Dreadful Radio Game
142 Captivating Fingernails
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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142 Captivating Fingernails

After they finished dining, Gyatso and the monk bid their farewells and left. They needed to rest as they had been battling hard with the resentful infant the past days. Su Bai was different; other than a little scare in prison, he was practically locked in a cage for ten days which was considered easy and comfortable in the story world.

Su Bai sat for a moment beside the dining table. When he was about to leave and take a stroll with the little fella and Lucky, someone came knocking at the door:

"Is it Mr Su? How are you? I am the manager on duty of Paradise Intercontinental Hotel."

Su Bai was surprised. He didn't know why the manager would find himself and asked, "Is there anything?"

The manager opened the door but did not enter. And said in an apologetic manner: "Why didn't Mr. Su inform in advance that you were staying here? If it wasn't for the people in the back office finding Mr. Su's name in the guest logs, we really wouldn't know."

"What's really going on?" Su Bai carried the little fella and Lucky followed behind.

"Errr..." The manager finally realized that Su Bai was unaware; he smiled bitterly and said, "Mr. Su, you have a share in this hotel."

Su Bai was enlightened, but he really didn't know. The assets his parents left him were currently being managed by a professional consultant. For him, before this, money was just a string of numbers. At least he didn't have to worry about his daily needs this lifetime; he didn't even need to worry about his livelihood. Right now, after encountering Dreadful Radio Game, he was even more indifferent towards these types of things. If money in the real world could be exchanged for story points, then that would be great. At least he wouldn't have to be worried over a few bullets.

"Oh. I have no issues. Why don't you go get busy." Su Bai felt that the manager assumed that he secretly came over to observe, but he really didn't know he actually had a share.

"Do you need me to upgrade the room of you and you two friends? We still have..."

"There's no need, the current arrangement is very good."

"Alright, Mr. Su, this is my business card. You can call me if you need anything."

Su Bai received the business card and the manager immediately left.

The little fella took the gold framed business card from Su Bai's hand and started playing with it; he even bit it with his mouth. When he realized it was hard and not delicious, he furrowed his brows.

"Great. At least there's no need to worry about money for milk power raising you." Su Bai rubbed the little fella's head.

However, the little fella could already eat a drumstick the first day he was born; looked like he didn't need to drink milk.

The environment of the hotel was not bad. There was a humongous glass room covering a waterside pavilion. The stars in the sky could clearly be seen, and it gave people a secured feeling and not make them feel fettered.

There were little animals in the water flowing beneath a little bridge. The little fella was carried up by Su Bai; both his hand held on the railing, and his eyes were fixed on a quail. In a short while, the quail turn around but shifted its gaze very quickly. It then leisurely swam away to somewhere else.

The little fella put his finger in his mouth and started sucking. Then he peeked at that quail and then peeked at Su Bai.

"It is already very pitiful over here, let's not continue tormenting it."

The little fella nodded his head with a hazy notion. Very soon, he was attracted to the cascade.

The little fella threaded his feet, wanting to come down. Su Bai had no choice and squatted down, grabbed the little fella's waist, making sure both his hands were holding tight to the railing. When he realized the little fella was quite secured, he loosened his grip and stood up.

"Yi Ya Yi Ya Yo..."

The little fella shouted non-stop, making some unknown baby talk towards the man-made waterfall, obviously very excited. The little fella seemed to be overly excited and lost his footing. He slipped through the opening of the railing and fell into the fountain pool.

When Su Bai was about to reach out to grab the little fella, Lucky was even faster and jumped into the pool and circled around the little fella, afraid any accident would occur. However, Lucky obviously was thinking too much. Su Bai recalled the scene where the little fella was swimming up and down when he was thrown into a water jar for a bath on the first day he was born.

After Lucky hurriedly jump down, it realized the little fella's head was above the water, his tiny meaty legs were threading the water and he was playing happily in the pool.

Lucky climbed back to shore, shook off the water droplets on its fur and continued to remain aloof by the pool.

Su Bai walked over and patted Lucky.

"Very good, you can help me take care of this child when I enter the story world. It is even steadier with you around compared to having a nanny."

Lucky did not reply and remained sitting there.

Su Bai clapped his hand, walked over and carried the little fella out of the pool.

"Alright, it's getting cold, stop playing. It's time to sleep."

Su Bai headed back to the room while carrying the little fella and Lucky following behind. The little fella was indeed feeling a little tired. Su Bai placed him on the bed, and he obediently fell asleep while curled up and sucking his thumb. Lucky was having nearly the same posture as the little fella as it curled up next to the little fella. One baby and one cat looking harmonious together.

