Dreadful Radio Game
143 Sorry, I Am Unsure About My Future
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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143 Sorry, I Am Unsure About My Future

Su Bai inhaled a deep breath and he transformed back. He searched through his contacts and gave Chu Zhao a call.

"Hello, I say young master Su, aren't you enjoying life in retirement in Chengdu? You still remember you have a suffering police friend serving the public with no night or day far off the east?"

Listening to Chu Zhao who was sloppy as usual, Su Bai felt more at ease. In truth, the owner of the hand did not seem to take any action against Chu Zhao, and perhaps the picture must have been mistakenly taken.

However, thinking that there was such an existence by Chu Zhao's side, and the other party might be a police officer... Su Bai found it inconceivable.

What type of place was the public security bureau?

Even a normal human would have a hint of respect for that place, not to mention those type of things. Hospitals could be haunted, the morgue could be haunted, little alleys could be haunted but never once was there news about the public security bureau being haunted.

But those things would unexpectedly mingle inside.

Su Bai drank up the red wine placed on the banister. And said:

"Don't end the call. The gathering photo you just posted in your WeChat moments, check it out. The hand on your shoulder, the hand with the black nail polish, do you remember whose hand is it?"

"Hold on, let me check." Chu Zhao laughed and then flipped through the photo.

Following, Chu Zhao's voice became stern. "I say, young master Su, if you suddenly have a fondness for hands, then you can stop thinking about this person. She is my girlfriend. Heh heh. At first, I wanted to introduce her to you all, but you guys either went to Sichuan or went overseas. I as your brother can only secretly enjoy."


This word kept appearing in Su Bai's mind. It was hard for him to imagine the scene of Chu Zhao and that thing making out.

"Alright, don't envy me. You have been single for a long time. It's about time you find a partner. My girlfriend made supper for me, heh heh. Let me tell you, I ate chinese chives and eggs, chinese chives with meat, chinese chives with shiitake mushrooms. Tonight, I will spread my seeds and then get married, necessitated by an unplanned pregnancy.


"You should rest early. Come visit if you are free since it's not troublesome by flight. I'm going to get busy, goodbye!"

Chu Zhao ended the call.

Su Bai looked at his phone and didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Goodbye some more, chinese chives and eggs some more, He really wanted to know how Chu Zhao would react if he knew what he was intending to have fun with.

However, Su Bai didn't not continue calling, nor did he think of hinting to Chu Zhao. Seemed like that thing and Chu Zhao have been together for quite some time and should not take any action against Chu Zhao. Chu Zhao at this moment was still safe. Su Bai was still unable to comprehend how Chu Zhao and that thing were 'doing' it[1]. However, he was clear that if he called to remind Chu Zhao, that would result in one of two outcomes. If Chu Zhao believed him, how was he going to face that thing, and because of his abnormal response or overdoing the details, it might end up tragic for him.

"Looks like he is quite happy." Aroma's voice sounded from the phone. When Su Bai called Chu Zhao, he did not cut off his voice message with Aroma.

"En, really makes me envy." Su Bai teased.

Based on young master Su's taste and demands, he really wasn't interested in normal looking ladies, not to mention weird fetishes and ending up hooking up with those kinds of things.

"Alright, you should rest earlier, I'll stop disturbing you."

"I'm leaving tomorrow and heading back to Shanghai. We'll meet up at that time."

"You really made me feel touched for a moment."

"Extremely touched and then rejected, is it[2]?"

"Come on, you can seriously try to confess to me."

"I have a glass heart[3]." Su Bai looked at the time. "Alright, you should rest early. See you tomorrow."

"En, see you tomorrow. Goodnight."

After ending the chat, Su Bai headed back to the room, sat on the sofa and checked the flight itinerary with his phone. Chengdu to Shanghai was nearly two thousand kilometres away. Jiuzhaigou to Shanghai should be a few hundred kilometres more than Chengdu. Driving like when he arrived was impossible. Luckily there was an airport in Jiuzhaigou.

Su Bai booked two tickets for the afternoon flight to Shanghai. He had nothing to pack. The items he brought when he came weren't much, so he directly lied down on the bed, hugged the little fella in his embrace, closed his eyes and got ready to sleep for a while.

The little fella exhibited movement when he slept. He liked to thread his feet and wave his arms when he slept. This type of feeling gave Su Bai a sense of dependency, a type of feeling he hadn't felt in a very long time.

In the morning, Su Bai opened his eyes. He did not set the alarm as he knew that he would not oversleep. The little fella was already awake and struggled out of his embrace and was playing with Lucky at the other side of the bed.

