Collection of thoughts
2 A Weak Man
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Collection of thoughts
Author :Revolutionary1999
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2 A Weak Man

@@A weak man once lived on the bottom of a hill

He was called the weak man

he may have not been strong enough to swing an ax

but he could use his brain

on top of the hill lived the strong man

the strong man swung his ax

like no care in the world

the weak man pleaded to be careful of nature

he tried to warn the strong man of the problems by removing the trees

no matter what the weak man said

the strong man would not care

the weak man was smart

he noticed a storm was coming

he knew of the trees being destroyed

he tried to warn the strong man

he pleded to stop the cutting

but he wouldn't stop

the trees where being removed

the roots and all

the rain began

the weak man tried his best to get to the strong man

but as he was inching closer to the top of the hill

lighting stuck catching him off balance

the already slippery surface of mud and water

made him slip being taken by the current

only for him to hit his head against

the strong man's ax...

"Another man's action might be your downfall as well as his"

The Weak Man, By




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