Dreadful Radio Game
164 Commit Suicide
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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164 Commit Suicide

Su Bai lit a cigarette and stood by the window. The clouds outside were growing thicker and thicker. To ordinary humans, it was like a sudden thunderstorm. The weather forecast failed to make another prediction. But for people in the inner circles, this group of dark clouds and roaring thunder signified an ending.

There are no rights and wrongs, or it's better to say that there are no definite rights and wrongs.

Both of Su Bai's hands held the windowpane; his gaze was a little slacking.

There are too many things in this world that cannot be distinguished by right and wrong, whether it is between humans or countries. Absolute justice and absolute evil are more like the star-studded snow cover of two enormous mountains; it's actually complemented with the grey area.

The call was still ongoing. Aroma also kept quiet as if she could feel Su Bai's mental state.

However, when she heard the sound of thunder from Su Bai's side, she asked in surprise:

"It's raining on your side?"

"En." Su Bai replied. Su Bai could already feel two tyrannical auras clashing in front. Everything was clear now. Someone wanted to protect Yuan. That's why he was obstructed from continuing the reality task.

He rubbed his own nose and smiled.

In truth, he wasn't a principled person. If the other party took the initiative to contact himself and offered some benefits to give up this reality task, it wasn't impossible.

However, the other party felt there was no need to talk too much with a low-level audience and directly hired someone to kill him, then...sorry.

Su Bai did not watch the situation on that side and had no thoughts of repaying the favor. One reason was because his Hellfire Shotguns were low on ammunition. Another reason was that he might get caught in a disaster based on the intensity of the battle. He had gotten quite a number of benefits and shouldn't be too greedy.

He sat on Chu Zhao's bed. Su Bai suddenly remembered Chu Zhao was still locked in his own home. Su Bai still did not know how to explain to Chu Zhao, but thinking back, there was no need to explain too much. Chu Zhao was still in an unconscious state when he left. Su Bai had already informed Lucky to let Chu Zhao remain unconscious, and the excuse he gave was that he was worried the little fella's rest would be disturbed. Lucky would definitely not allow the little fella's peaceful afternoon nap to be disrupted by Chu Zhao's screaming and shouting if he awakened.

He relationship with Dreadful Radio had unwittingly started to affect and radiate the relationships in his own world. Su Bai wasn't too bothered about it, even if he treasured his friendship with Aroma and Chu Zhao. These types of things such as friendship were now considered luxury goods for him.




The continuous booms resounded and were a little ear piercing. Wang Xue's aura totally disappeared.

Su Bai rubbed his chin. He stood up and left Chu Zhao's bedroom.

The housekeeper's corpse in the living room would start to rot if it was still not dealt with. Su Bai lifted up this corpse and kept it in a luggage he randomly found. He then pushed the luggage out of Chu Zhao's house.

Su Bai didn't really care about the handling of the corpse. This was considered the aftermath of the reality task, and Dreadful Radio would wipe it away without generating any repercussions. He merely did it so that his friend's house would be clean.

The luggage was pushed by Su Bai to the side of a dumpster. The rain started to fall.

It was unknown who had won in that short battle.

Su Bai's hair was already wet by the rain, but he didn't care. He took out the car keys and planned to return home to release Chu Zhao before any other plans.

Before this, the phone signal was not stable due to the magnetic field of the lightning, and Su Bai's conversation with Aroma was cut off. At this moment, Aroma sent a WeChat message:

"Are things over yet?"

"It's over." Su Bai replied.

"When will you return to London with me to... recuperate?"

"You arrange. I have no opinions. In addition, I want to bring the child along."

"En, okay. I will make arrangements."

When Su Bai was about to start the car, the face of a woman appeared by the window. It was Xiao Hui.

Su Bai unlocked the door. Xiao Hui opened the door and entered. Her whole body was soaking wet.

Xiao Hui at this moment had no resentment nor did she have any trace of the sinister aura. Even her fingernails had returned to normal.

"Seems like your aunt still had a little conscience," Su Bai mocked.

Xiao Hui looked at Su Bai. "Where is Chu Zhao?"

"You still want to find him?"

"He is my boyfriend."

Su Bai inhaled a deep breath. "As his friend, I hope you leave him, the further the better."

"You are just his friend. You have no right and are not qualified to make a decision on his behalf. My aunt's soul has been dispersed and vanished under the lightning strike. She broke past that man's barrier and arrived in front of that woman. In the end, she did not kill that woman and chose to give up."

"Corny." Su Bai evaluated.

"Bring me to meet Chu Zhao." Xiao Hui repeated.

Su Bai nodded his head and then grabbed Xiao Hui by the hair. He then pressed her face hard on the window while opening the car drawer with his other hand. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at the back of Xiao Hui's head. This was Aroma's car, and it was normal to have a gun inside.

