Dreadful Radio Game
168 How To Explain?
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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168 How To Explain?

In truth, Su Bai had never suspected from the beginning that it was a probe. He never thought they would purposely stage a drama for himself.

From the moment Sofia called him to the moment she was already in the elevator when he opened the door. As well as the moment she invited Su Bai to join her to the vampire club after receiving a call.

Su Bai had thought that he was lucky. He wasn't Sherlock Holmes[1] and he couldn't discover the minutest detail in everything. The other party had been too prudent, so prudent that it was borderline excessive. Perhaps they were panicky, over-panicky when they discovered himself, on no, Lucky and himself getting off the plane in London. They couldn't sit still; they had no time to brush up their acting skills and had many loopholes in their acting.

A series of coincidences could no longer be innocently treated as a coincidence any longer.

The most obvious was Sophia's IQ...

A woman who was able to maintain a calm composure in the resetting forest story world to have her IQ suppressed along the way after entering a pub; Su Bai found it very weird.

For a person to have a sudden flash or enlightenment was still understandable.

But for a person to suddenly turn stupid for no rhyme or reason, and that person did not turn stupid from trauma to the brain; that was worth pondering.

In fact, the main reason was because now matter how smart a person was, they had their pros and cons. Sofia wasn't an actress and even if she was an outstanding actress, she was holding a hurriedly written script. She had to improvise her acting without fully understanding the script and many irregularities would appear.

When Sofia acted rashly and dashed away in her bike like she was a grieving wife who suffered from mistreatment, Su Bai felt sorry for her and it really was tough on her.

The other party obviously did not carry malice, furthermore, this was the real world. Unless Su Bai committed murder or arson in London, the other party would not do anything to him. Since his life was not threatened, Su Bai was too lazy to wrangle with them. There was no need to uncover anything.

Just when Su Bai really wanted to wander around and relax, he came across this group who put up a second act. Even Dreadful Radio would be slightly unwell when constructing a story world, not to mention those here.

The persistence of the other party made Su Bai a little curious. What was so special about himself to be taken so seriously by that group?

Now things were made clear. What they cared about was actually not himself but Lucky's original owner. That woman who even Fatty had to bow down to and act like a grandson. That woman must have done something in the past that left a deep mental impact. They might be unaware that woman had long gone to some unknown place.

"Heh heh. Do you think you're qualified to know some things?"

When Su Bai said this, the whole place fell into an awkward silence. Jaron closed his eyes and Sofia slowly closed the folder in her hands.

Su Bai was just standing there, calm and collected.

Finally, Sofia stood up and looked at Su Bai:

"I just wanted to ask, is she in London?"

"This, I do not know."

Su Bai answered truthfully. God knew where she was right now. When she told him, she would be leaving for half a year, at least half a year, not to mention London, it was unknown if she was still in the real world.

Su Bai's tone and reply were like purposely covering up only to make matters worse.

Sofia lowered her head, lifted the coffee and took a sip. She then said in relief:

"Forget about it. Perhaps it was a false alarm."

Jaron looked deeply at Sofia. "Even if it was a false alarm, we need to handle it in a serious manner."

Sofia pointed at Su Bai: "Since that black cat is following him, this proves his relationship with the black cat's owner is not simple. However, his task completion rate is low. That woman can do things without consideration of being entangled by karma, but him? No way."

Su Bai's head gently inclined and stared at Sofia. Based on her tone, seemed like he was being looked down upon?

Jaron inhaled a deep breath and exhaled. He turned around and chose to leave. The same time Jaron was leaving, the people who came to ambush in the church surroundings also left together.

Only Sofia and Su Bai were left in the church. Su Bai stretched himself lazily.

"That blind kid is a hired actor?"

Sofia shook her head. "He is Jaron's son."

"Oh, sorry." Su Bai apologized politely.

Not hesitating to allow his own son to participate in this arranged probing, was there a need for such a high risk?

