Dreadful Radio Game
31 Check-in Record
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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31 Check-in Record

The ghost lady was not very tough; she was far from being ferociously evil, and she was not very powerful. Su Bai was not very surprised when she was sucked into that stuff in the bronze chest; of course, he was not sorry for that. Though the ghost lady was sort of a senior to him, they were not related or something; in fact, they had never met before. Su Bai wasn’t that sentimental.

What surprised Su Bai was that old man— his ability had reached a state far beyond common people’s understanding. Su Bai even believed this old man could avoid a bullet with his rapid reaction. This was not any ability exchanged with story points from Dreadful Radio Game, but something real gained through decades of constant painstaking practice.

A man like him would have a highly harmonious unity of his energy, vitality and spirit, as well as a strong will power.

However… with only one look at that thing in the chest in such a close distance, his soul was taken in before he knew it, and he was dead.

Su Bai closed his eyes, reached out his hand to the edge of the cover on the bronze chest and then put forth a little strength. There must be some kind of mechanism inside it; it took a lot of strength to push it open, but now, with only a little push, it began to shut automatically. The liquid began to gush, filled the chest and concealed the mirror again.

After double checking that the chest was closed, Su Bai opened his eyes and hunkered down immediately. Bullets had been squeezed out by his muscles while he was playing dead. However, it seemed that a great amount of energy was needed to recover from his wounds, so that feeling of extreme hunger started to stroke him again.

Hunger, hunger, hunger!

He was so hungry!

Su Bai took a deep breath. This physique was effective to some degree, but it was not an enjoyment that every time he got hurt, he would starve like hell; it was actually torture.

He was like a disposable rechargeable battery with poor capacity that needed recharge immediately after using, otherwise, it would be useless.

Su Bai hated this feeling of being disposable.

But, luckily…

… although he had no blood bags with him…

… there were two bodies that had recently died and should still have some warmth remaining.

Su Bai crawled to that old man’s body, lowered his head, bared his fangs and stuck them into the old man’s neck. Then he began to feed on his blood madly.

He knew that it must look terrible. He seemed to have turned from a homicidal maniac into a corpse eater. But he couldn’t resist the allure of fresh blood; there was nothing he could do.

This was… his sin.

When he finished the luxury meal, Su Bai sat down by the corpse, with sweat dripping down from his wet hair. He looked very decadent.

After resting for a while and pacifying his inmost disgust towards gluttony, Su Bai stood up, looked at the two bodies, walked out to fetch more gasoline and poured it onto them. Then he poured gas onto their car.

Let the fire burn them down.

The heat of fire made him a little uncomfortable. But sometimes, fire was indeed a good thing, a convenient thing; it could burn and take away so many evil stuff.

He tried to lift the chest but found it was a little too heavy for him to carry it by himself. So he put it down, ran out and drove his car in. He backed his car into the workshop, exerted all his strength to lift that chest up again and put it into his trunk.


He slammed down the trunk and then breathed with one hand against the trunk.

Even Su Bai himself didn’t know why he took this thing away. Apparently, this thing was very dangerous, but after going through those stories of Dreadful Radio, Su Bai’s views had changed a lot. For people like him, the more dangerous it was, the more valuable it would be.

He would bring it back first and study it later.

He got in and started the car.

Above the dashboard of this rented car, there was a decoration; it was a small tumbler monk putting his palms together praying.

Su Bai looked at it, put his palms together as well and said in his mind:

“Let me go back safely. No more DUI checking, please.”

After that, Su Bai smiled to himself.

Luckily, it was indeed a safe journey. He drove to a supermarket, bought some daily necessities, clothes and shoes and then went back to the car. Then he drove to the car rental agency for a renewal. After that, he drove to a fork under highway and parked there. There were greenbelts on both sides but not many cars in the neighborhood.

Su Bai wasn’t planning to stay in another hotel or to find somewhere else to stay. He had bought an air ticket and was leaving the next evening, and tomorrow afternoon, he had to trade blood.

He was leaving for Chengdu instead of staying in this city. Since his uncle had already talked with him about dropping school, everything would be fine. He would be staying in the house his parents left him; he could really use a break.

He could be considered to be healing or hiding; actually, a more important reason was to find a cozy place that he was familiar with, so he could deal with that Dreadful Radio.

Just then, Su Bai’s phone rang.


“Su Bai, I’ve just got back from a competition and learnt about you… How are you?”


“Where are you? I’m going to see you.”

“No need.”

“No need?” The girl on the phone seemed a little upset.

“Yeah. I’m in a remote place now.”

“Share your location, I’ll take a cab. I’ll buy you some food.” The girl seemed determined.

Su Bai frowned, hesitated for a while, but nodded at last.



After hanging up, Su Bai shared his location, sent the license number of his car and got in the car. Then he lowered his seat back, lay down and closed his eyes.

He slept for almost two hours, until his window was knocked gently.

Su Bai opened his eyes and saw a delicate face.

He opened the door and got out.

“Bad mood? Driving here as relaxation?” The girl asked.

Su Bai nodded.


The girl came with two large plastic bags in her hands. They just sat on the ground by the road.

She rolled some roast duck in a pancake and handed it to Su Bai.

Su Bai took it and took a bite. The roast duck was a little cold.

“When you are with me, do you feel like you’re in love? Even just a little?” The girl asked.

“A little.” Su Bai wasn’t in that mood. “By the way, Sue, I’m leaving for Chengdu tomorrow evening. I’ll stay there for a while.”

Hearing Su Bai’s answer, Sue seemed a little disappointed, but she nodded.

“You really need some rest. The next holiday…” Sue ground her teeth and seemed to be struggling, because they didn’t sound like the right words coming from a girl, “I’ll go stay with you.”

Su Bai reached out his hand and touched the girl’s hair.

They knew each other due to an accident. Back then, she was a hostess, but due to a failed ceremony, she hid herself in the lecture hall, weeping; Su Bai happened to be working on a curriculum design in that room; he saw her, offered her a pack of wet tissues, and then she was leaning against his shoulder.

It seemed that they had never actually started a relationship, and they didn’t look like lovers. However, Sue seemed to be trying to take Su Bai as her boyfriend. Only, Su Bai was kind of indifferent; he never admitted, but never denied either. Not decent at all.

“It’s cold,” Sue said.

Su Bai sighed and put his arm around her.

Her hair had a faint fragrance that was so fascinating.

They just sat there.

Until the darkness gradually fell.

“Okay, I’ll drive you back.” Su Bai patted on Sue’s shoulder; it was getting late.

“Su Bai, I adore you so much.”

After she said that, she gathered all her courage and kissed Su Bai on his cheek.

Su Bai turned around and looked at the girl’s face. She looked so charming under the dim light.

“Good girl.”

Su Bai touched her nose.

Then he took out his cell phone, started WeChat and opened the chat with Chu Zhao.

“Who’s this?” Sue thought Su Bai was finally responding her; she seemed to be very happy, and her arms were tighter around Su Bai’s waist, seemingly more intimate than before.

“A crazy friend of mine. His name is Chu Zhao, and he works in the vice squad. Well, I had him look something up for me.”

“What was it?” Sue asked curiously.

“Check-in records,” Su Bai said directly.

Sue was surprised and confused.

Su Bai smiled. “Your check-in records.” He handed his cell phone over to Sue, took out a cigarette and lit it up.

Looking at these record, Sue felt as if she was struck by lightning.

In the darkness, there was only Su Bai’s cigarette flickering.


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