"You still want to find him? You still f*cking want to find him? Don't think we cannot investigate even though you think you can put up a good act. You purposely found relations and transferred here, purposely got close to Chu Zhao. You already knew there were changes in your own body, and yet you still purposely got close to him. You knew that his body was weakening by being with you and his yang vitals was sucked by you, yet you still continued to be with him!

"You chose him because he is Chu Jianguo's son. Chu Jianguo was the person in charge of the case that time!"

Xiao Hui revealed a pained look. Her head was pressed on the window like a meat pie. After hearing what Su Bai said, Xiao Hui only continued to repeat indifferently.

"Bring me to meet Chu Chao."

Su Bai smiled. He licked his lips and said in a low tone:

"You really think that I wouldn't kill you?"

The reality task had ended. Su Bai felt the karma caused by killing an unrelated human was still within his acceptable range.

"Then kill me." There was calmness in Xiao Hui's eyes. After experiencing this incident, it was as if she had lost the will to live. The current her was no longer connected with Wang Xue, and she had become an ordinary human. She was more like a walking corpse now compared to before.

Wang Xue, at the final moments, chose to liberate herself and seek redemption and gave up taking revenge on Yuan. She left her niece and totally vanished under the lightning strikes. Wang Xue's mood, memories and sharing the same body for a long period of time had deeply affected Xiao Hui.

Wang Xue was gone, Xiao Hui's three treasures[1] were also gone.

"Fine, I'll bring you to meet Chu Zhao."

Su Bai let loose his hand and threw the gun below the passenger seat. He then started driving.

Xiao Hui calmly sat properly and looked ahead emotionlessly.

The wipers were swiping nonstop as the rain continued to fall.

Su Bai was not driving fast, and he kept tapping the steering wheel with his fingers. He was hesitating and was contemplating. There were very few instances where Su Bai hesitated. He felt that the best way was to kill Xiao Hui and arrange a new life for Chu Zhao. But Xiao Hui was also right; he was only Chu Zhao's friend. He had no qualifications to decide on behalf of Chu Zhao, unless he did no plan to continue being friends with Chu Zhao.

Su Bai drove into his house entrance half an hour later.

"You wait here."

Su Bai opened the car door, swiped his card and entered his home.

The little fella was watching television on the sofa. He waved his chubby little hands excitedly when he saw that Su Bai had returned.

Su Bai walked over and carried the little fella. Both of the little fella's arms were clinging onto Su Bai's neck, being very intimate with Su Bai.

Lucky was lying on the staircase and remained aloof on seeing the scene below.

The little fella was placed back on the sofa, and it sensibly continued to watch television. Su Bai pushed open the door of a side room on the first floor.

Chu Zhao was tied to a chair, and his head was slanted like he was in deep sleep.

A very clear cat paw print could be seen on Chu Zhao's forehead. It wasn't a scar but a light imprint. Even though Lucky nearly fell out with Su Bai, it still listened to him and let Chu Zhao remain in a deep slumber until now.

Su Bai reached out and rubbed off the paw print on Chu Zhao's forehead.

Chu Zhao's eyelids twitched and he slowly opened his eyes. Su Bai had already untied the ropes on his body by this moment.

"What happened? I fell asleep in your house?"

Su Bai did not reply and quietly walked out of the bedroom; he then sat on the sofa.

Lucky had just brought over an ice cream and the little fella was digging in. When Su Bai sat down, the little fella approached Su Bai and lifted the ice cream to him.

Su Bai chuckled and accepted it. He took a wood chip from the teapoy and fed a scoop into the little fella's mouth.

Chu Zhao rubbed his neck as he walked out of the bedroom.

"How long have I been asleep?" Chu Zhao asked in a bewildered manner.

He still did not receive an answer from Su Bai.

"Ah Bai, Ah Bai, I'm asking you."

"Xiao Hui is in the car outside." Su Bai said.


Chu Zhao did not know what happened to Su Bai, but he did not continue pondering. He pushed open the door and saw the car parked in the rain as well as the woman in the passenger seat of the car.

"Ah Hui." Chu Zhao jogged over in the rain.

Seeing Chu Zhao running towards her, Xiao Hui's originally lifeless face revealed a smile. It was a self-mocking smile. When Chu Zhao was a few meters away from the car, Xiao hui lifted her hand. She was holding a gun.

Just when Chu Zhao rushed over and wanted to open the car door, Xiao Hui shoved the muzzle into her mouth.

Two rows of tears were falling from her eyes.

She finally took a deep glance at Chu Zhao…

…and pulled the trigger.


Chu Zhao stood there stupefied as he looked at the scattered blood and brains in the cabin. It was as if he was struck by lightning.


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