"I'll send you back to the hotel." Sofia looked and Su Bai and said, "This time, I'm really sending you back. Your appointment for the psychological research center is tomorrow. I will accompany you there. You can treat me as your guide in London. Even though we know that what we are doing is pointless and useless, at least we found something to do."

"It's still because of her?"

"It's because of her."

Su Bai shrugged his shoulder. What did that woman do last time to cause this group of people to be so nervous?

The exited the church. It wasn't a bike parked outside but a high-end limousine.

Su Bai sat at the passenger seat and Sofia drove.

"Drive slower." Su Bai reminded.


Sofia start driving and really drove slowly this time, giving off a comfortable feeling.

"By the way, could you tell me what she did last time?" Su Bai finally couldn't control his own curiosity.

Su Bai did not directly answer and instead asked, "Do you watch football matches?"


"Which team was the champions of the last EPL[2]?"

"Manchester City." Su Bai replied.

A dark horse appeared during the last EPL championships, the grassroot team Manchester City created miracles and legends. They stole away the championship from many top clubs, creating a sensation.

"Would you believe me if I told you it wasn't Manchester City?"

"What do you mean?" Su Bai was already in deep thoughts.

"The last champions were actually a team called Mariner City."

Mariner City Team?

Mariner City?

Was there such a team in English Premier League?

Su Bai's hands trembled. He suddenly thought of a possibility, a very scary possibility.

"That time when she came was to seek revenge. Her enemy was considered a huge family in Mariner City and had a large network. Until today, we still do not know what enmity they had. She felt it was still not enough after killing them and, in the end, destroyed the whole city.

"Mariner City was just a small city but their football team were famous. They were an elite squad in the EPL and reigned champions many times. They were also famous internationally.

"Because she destroyed the city, the football team naturally was destroyed too.

"Dreadful Radio directly wiped out that city to eliminate any influence. It wiped out all traces of that city.

"This means that only those who became audiences before that city was wiped out knew that on earth, in England, at the east side of London, there was once a city called Mariner City.

"You do not know about it because you only became an audience after that day."

Su Bai finally understood at this moment why these Englishmen faced him life confronting a formidable enemy. When she came to England last time, she brought along Lucky by her side. When these English audiences saw the black cat with himself, they started to panic.

Pondering from a different point of view, Lucky's previous owner came to England, destroyed a city and left. What type of karma was this?

She wasn't dead….. and only disappeared for half a year.

Su Bai's opinion of that woman went deeper by another level. She, really was terrifying.

"We're here." Sofia stopped her car at the hotel entrance.


Su Bai got down from the car and entered the elevator. His phone rang before he could enter his room. It was Chu Zhao.

Su Bai furrowed his brows but still answered.

"Su Bai..." Chu Zhao was obviously drunk again. "Hurry up and tell me, why did Xiao Hui commit suicide? Why the hell was I in your house? Faster, faster tell me!

"If only you were not my brother, your daddy would happily bring over my gun and shoot you dead. At most, your daddy will be charged with manslaughter and forced to eat some peanuts[3].

"I want you to provide me and explanation right now. Give me a reason. Really, Su Bai.

"Give me an explanation. Give me a reason.

"I beg you Su Bai. I am really begging you, for old times sake, give me an explanation.

"I'm feeling bitter, I'm feeling troubled.

I'm troubled."

Listening to Chu Zhao's sobbing tone on the phone, Su Bai bit his lips. The elevator door opened. He did not head for his room but instead leaned on a cold wall.

But in the end, Su Bai did not say a thing, he also did not explain. He pressed hard and ended the call.

Su Bai knelt down and used one hand to rub his face with much force, forcing himself to calm his emotions. He then smiled and shook his head; his eyes had a tinge of redness.

'Chu Zhao, do you still remember that time when I stole your gun and killed my roommate?

'When you came over to my dorm, my roommate died of a sudden heart attack instead. There were no bullets missing in your gun.

'Heh heh.

'How am I supposed to explain?

'How the f*cking hell am I supposed explain!'


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