Assassin From Another World
1 Chapter 1: The Reincarnation
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Assassin From Another World
Author :Flying_Dreams
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1 Chapter 1: The Reincarnation

Feng Lan felt a sharp pain in her head. It was like all her nerve endings are trying to reject something, but some force is pulling her soul back into her body. She was writhing in pain as her life flashed by. She is an assassin of the modern world and a hacker. Her hacker skills may not be top notch as she may be placed only in the top twenty, but no one can beat her in her assassin skills. No one dared to say that they are first, if she claimed second. And even if they dare, they have to be alive after her assassination attempt.

But she knows that this time, she is going to die. She has been poisoned by an unknown poison. Since she has been trained by an organization from young, she is immune to most poisons and she can avoid drinking most of the poisons by just smell. But she doesn't know how to cure it. She only knows basic medicine for survival. No one knows this except the organization. Suddenly she connected all the things, that happened in her current mission.

OMFG! This is a trap set up by her own people.

This damn organization! They trained her so much just to take her life!

"Dragon's Bane! if I am alive after this, I will make sure that I kill everyone in this organization and won't even leave a single residue that such an organization existed in this universe!"

And with this, everything became black and she soared. It felt blissful after such a hell of a life.

Tendrils of light woke her up and with that the pain in her brain started again. Isn't she dead? Or is this poison just gives pain until she finally died? But it gradually subsided and she could at last fully open her eyes.

Two faces were looking at her closely with worry. One was round and cute like a rabbit but compared to the other person, who looked like a goddess, it felt plain. The goddess was restrained except her eyes showed genuine concern and her hands were checking her condition while the rabbit cried with happiness.

"Second sister, you are awake! I was so afraid that something happened to you when you hit your head in the stone. It's all my fault. What if something happened to you? You just came into save me. I can't live with something happening to you." The rabbit was so cute that she wanted to pinch her cheeks and stop her crying.

Feng Lan was confused and suddenly all new memories rushed into her head. She is still Feng Lan, but she is in South Luo Kingdom of Aries continent somewhere far far away from earth. It is a cultivating continent where people take in qi from any natural resources and store it in dantian. Everyone has a different practice for this and increase in strength leads to a change in cultivation level. The higher your level, the higher your strength.

But she is the most wasteful Second miss of the Right Prime Minister, Feng Aotian's home who couldn't cultivate at all. And the goddess and the bunny are her most beloved sisters. The Goddess is called Feng Mei. She is the eldest sister, considered as the most beautiful women in South Luo, some say even in the whole Ares continent and she has affinity towards water and lightning. She is already at 4th Qi Level at the age of 13, which is considered as quite talented. While the rabbit is her 4th sister, Feng Ning from same mom, who has affinity towards fire and water, is at 2nd Qi Level, which is also considered good. She has started her apprentice in alchemy.

But only she, Feng Lan was considered a waste since she doesn't have any affinity. People have tried to bully her in the school and even in home, if her sisters are not present. When her sisters have learned about it, they started taking revenge on this people. Since both of them didn't know how to fight, they have resorted to using their powers.

Feng Mei has used her powers to hallucinate, making the boys who bullied her, to fight and hurting themselves. Actually, she doesn't need to use powers at all, as the same effect would have been attained if she just smiled at any two boys vaguely. But Feng Mei has always been cold faced, and she has always been distant from the opposite sex as much as possible. She has always been like this from the time, her beauty started causing too much problems for her.

While Feng Ning has used the low-level poisons that she has concocted on the girls who bullied her. The Right Prime Minister lost lot of reputation over this, since everyone in the capital city of Jiang and all over the country started calling them "The Three Waste Witches", who doesn't know anything except causing trouble for people with their seduction and tricks. What everyone doesn't realize, is that they could have easily killed all these bullies but stopped short by just hurting them.

Their father, Feng Aoitan, is one of the jerks that consider women as tools and never thought of protecting them. Since they are his own daughters, they are considered just a little above the servants. If they bring him some benefits and have some talent, he is good to them. Otherwise, it doesn't matter even if they die. After their mother Murong Chunfen died, he just left their bringing up to some servants and only when they found that Feng Mei and Feng Ning has some talent, he took some interest in them. But he has never looked after Feng Lan at all as she is considered a waste.

This shameless man wedded her mother, just for the power of General Murong behind her. When the Murong family declined, he took in another concubine from the powerful Cheng family and she gave birth to two daughters. And when Murong Chunfen died, he started taking more concubines so that he can have a son. But his dream of a son never came true, as all his other concubines couldn't conceive. And one of his concubines died in stillbirth, leading to powerful families unwilling to send their daughter as his concubine.

Such a good father! She has to play with him!


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