Su Bai realized that his room had an additional bottle of red wine. Even though he did not agree to change rooms, the hotel did put in some considerations.

He poured for himself a glass of wine and walked to the balcony. Under the night sky, only the silhouette of the snowy mountain could be seen, but the vast outline was still obvious.

Taking a sip of his wine, Su Bai took out his own phone. Su Bai did not have many friends in WeChat due to his anti-social character. Even in university, there were not many students who were close with him.

While scrolling his friends list, he saw Litchi's profile picture. The profile picture was the picture of Lucky.

Su Bai did not know where Litchi was at, nor did he know what she was doing there; he had no desire of knowing.

Su Bai placed the wine glass on the banister and held the banister with both hands. He closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath. The air had a bleak and desolate smell which Su Bai liked very much. This place was truly beautiful with the verdant hills and limpid water, but for most people, it was not suitable to stay in the long run due to the height above the sea level.

At this moment, Su Bai realized someone had sent him a WeChat message. He was a little surprised to find that it was Aroma who had messaged him.

Ever since Aroma told him she was going to the embassy in England to be a military attaché and the Murder Club was disbanded, they rarely kept contact. Friends were like this. Majority of friends who did not keep contact after a long period of time, their relationship would be just like that.

"What are you doing?"

Aroma had sent this message.

Su Bai took his phone, the camera facing front, recorded a short clip and sent it afterwards.

Soon afterwards, Aroma sent a voice message. Su Bai tapped on the listen button.

"It's really beautiful. You passed your days well."

"It should be daytime in London, right?" Su Bai replied.

"Wrong. I just got back. I am now in Shanghai."

"Back for official business?"

"En, something like that. There are some things I came back to settle."

"Then good luck."

"Why must I, as a lady, put things bluntly, to invite this childe, who abandoned himself to nature, to come over faster to Shanghai to meet up, have a meal and get together?"

"Heh heh, I've heard someone had headed to one of the hospitals in London."

"Fine. Oh right, go check out Chu Zhao's moments. He just got promoted."

"So soon?" Su Bai furrowed his brows. It was not that he was jealous of his good friend's promotion. He was worried that Chu Zhao's family was pulling some stings from behind the scenes. For a childe who totally had no sense of belonging in the police profession, the higher he climbed, the more problems would occur.

"Check out his moments. He is showing off shamelessly."

Su Bai refreshed his friend's moments and saw a post Chu Zhao posted in his moments two minutes ago. It was a picture message. Su Bai tapped on the picture message and read:

"I, Wang Baoqiang[1], am divorcing my wife Ma Rong. The statement as follows..." Su Bai was at a daze for a moment.

"Aiyah, wrong one. Not this. This fella can still gossip around even though he is a police officer. He actually shared new of celebrity scandals and divorce in his moments." Aroma was speechless.

Celebrities, to normal people, were perhaps magnificent and were in a prominent position. But to them, who came from these type of families, most celebrities were no different from opera singers of ancient times. If they are in a cheerful mood while having their meal, they could even call over a few celebrities for company.

"He is playing detective reasoning. Didn't you read his last line, Chu Zhao added it himself saying the director of <Detective Chinatown[2]> Chen Sicheng[3] had purposely hinted to Wang Baoqiang that he been cuckolded. In that movie, Wang Baoqiang was acting as a police office who went overseas to get away from home because he found out his wife was fooling around with someone else."

Su Bai smiled. This fella Chu Zhao, his line of thought was quite innovative.

"I have no idea what he is thinking about. He can even speculate on this." Aroma is obviously very speechless.

Very soon, Su Bai scrolled down and found a selfie uploaded an hour ago. Chu Zhao was wearing a police uniform and looked very valiant, and a group of colleagues were circled around him. It should be a gathering to celebrate his promotion. In the photo, Chu Zhao seems happy. As his good friend, Su Bai hopes he would get over it and not to repel the police profession like in the past.

However, very soon, Su Bai's sights froze, he saw a hand placed on Chu Zhao's shoulder. It was unclear whose hand was it, but it seemed that person was also wearing a police uniform. But that person was not in the photo. The nail of the thumb was exposed, and it seems to belong to a female. The nails were pretty and even painted with black nail polish, but Su Bai felt something wasn't right.

He immediately unfolded his own hand and entered the zombie state.

Very soon, Su Bai could see the nails of his left hand growing longer. There was a black luster with faint halation.

Su Bai placed his thumb on his phone and zoomed in on the picture. That thumb nail was place side by side with Su Bai's fingernail.

"This… is not nail polish."


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