Assassin From Another World
2 Chapter 2: Waking up
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Assassin From Another World
Author :Flying_Dreams
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2 Chapter 2: Waking up

After her mother's death, the original Feng Lan saw her father after six years when "The Three Waste Witches" became infamous. Feng Aoitan summoned all of them, to punish them. Their concubine mother, now the head wife Cheng Zhizhi, was sitting by his side and serving him tea.

"Feng Mei pays respect to Father"

"Feng Lan pays respect to Father"

"Feng Ning pays respect to Father"

Feng Aoitan sipped on his tea and didn't even look at them. He let them kneel.

"krrssh" Feng Mei ducked her head as the cup hit the wall and shattered.

"Do you dare to avoid the punishment for what you have done? Shameless daughters! Ah...hah…I can expect this from the daughters of Murong Chunfen." He slapped Feng Mei, and turned towards Feng Lan, but suddenly Feng Ning came between them to take the next slap. She knows for certain if her father slapped with his power, her weak second sister, will at least lose half her teeth and all her looks.

"Are you still trying to protect her? Is losing all my face not enough? Only if this waste dies, then you two will act right." Then started moving towards Feng Lan with murderous intent condensing power in his hands. Feng Mei and Feng Ning rushed towards Feng Lan and hugged her on both sides so that their father can't hurt her.

"Father, please spare second sister! She didn't do anything wrong!"

"It's all our mistake. Please punish us"

Feng Lan also got agitated," It's all my wrong, father. Don't punish my sisters."

Feng Aoitan sneered," Good! Good! I will kill all of you! I will kill all of you and won't have problems anymore." He started condensing a huge fire ball in his hand, wanting to burn alive all three of them.

Cheng Zhizhi panicked and stopped him," Husband, please curb your anger! You cannot kill your own daughters. Even if they made mistakes, they are just kids without a mom. They don't know how to behave since they don't have education." Here she lowered her voice, "Mei and Ning can be still useful for you even without reputation, though not as much as Weiya. It is only Lan that is the problem, we can get rid of her easily later."

She wants all three of them to be stepping stones for her daughter. How can she let them die easily!

Feng Aoitan cooled down a little bit," It's true. But how should I punish them? I just don't want to see them." Thinking about all other ministers mocking him, made his blood boiling.

"Husband, why don't we send them to the Phoenix monastery? They can be there for few years. The scandal will die down as well as our daughters will have some good education." It's basically sending them to a jail, where their important years will be wasted serving priests while their peers will be having actual education. Their Father easily accepted this proposal and sent them away without a second glance.

On their way to the monastery, they were ambushed by assassins. Their servants ran away. While on the run, Feng Ning slipped and to save her, Feng Lan got hurt in the brain. The original's memory stopped at this point. But she can see that when she, the now "Feng Lan" woke up, she could see a broken courtyard. So somehow Feng Mei and Feng Lan had saved her and brought her here. She can see how much the two figures in front of her loved her as they could have easily abandoned her.

Feng Ning was still anxiously speaking while Feng Mei finished her checkup, and watched her since she felt that a lot of emotions flitted in Feng Lan's eyes continuously. She opened her red cherry lips and spoke in a the most melodious voice she had ever heard," Lan'er, why aren't you speaking? Are you good?"

Feng Lan smiled her most famous smile that made people scared to death in her previous life, "Sisters, since I am awake, everything's going to be fine. Really fine!"


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