su Bai nodded his head and received the car keys from Sofia.

Edward did not greet Su Bai; he kept on hinting to Sofia to follow him faster and it seemed to be urgent matters.

Su Bai did not bother about what was happening in the castle. He had no interest in gaining a windfall at the westerner's territory and also did not wish to move around unfamiliar grounds. Both his hands held on to the corridor banister; he saw the security guards who were originally outside run inside in profusion. They flashed an expression of panic.

Su Bai walked down the stairs and exited the castle. He stood besides Sofia's car, opened the door, sat inside and started the engine. Suddenly, a voice sounded in Su Bai's mind.

"Teehee, you are not the same as them. Oh, no. there's still another woman who is also different from others. But I find you more meaningful. You actually came for treatment. This is so fun."

Su Bai's swept his surroundings with his gaze and realized there was nobody. The security guards and doctors had already entered the castle. It was only himself in such a spacious place.

He gently tapped his knuckles on the steering. He did not believe that he was hallucinating. He had a mental disorder but he wasn't a wacko. How could he have hallucinated?

'Forget about it, don't get involved.'

Su Bai turned the steering wheel all the way to the right and stepped on the accelerator. The car made a U-turn and headed towards the external gate of the castle.

If Su Bai encountered such matters in the story world or in China, he would proactively get involved. Over here, his identity was a little bit special; those westerners were a little afraid of his identity. But he wasn't Litchi. Litchi could cause those people to be petrified but Su Bai couldn't.

When Su Bai's car was reaching the exit, the voice suddenly sounded again:

"Heehee, if you keep going ahead, my voice would no longer be heard. You're not going to accompany me to chit chat?"

Su Bai smiled and pressed the horn. "Little sister, big brother is very busy. Another day, I'll bring you home to look at little goldfishes at home."

The security guards outside had entered the castle but there were still a few people watching at the main entrance. When they saw Su Bai driving Sofia's car, the immediately pressed the switch to open the gates.

No matter what the hell was in the castle, it could cover a certain distance and directly talk in people's minds. Su Bai was unwilling to be bothered. He had decided that he would inform Aroma that the treatment was not suitable and he would be returning home after two days. There was still one month for Dreadful Radio's hiatus. Su Bai needed to find a quiet placed to recuperate.

Not being sloppy after a decision was made, that was Su Bai's style.

When Su Bai's car just drove off, the voice sounded once more:

"Grandpa Edward really likes the painting in the study. I actually like it too.

"However, don't you think the back image of the boy looks a little similar to you?"


Su Bai slammed on the brakes.The screeching sound of tyres could be heard.


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