Assassin From Another World
3 Chapter 3: The Morning Exercise
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Assassin From Another World
Author :Flying_Dreams
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3 Chapter 3: The Morning Exercise

Since Feng Lan woke up, Mei and Ning felt that something has changed. Their second sister though not a coward, she kept to herself since she doesn't want to provoke others. She smiles only little bit and only with them. She decorates herself very simply, to be a wall flower so that no one gets interested in her. Only if the three is alone, she will be a little livelier.

But now, her smile seems to have more allure and radiance even a little evil charm. She seems to have a grown a little bit since she is not slouching anymore, and she has always been taller than the other two. She also started joking and teasing her sisters.

Feng Mei can escape by being cold, but Feng Ning caught most of the burden of Feng Lan's teasing. The original Feng Lan used to call her Ning'er. But now every morning, Feng Lan will wake up Feng Ning by tickling her.

"Ning Ning, sweetie…you can't be this lazy. Look at your chicken hands and feet. Tut…tut…You need to put on some muscle to fight with future brother-in-law. Come with your second sister to train."

The words coming out of her second sisters' mouth, made Feng Ning cry silent tears. She is only 11 years old and what is this talk about future brother-in-law!

Feng Mei will silently accompany them with a slight smile. Feng Mei and Feng Ning thought that the near-death catastrophe has made their sister to be livelier and to train physically. But they know even if you are physically strong, you are nothing but an ant to true cultivators. They just accompanied her to make her happy.

The monastery has given them a separate courtyard, far away from the main temple. When the sisters came in, dragging Feng Lan's half dead body, one of the the priests has just assigned them a courtyard, threw their stuff there and left them to their own devices. Since they are abandoned daughters, no one took care of them. The monastery was at the edge of a huge forest, and from there Feng Mei hunted and gathered food for them every day. While Feng Ning, with her basic medical knowledge treated her with the sparse herbs she had. Feng Ning even thought her sister actually died for a minute then, but somehow her pulse started beating again.

Feng Lan started her routine workup from her previous life while instructing them, "You have to bend more! Push your butt up, Ning Ning!" Ning Ning gave an aggrieved smile. She has got used to her second sister saying the word"Butt" a week ago.

" Second Sister, why are we doing this? This won't help with cultivation at all!"

Feng Lan finished her hundred pushups and started her squats. Her body has improved in this one month of constant training and eating hunted animals from the forest. It can be as good as the old body in six months. But she doesn't know if she can contend against cultivators at all. She thought about something," First Sister, why don't we have a spar? Then we can know if these exercises helped or not."

Feng Ning jumped from her position and exclaimed, "How can this be done? Second sister, first sister is already at 4th qi level. You cannot take one hit from her." And looked at Feng Mei to dismiss this ridiculous idea.

But Feng Mei thought how her body seems to be strong and agile after doing these exercises. Also, her hunting in the forest seems to have improved. Feng Mei wasn't sure if her cultivation is improving or her body. Anyway, she will go on easy on her second sister.

Feng Mei nodded her head and walked towards the centre. Feng Mei doesn't speak at all if she can and covers her face as much as possible. Whenever Feng Mei speaks, even Feng Lan is seduced as it feels like her voice is melting into her soul. God has been very biased when he created Feng Mei!

Feng Ning incredulously looked at both of them, but then she smiled and jumped" Ok! Fight! Fight! I love pillow fights!"

Feng Lan gave a dirty look to her fourth sister. A death god is coming down to fight and instead of getting scared, this rabbit compares it to a pillow fight! Well, she will know better later!

Feng Mei and Feng Lan took positions and started circling each other. Feng Mei condensed a small lightning dagger and attacked her slowly. She also wants to stop before it actually touches Feng Lan.

Suddenly Feng Lan moved very fast, she couldn't see how Feng Lan disappeared. Before Feng Mei reacted, Feng Lan had touched one of her main acupoint. If it was a real opponent, Feng Mei would have died by now.

Feng Mei froze, and Feng Ning's mouth opened and closed and opened and closed.



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