Assassin From Another World
4 4. Secret Body Cultivation
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Assassin From Another World
Author :Flying_Dreams
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4 4. Secret Body Cultivation

" Second sister, when did you become so powerful? Even I didn't see your move, what just happened?"

Feng Mei also turned around and her eyes looked quizzical. Even though she used less power, even Feng Ning, who is at 2nd Qi level cannot resolve this move easily. What did Feng Lan do?

Feng Lan smiled mischievously, "The exercises we do every day makes your body stronger and faster. First sister, spar again. Don't hold back. I want to really figure out my level."

This time Feng Mei and Feng Lan really fought. Feng Lan easily avoided Feng Mei' attacks but even though she hit Feng Mei a few times, but since there is no qi in the attack, there was no harm. They fought for a whole incense time and got tired without victory or loss. Feng Ning couldn't follow all their moves, but she still cheered on. Why is her second sister suddenly as powerful as a person at 4th Qi Level?

Feng Mei felt her fighting prowess increase but whatever she does, she cannot touch her second sister at all. It's like Feng Lan knows all her moves in advance and the hits she got where at important points. Even if there was a little bit of qi in these attacks, she needs to be in the bed for a month. But now they are like mosquito bites and using her own qi she quickly healed them while fighting.

By the end, both girls were huffing and puffing. They stopped fighting tacitly and fell down while Feng Ning ran around and sat between them," Awesome! Awesome! Both my sisters are awesome. Second sister, when did you become so powerful? Did you start cultivating in secret to give us a surprise?"

Feng Mei turned around and looked at her with her mesmerizing eyes," Lan'er didn't use qi at all. I am also wondering how you can do it?"

Feng Lan still felt bad about this weak body. It can only contend against 4th Qi Level. What if they have a more powerful enemy? But now she has to give a plausible reason so that her sisters are satisfied. They are her only loving relatives with both lives combined and she wants to protect them.

Feng Lan has already thought up a reason," I once stumbled into the forbidden library section of our school. No one found me and so I read one of the books on body cultivation there. I didn't think of practicing it before, but now since we are in danger, I also want to become stronger, so I don't drag your hind legs from now on. But even still, with complete body cultivation, I can only contend with a person of Condensation 4th Level or lower."

Feng Mei and Feng Ning looked at her incredulously. Their father and even the king were at condensation 4th level. Only their hidden guards and people of the big sects are at higher cultivation level. Their crown prince, Wang Xiong who is 17 and considered a big talent, can be this powerful only after 3 or 4 years of cultivation. They couldn't accept such an unbelievable statement. But they started laughing happily and even Feng Mei smiled.

Feng Ning was in high spirits, "Now no one can say Second sister is a waste. Even if we go back, second sister need not be afraid of everyone's provocation."

Her voice came down, as she became saddened. She doesn't know if they will go back, and when they will go back. Feng Mei and Feng Lan looked at her sad expression since they knew that she was the one, who missed the capital, their house and her friends the most. She is the social one, with many friends and pleasant personality while they both had never had a social circle. They are also more disillusioned about the family and their father. Feng Ning doesn't show her homesickness in front of their sisters so that they don't feel bad. But still she is a young kid, and you can hear the yearning tone, whenever she speaks about home.

Feng Mei and Feng Lan gave a tacit look at each other. They pounced on Feng Lan and started tickling her.

Feng Ning rolled around, "Ah! Sisters! No…not there. You both are shameless! Why is this a two to one fight? "

"Don't touch my! Ah…not my feet…Second sister, you are more shameless!"

After rolling around, Feng Lan quietly said ," I am going to teach my body cultivation so that you can also fight above your qi level. What do sisters say? It will be a hard process for 6 months."

Feng Mei nodded while Feng Ning who was crying at the training session, became a hyper bunny "Yes! Yes! I am going to be strong as much as father and then no one can bully us anymore!"

She suddenly laughed loudly," I want to see Feng Weiya's face after we go back to capital when we beat her up. She was always annoying being the junior sister of the crown prince and acted like everyone in the world is below her."

If it's up to Feng Lan, she will never go back to the capital. She wants them to increase in strength and find a peaceful town faraway from this country and settle down. She doesn't want revenge as she felt some children's, servants, stepsister's and stepmother bullying is below her. She is not that petty! And her sisters had protected her most of the time and her sisters are more important than stupid revenge! She just wants them to be strong and happy.


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