Assassin From Another World
6 6. Elder Chang’s Dream
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Assassin From Another World
Author :Flying_Dreams
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6 6. Elder Chang’s Dream

The Elder Cheng is related to Cheng Zhizhi. She wanted to send the sisters to a place, where she can control them and so she suggested the phoenix hall. He was instructed with letting them to their fate. If they die, then their misery is cut short and if they lived, they will only digress in their cultivation and become country bumpkins if they returned to the capital. Their presence is hidden from other elders.

Suddenly a small apprentice priest ran towards Elder Cheng," Elder Priest, there's something wrong with the guardian beast. All the other Elders are waiting for you in the meeting hall."

Elder Cheng hurriedly walked towards the hall. When he entered, he saw the grand elder sitting at the center solemnly, while everyone was discussing the current problem.

"It's really terrible. My head apprentice and elder Fan are all wounded severely"

"We can't control the guardian beast if this goes on, we will lose the beast. "

"Does anyone know why it's happening?"

"This has been happening for two months now."

Suddenly Elder Cheng remembered three months ago after he shut off that wretched girls in that abandoned courtyard, there was a huge commotion in the temple because the guardian beast was agitated. Are they connected? Definitely not. How will these stupid girls be the reason? Elder Cheng dismissed his own nonsensical thoughts.

He coughed a little bit and entered. The discussion stopped, half of the elders greeted him while the grand elder, nodded towards him to take the seat next to him.

Someone got up," If the guardian beast runs away, the phoenix soul remnant will automatically dissipate without protection. Then can phoenix hall exist?"

Everyone became silent. They are all contemplating the future of their hall.

The phoenix hall is famous in their continent for having a phoenix soul remnant. Cultivators especially with affinity with fire come here to worship. Some of them had premonition and risen levels while some of their cultivation has become stable. So, Phoenix Hall monastery is a sought-after holy ground. Their elders are on par with nobility and the have high status. Only people who have been approved by the elders can cultivate inside the temple. Some poor and underprivileged people won't get permission, so they just cultivate sitting outside the wall.

One of Elder Cheng's supporters stood up, "Grand elder, this has been going for too long. We have to ask outside help. Is Grand Elder not capable of even this?"

The Grand Elder has stagnated at Warrior level 4 for a long time and the guardian beast is at Pre Ascension level 1. Every time the guardian beast gets agitated, he fights with beast until they put him to sleep but he cannot completely tame him. And this has been getting repetitive for the past two months .

Elder Fan stood up, "Did you forget what the Grand Elder has been doing for us? Every time Grand Elder fights with the beast, he is near death. Instead of blaming the Grand Elder, the next time you and Elder Cheng may fight with the beast." Elder Fan sneered," Do you dare?" and provocatively looked at Elder Cheng.

Elder Cheng nonchalantly smiled, "I am also at Warrior Level 4 as the grand elder. Even if I fight with the beast, it's going to be the same outcome. We have to bring with higher power to help us. I know the elders of Flying sword sect as my niece has become an apprentice of one of the elders of Flying Sword sect."

"Congratulations Elder Cheng, of having such a talented niece"

Elder Cheng has attained Warrior Level 4 recently and he has been increasing his faction to replace the Grand Elder. This commotion has come at the right time. If he solves this problem, then even Grand Elder's staunch supporters will have no other way than to support him.

Grand Elder looked at all this drama going on. Nothing escaped his eyes. But for his fellow elders, he had an unfathomable look. He suddenly stood up," Let's look for the cause of the guardian beast's agitation. If someone finds it by two months, they will be rewarded with cultivation resources." And walked out without taking in anyone's reaction.

Elder Cheng smiled at his back, "Then we will wait two months. " And then it's my turn!


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