Su Bai got up, took his wallet and phone and what not, covered the little fella with his jacket and carried him in his arms. He called the manager on duty to arrange a ride to directly send him to the airport. Along the way, he messaged the monk and said he was leaving for some urgent matters.

Once he received his boarding pass and reached the security checkpoint, Su Bai took a trolley, placed Lucky and the little fella on it and then walked passed the security checkpoint under the eyes of the public without getting his luggage checked. Lucky, of course, played a role in this.

After he boarded, he placed Lucky and the little fella at the seat beside his. The air stewardess who walked past did not even notice someone had brought a baby and a pet on board.

He secured the seat belt of the little fella. As for Lucky, Su Bai didn't bother. It was not its first time taking a flight.

When the plane picked up speed ready to take off, the little fella opened his eyes wide and his mouth became O-shaped. Since it was his first flight, he was feeling amazed.

Su Bai knew the little fella was precocious and witty. When the plane stabilized at the overhead of the cloud bank, Su Bai carried the little fella up and allowed him to view the clouds through the porthole. The little fella clapped the window with his little hands in excitement. Su Bai kissed the little fella's head, and the little fella giggled happily.

The plane landed after around three hours of flight. Su Bai carried the little fella and got off the plane.

Once they came out, Su Bai saw the image of a pretty lady standing at the arrival hall.

It had been a since they had last met. Aroma's posture seemed taller and straighter. Most probably, it was because of the experience gained stationed abroad, and she gave off a very composed feeling.

Aroma was not wearing a skirt, nor was she wearing jeans. Instead, it was a military camouflage suit. The People's Liberation Army nowadays were not like the era millet plus rifles[4] matched with strong cloth soles. The military uniform was getting more and more good-looking. Aroma stood there like the most eye-catching sight. Her beautiful complexion combined with the temperament of an army personnel caused the other ladies who walked past to lose their splendor.

"How did you know I boarded this flight?" Su Bai walked over and asked.

Aroma smiled, and two charming dimples appeared on her face. "Don't forget what I do."

"Human rights, oh human rights. My privacy had been violated. I want to report you." Su Bai teased.

"Hey, you actually brought a cat along to travel. You should have put in a lot of effort bring it aboard the plane, right?" Aroma squatted down to tease Lucky, but Lucky shot a glance at Aroma and maintained its aloof character.

Aroma wasn't angry meeting this brick wall like Lucky. She stood up and placed her hand on Su Bai's shoulders very naturally and then automatically touched the shirt in Su Bai's embrace. The little fella who had dozed off when they got off the plane woke up at this moment. He stretched his tiny head out from the shirt looking at his surroundings while being muddle-headed. He saw a stupefied elder sister staring at him. And this elder sister was holding Su Bai's arm.

The little fella furrowed his brows, and his eyes started to water.

Baby had grievances deep in his heart.

Aroma was even more surprised. She never imagined Su Bai would be carrying a child.

"This child is very cute. You relative's?" Aroma reached out and pinched the little fella's cheeks.

"Mine." Su Bai replied calmly.

Aroma went into a short daze and slowly let go of her hand.


"Yeah, mine."

"I never heard you mention before." Aroma found it hard to believe.

"Illegitimate child." Su Bai replied and then hugged the little fella tightly. "Come on, let's leave the airport. Oh yea, did you inform Chu Zhao?"

"He said he had official business today."

"Ask him to postpone it. Furthermore, ask him to bring his girlfriend along for lunch with us this afternoon."

Aroma nodded her head, feeling a little complicated. But in the end, she still took out her phone and gave Chu Zhao a call. Chu Zhao was obviously put in a difficult situation, but since Su Bai had mentioned it, he couldn't shirk from it. He could only promise to put down his work and attend in the afternoon.

Aroma drove over. Su Bai got into the car and sat on the passenger seat. The little fella was still in Su Bai's embrace. Lucky obediently sat at the back.

"I heard that your cousin sister is getting engaged. I feel that the people from our type of families get engaged very young. I never thought that you would be faster than them. You even have a child."

Su Bai felt that something was not right with Aroma's tone, but he still acted as if nothing had happened.

"I would take good care of him."

"How about the child's mother?" Aroma asked.

"This is my privacy." Su Bai answered harshly. The privacy this time wasn't like before this. This wasn't a joke.

Aroma slightly raised her head and drove. Her nose slowly turned sour, but she did not cry. She did not allow herself to cry.

"Su Bai, we're good friends, right? We'd even murdered together before…"

Su Bai faced out the window without replying, but his attitude had already said it all.

Sorry, I am unsure about my future.


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