Dreadful Radio Game
115 You Can’t See Through A Psycho
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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115 You Can’t See Through A Psycho

Now Su Bai was like a bully collecting protection fee. No one could be spared because someone else had already offered something. That's not how it worked. Every witness should take a share, that was the rule.

It was not in Su Bai’s nature to walk away from what he deserved. Especially at this moment, Su Bai would not be satisfied with a few story points of the task while Seven had apparently gotten some extra benefit. He would not be left behind.

The woman looked at Su Bai coldly. She was much weaker because of the pregnancy and failed to take back her Exorciser, but she still had dignity. Her look had put a lot of stress on Su Bai.

But Su Bai didn’t seem to care at all. He kept the dagger against her neck. Of course, after that slap, it wouldn’t matter even if he stopped.

"Seven, what say you?" The woman looked at Seven who was standing aside, "You promised to protect me until the delivery."

"Amitabh." Seven put his palms together, looked at Su Bai and then the woman, and said slowly, "He’s not gonna kill you or your baby. So I won’t break my oath even if I don’t do anything."

Su Bai nodded. Seven was showing him the bottom line. Anything above that would be negotiable.

Seven had tried to stab Su Bai in the back, so now he was trying to make up with some peace offering.

"Good for you, monk. Humans are indeed the most cunning and deceptive creatures." A hint of ferocity flashed in the woman’s eyes. She was beginning to regret leaving the nest with the monk. He was not one of those people she could manipulate.

"Hey, I’m the one talking to you. It’s impolite to ignore me, isn’t it?"

The woman spat, "You are just a nobody. How dare you challenge me! Go ahead, hurt me! If you dare!"


Su Bai just answered in a low voice. Then the dagger went into her flesh.

The woman’s eyes widened. She saw the invincible Exorciser go into her chest, and in a second, her left breast was gone.

Everyone fell silent.

Su Bai grabbed that piece of flesh, pinched it, put it under his nose, sniffed and licked it with his tongue. It couldn’t be more creepy. But Su Bai didn’t feel anything. He had tasted worse, including the Zombie King. This seemed much better than the other stuff he had these days. Of course, for most people, this breast was only attractive when it was still on a woman’s body, but if it was taken off and held in a man’s hand, it would be scary.

"You… You… You really…" The woman felt as if it was the end of the world for her. She was slapped by Su Bai, but she didn’t feel humiliated, just a little painful, because her values were different.


The flesh was tossed onto the ground and even rolled over for a little. Su Bai touched it with his foot. Well, it felt bouncy, and it was plumpy even after it left the body.

However, soon it began to change. It became as big as a cow’s, with heavy black hair on it. And its rosy tip turned from a cherry into something huge and rough.

Su Bai had seen the real fox. She was big and wild, and her breasts were exactly like that. What was more, her organs seemed to be going through a further development as the delivery day approached.

"I wonder if fox blood tastes good." Su Bai moved his face close to her wound. He would really like to lick it, but he was concerned. He remembered the tragedy after he was injected with the Zombie King’s evil energy. The last thing he wanted was something like that.

Seven was still indifferent. But the fox wasn’t. She was shaking. Even a strong demon like her was frightened when her power was wakened dramatically due to her pregnancy. If she was not scared, she wouldn’t have left that nest.

"Don’t be afraid. Be good."

Su Bai put Exorciser against her stomach and cut through her skin a little. Some blood ran out. Then he swept it and left a track of blood.

"Amitabh, that’s enough." Seven looked at Su Bai and then the fox, "Make an oath."

Seven thought Su Bai only wanted the same oath as his, and it could be negotiable. Even, he believed that Su Bai would be more committed to protect the fox if they made the same oath so he could share a leg.

"Ha ha." The woman smiled and looked at Su Bai. "Do it. Kill me."

At this time, the woman showed a peculiar resolution. She was still scared. Any creature would be scared of death by its nature as long as it could think.

