Assassin From Another World
8 8. Impress to make a Friend
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Assassin From Another World
Author :Flying_Dreams
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8 8. Impress to make a Friend

Feng Lan found the market and setup a stall. The 'pincushion' seemed to have climbed a tree and observed the market. There were other hunters selling there, who were all big burly men and so villagers become curious at a little girl selling there. She gossiped with them and gave a plausible story, so no one doubted her. Since her prices were decent, she sold all of her wares. By then, it has become evening. She found 'pincushion' sleeping on the tree. His mouth was a little open, looking adorable. She would have taken a photo if a camera have been available. She sneaked away . Anyway, they are just strangers!

She got rice, sweet potatoes and some pulses for 1/3rd of the money she earned and started walking back. She had a sack in one hand while a walking stick that she has picked up. She went in to the forest towards the other village for some time, since she has told that she is from the next village. Suddenly she saw three burly fellows, in front of her.

"Little girl, isn't it dangerous to walk in the forest? Let these uncles accompany you for your safety." And laughed evilly.

Feng Lan was startled and then walked towards them with a smile, "Uncles are so kind. I was afraid of walking alone and the sack is also very heavy. Can one of the uncles help me?" The uncles were happy that the rabbit is walking into the trap by itself.

What a stupid girl! She looked pretty, they will make money out of selling her.

She was handing the sack to one fellow, when behind her someone shouted, "Stop! Don't go near them."

In that one second distraction, Feng Lan took the branch in her hand and plunged in to one of her 'Uncles'. Blood splashed everywhere and the other two didn't understand what was happening at this point at all.

Wei Song was also stunned by this scene. He thought he was going to rescue the pretty girl but what happened before him was a massacre. He wasn't sure whether he should maybe help the robbers now!

The other two fellows have their arms and legs broken. Feng Lan dusted her hands of the imaginary dust, bent down and took the sack from the ground. "Thank you, uncles, for your help" with a smile and walked away. Her face didn't change from start to finish.

Wei Song just now came out of his stupor, he ran and caught up with her," Wait. I am Wei Song. Can we be friends?"

Feng Lan thought the 'pincushion' would be frightened by this action sequence but didn't expect to get the opposite reaction. Is this guy's brain broken?

She never had friends as everyone who came in contact with her real self gets frightened even those in that damn organization. This has been the first time someone willingly wanted to be friends with her after seeing her in action.

Feng Lan's smile disappeared, "Why do you want to be my friend?"

Wei Song contemplated a second before replying, "Because you are awesome as my mother. Without any qi, you defeated three fellows who were at 6th qi level. I have never seen anything like it."

Feng Lan heard this, shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

"Ai…You know how many people want to be this Lord's friend?"

"You know who my mother is? I am the young master of 'Thousand Poisoned Flowers'."

"Even the South Luo King is afraid of my mom"

Feng Lan just walked, while thinking whether she should slap shut this annoying fly or not.

"If you are my friend, I can help you with cultivation. Think, you can be more awesome." Feng Lan suddenly stopped. Even if she can't cultivate, her sisters are having problems cultivating without a teacher or resources.

Not noticing her sudden stop, Wei Song was still walking," You know how may servants we have? How much yuan crystalsss….?" He looked on both sides and turned around.

What he saw, shocked him as Feng Lan was smiling at him gently. He felt goosebumps on his arms. Feng Lan extended her hands, Wei Song wasn't sure what she is going to do, but she just shook his hands, "Hello. I am Feng Lan. I will be your friend from now on."

Why does he feel like he just made a deal with the Devil?


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