Dreadful Radio Game
22 Ghost Lady
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Dreadful Radio Game
Author :Innocent Dragonet
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22 Ghost Lady

Su Bai left the dormitory and walked out of the building. Just in time to meet Chu Zhao who had just carried Liu He onto the ambulance. When Chu Zhao saw Su Bai, he immediately ran to him and dragged him into a corner in the garden.

“Bro, did you steal my gun?”

Su Bai took out the gun and handed it over to Chu Zhao.

Chu Zhao took out the clip at once, carefully checked the bullets and then put it away.

“Bro, have you become unsatisfied about killing people with a knife? Are you gonna use a gun like those American gangsters? At least you should take someone else’s gun!”

Su Bai shook his head, “No, I’m fine, really.”

Chu Zhao looked at him with disbelief and put his arm around Su Bai’s shoulder.

“Bro, though I hate this police uniform… I am a cop after all. Those men our club had killed, they were not decent good guys, therefore we can comfort ourselves by saying that we were just enforcing justice on behalf of god. But there’s a bottom line; let’s keep that line untouched, okay? Don’t kill innocent people, okay?”

Su Bai took a deep breath, nodded and smiled, “I know. I’ve got that sense of propriety.”

“By the way, your roommate had a heart attack. I checked when I brought him to the ambulance, he’s dead.” Chu Zhao glanced Su Bai once or twice. “You should take a break from school. Two roommates died, you won’t be able to take it, even though you’re a psycho.”

Su Bai didn’t mind Chu Zhao calling him a psycho. He gradually pushed away Chu Zhao’s arm from his shoulder.

“My family will help me with the schooling suspension. But I’m not ready to go home yet.”

“We know about your family… If it’s really not suitable for you, you can stay with me. Aroma is going to the British Embassy, you could also go to Britain; a change of environment might help with your mental state.”

“It might be true. I’ll decide later.”

“But if you really went to Britain with Aroma, I think Gu Fan might go crazy.”

The two men walked while gossiping about their group. At last, Chu Zhao patted on Su Bai’s shoulder. Having more investigation to do, so he couldn’t stay with Su Bai for too long.

Su Bai’s lips moved; watching Chu Zhao leave, he really wanted to tell him that the murderer of this case had been killed by him and had been carried onto that ambulance by Chu Zhao himself.

But he didn’t know how to say it, even though his words were just on the tip of his tongue.

“You don’t have to say it; no one would ever believe you, because there’s no evidence.”

Childe Hai showed up behind Su Bai again.

“We audience are much more similar to those schizophrenics: what we can see and touch is invisible to others. Therefore, we are lonely we are people exiled by the whole world. We look the same as usual, but around us, there is an intangible cage restraining us. And it is so cold, so fiercely cold that it makes us desperate.”

“Why haven’t you gone?” Su Bai asked. “Declaiming poems here in the middle of the night? What is wrong with you?”

“Because I haven’t figured out something.” Childe Hai’s eyes wandered over Su Bai, “I can feel it, something has changed about your scent. Don’t tell me you have exchanged for something weird.”

“Why I shall tell you?”

“Yo, keeping secret from me?”

Childe Hai shook his head with a smile and took out his cell phone.

“A person who hasn’t gone through three experience stories can not make exchanges even if he was lucky enough to gain some story points. But there are always exceptions. Sometimes, there will be special items in that e-shop of Dreadful Radio; these items follow no rules, but most of them are just trash, weeded out from the e-shop, and their cost-performance ratios are really so poor.”

Childe Hai took out his cell phone, clicked the WeChat official account and entered the e-shop. Next, a meaningful smile appeared on his face. Then he grabbed Su Bai’s arm and scratched a shallow wound on it with his fingernail. The wound was not large, but blood ran out immediately.

And, soon enough, the wound became scared and began to heal; at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, his scar vanished and his skin was fully healed.

“So you really exchanged for ‘Broken Vampire’?”

Su Bai got rid of Childe Hai’s hand; he didn’t say a word, but the fact had explained everything.

“One more experience story and you’ll be able to exchange for those bloods or skills that can be updated sustainably! Such thing you’ve exchanged for can not be updated by story points; it’s useless.”

“The first thing I’m gonna do is to survive through the third experience story.” Su Bai said seriously.

Speechlessly, Childe Hai shrugged,“Do you really think those experience stories are difficult? Your first experience story was actually easy, right? Far less difficult than this one, right?”

Su Bai thought of his first task. The old couple had grabbed the white-collar lady together and died with her. Indeed, during his first story, he was nothing more than an onlooker- a real experiencer; it was not difficult at all.

“The reason why this second story seemed to be a torture to you is that you happened to be one member of the clue before this story. You were closely tied to the victim and the killer. But such an incident is very unlikely to happen; it will not happen again to your next story.

Therefore, the third experience story will not be very difficult for you. You’ll need no more than just a few Instant Cardio-reliever Pills in case you’re scared to death.

But, you hurriedly exchanged your painstakingly gained story points for some trash with no potential nor further update… You just entrapped yourself.”

Hearing this, Su Bai felt neither sorry nor regretful. He had made a choice; there was no going back, since it couldn’t be returned anyway.

“Never mind. I don’t care. Well, it’s a small world, and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to meet each other again. Hope you get stronger next time, don’t be my human shield again.”

Childe Hai moved his lips closer to Su Bai as if he would like to kiss Su Bai before leaving.

Su Bai stepped backwards and pointed to Childe Hai:

“You would have become flesh pieces if it wasn’t for me. You’re not that good.”

“Fine, fine! I like you for your temper and nature.” Childe Hai forced a smile, pretended to be gentle and turn around; this time, he was really leaving.

Outside the school gate, when he was alone, Childe Hai let out his anger and growled: “That’s too far! A newbie talking to me so arrogantly! So arrogant in front of me! If I didn’t take the attack as a human shield, how can you have so much time to work out… Bah! I’m not a human shield!”

Su Bai didn’t go back to his room in that dormitory building. Instead, he went to a budget hotel, took a bath and lay down on the bed. When he woke up, it was already in the afternoon of the next day.

These days, he was really exhausted.

Only then had Su Bai remembered that his cell phone hadn’t been charged. He connected his cell phone to the charger and turned it on. A phone call came in while he was cleaning up in the washroom.

Su Bai came to answer the phone with the toothbrush in his mouth. It was a voice full of stateliness.

“Su Bai.”

“Hi, uncle.” Su Bai answered.

“Suspend your schooling for the time being.”


Afterwards, the caller ended the call.

Other people could only see Su Bai’s powerful family background; what they would not know was the awkward place he was in as a kid whose parents both died when he was very young. Though there was no experience of being bullied by other kids, there was something between him and that family, and not many relatives would get close to him. Luckily, his parents had left him a great fortune so he didn’t need to worry about daily life.

For example, Su Bai would not contact this uncle, his father’s elder brother, unless it was necessary, and even if they got in touch, they would come straight to the point.

Back to the washroom, Su Bai continued brushing his teeth. Suddenly, he felt a little chill on his back. Did he turned on the AC too much?

Su Bai raised his head and looked at the mirror on the wall in front of his face…

…above his left shoulder, there was a face…

…a face of a ghost lady…

Su Bai suddenly remembered that he had come across a ghost under the dormitory in the story world!

Since she existed in the story world, she had to exist in reality as well!


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