But she chose to go tit-for-tat. Kill me if you dare.

However, a fox was just a beast, no matter how smart she was.

As Pu Songling[1] once wrote, "How cunning can an animal be? Just to make people laugh!" Especially, this fox was facing Seven, whose capability she did not know, and Su Bai who was extremely ferocious.

Su Bai paused his lips as if he was wronged, stared at the fox and said in a quivering voice: "Don’t push me, baby. Seriously, don’t push me."

"I’m not pushing you. Aren’t you arrogant? Aren’t you so bad-ass? Come on, kill me if you dare! Do it! Now! Kill me!"

The woman was yelling hysterically. Apparently, she was losing her temper due to Su Bai’s humiliation. But most importantly, she was sure that Su Bai wouldn’t dare to kill her.

The baby would only be born when she was alive. The monk had made an oath with her, and this man couldn’t kill her because if he did, nobody would get anything!

Su Bai raised his head and looked at Seven who was slowly approaching.

Seven seemed to feel something and started to walk faster.

"Seven, stop there, don’t panic." Su Bai pointed to Seven. "I’m so tired, really, mentally exhausted. So don’t push me any more. I’m scared."

Seven’s look finally changed, becoming even a little too serious.

"Seven, look, we’ve been on the run for quite some time, do you really think there’s a point for all this?"

Before Seven could say anything, Su Bai answered by himself:

"No, there’s no point."

Then, Su Bai’s dagger went into the fox’s stomach.

The fox was shocked. Seven staggered and kneeled down with a pained look. Apparently, he was suffering from a severe outcome of breaking an oath.

They had made that oath and brought it up to the heaven with supernatural power. In this story world, the natural laws responded faster, so the payback was almost instant.

But Su Bai just kept smiling and stirred the dagger inside the fox’s stomach. Her face twisted because of the pain, but her eyes were still fixed on Su Bai.

That was impossible!

How could it be possible!

How dare he! How dare he do this!

"Let’s give up on MT 1. We don’t know whether Gyatso and Fatty are still alive or not, and I’m stuck here with you keeping an eye on each other. I feel annoyed. Seven, I always know that you’re smart, and I know I’m the unexpected one in your plan, so I’m never satisfied with your arrangement about me. Seriously, I’m embarrassed here, facing danger but not guaranteed with the same benefit, and I have to think about getting back at you all the time! It’s annoying!

"And, Seven, I’ve always wanted to tell you, although you seem to be wise, you’re not right about everything.


"Like this time, you’re wrong about me.

"I don’t know how you managed to make that oath, or how you restrain each other. Maybe I’m not as capable as you are.

"Well, that’s the end of my speech. And one more advice:

"Even a mind-reader can’t see through a… psychopath."

The fox roared with anger and grabbed Exorciser with both hands, but Su Bai kicked her down. From her stomach, guts were running out. She couldn’t even keep her human appearance. She was growing out black hair and apparently turning back into a fox demon.

"Monk, you’ve broken the oath."

The fox was screaming and cursing. It was Seven who brought this man here, it was Seven who stood by and watched when this man walked to her, and it was Seven who did nothing when this man threatened her and hurt her! Now her stomach was cut open, and it was Seven’s fault.

In fact, Seven was bleeding out of his eyes and suffering in great pain.

Su Bai licked his lips and made a circle with Exorciser.

However, just at this moment, something as small as a palm rolled out of the fox’s stomach.

Su Bai paused. It was a baby, but it must have died due to preterm delivery.

He was ready to hear that MT 1 had failed. He touched the baby with the tip of his boot. It was incredibly small and looked like a human baby. Such a pity.

Although he was the killer, he felt sorry for the baby.


… the next moment, Su Bai’s eyes widened.

The blood-covered baby grabbed Su Bai’s boot with a tiny hand!

It was still alive!



[1] Pu Songling: A Chinese writer in Qing Dynasty, best known as the author of Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (Liaozhai zhiyi). — Wikipedia


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