A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
1046 That Old Dog Is So Terrifyingly Vicious!
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A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
Author :Whispering Jianghu
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1046 That Old Dog Is So Terrifyingly Vicious!


There was a sudden commotion in the restaurant.

Everyone looked at Gloria, who answered Amy's question in a fluster, in shock.

"No, Boss Mag is mine!"

The ladies were all nervous, but when they looked at Gloria's unparalleled beauty and elegance, they felt a little defeated.

No one knew which family this young mistress came from, but whether it was her looks or her charisma, she was indeed very compatible with Boss Mag. Even their height matched very well, making the others envious.

"Boss Mag is simply a goddess collector! That's too much!"

"Exactly. There are already so many beauties in this restaurant, but Boss Mag wouldn't even let a customer off!"

"What a monster!!"

The men all looked angry and dejected.

"You like me?" Mag was also a little shocked. He felt a strange feeling inside when he saw Gloria who was blushing and looking down, afraid to even look at him.

Gloria was indeed a very beautiful woman. Her beauty could even be compared to Irina's. She had a quiet and obedient demeanor, but made one unable to overlook her. She was meticulous, so people would feel comfortable interacting with her.

If it was in his previous life, she would be on the top of Mag's list of people he was interested in.

However, he was no longer the playboy of the past. Now, he had Amy and also a legitimate wife—Irina.

Theirs was a very remarkable bond. He had only met Irina a few times, but they'd been through a life-and-death experience together.

That woman had a strong character, but would show her gentle side to Amy, and still left an unerasable mark in his heart.

He did not know if he had already fallen in love with her, and could not be certain if she would be the one for him in the future.

However, before bringing her back from the Wind Forest and allowing her to be really free, he probably would not consider dating another woman.

Otherwise, that would make him feel like scum.

Although he had never labeled himself as a good guy before, he really wanted to be a good father, one that Amy could be proud of.

"No!!! This can't be! It's not written like that in the script!!!"

Camilla's face lost color. She gripped her chest in pain.

"This love letter seemed to have helped him…" The black cat servant swallowed hard, similarly dumbfounded. "If he agrees to it, what comes next will be the two willing parties holding hands as they walk down the aisle…"

"No! I will never let that happen!!!" A large black bludgeon appeared in Camilla's hand as she stared furiously at Mag.

"Madam, don't be rash! This is Chaos City. Besides, if you were to kill him in front of Young Mistress, she would definitely hate you for life." The black cat quickly pulled Camilla back.

"Then am I to just watch them get together?!" Camilla stomped her foot angrily.

"Let's watch for a while more…"

Gosh! What did I say! I actually said I like Mr. Mag?!

Gloria, who was blushing very badly, was at a loss for what to do. She had something on her mind when she came in, so when Amy asked her, what came out was a Freudian slip. She only wished to hide in a hole when she felt all those gazes on her.

Would Mr. Mag think that I am a weird person? He wouldn't dislike me, right? Would we not be able to even be friends anymore? She did not dare to look up at Mag, and her mind was in a mess full of worries. She was so anxious she was about to cry.

"It's okay, Big Sister Gloria. You are so good looking, so I won't find it hard to accept even if you want to be my mother," Amy consoled her.

"Wow, even Little Boss acknowledged her!!!"

There was an uproar at the entrance of the restaurant suddenly. Of course, there were also women shrieking.

Gloria blushed even more. However, this made her become a little hopeful. If Amy were to consent…

Just then, Mag took a step forward and asked the customers at the entrance, "Do all of you like me?"

"Boss Mag, we love you!"

"Boss Mag, I want to have your baby!"

The women shrieked and expressed their love passionately.

Among them were also some men, orcs, and demons.

"It seems like everyone really likes the food I make indeed. I like you guys too," Mag said with a smile. After that, he looked at Gloria, and said, "Gloria, do you still want tofu pudding today? You would order that every time you come. It seems like you really like it."

"Hm? Mm-hm." A hint of disappointment flashed past Gloria's eyes. However, she quickly nodded and wore a smile on her face again. She nodded at Mag, and said, "Yes, Mr. Mag's tofu pudding is irresistible."

"Thank you for the praise." Mag also nodded with a smile. That's great. Why do we have to make things so complicated? Even if they couldn't date, they could still continue to be friends.

"Hm? Has he lost his marbles?" Camilla, who almost rushed out with the bludgeon, paused in her steps and looked at Mag in shock.

"Exactly, it was such a good opportunity put right in front of him. All he had to do was nod, and everything would happen naturally, but he actually rejected it!" The black cat was also dumbfounded.

"It seems like I've underestimated him. With his intelligence, I'm afraid a normal method would not work. We have to use some unusual tactics." Camilla kept the bludgeon in her hand.

"Unusual tactics?"

"Yes." Camilla nodded and started to pull things out.

"Rope, whip, candle…" The black cat stood at the side, taking note of the various things Camilla pulled out.

On this day, an announcement published from the Roth Empire spread throughout the Norland Continent.

The announcement was very short, but its content caused a commotion.

General Alex was promoted to become the Roth Empire's Grand Marshal!

This announcement was sent to the higher-ups of the various species at the fastest speed. At the same time, it had also made the headlines of various magazines and newspapers.

"Bullsh*t! They were the ones who almost killed Alex back then. Now that he's back, how would he possibly risk his life for them again? Andre, that old dog, is so terrifyingly vicious!" the king of the dwarves said angrily as he threw the letter in his hand on the floor.

"Andre, that old dog, is scheming indeed. Even though he was uncertain if Alex would agree to it, by coming up with this before the negotiations, no one would ignore Alex's existence." The high priest of the goblins looked at the letter in his hand with a face full of worries.

"This stupid old fart and his wishful thinking." Mag's lips twitched as he looked at the headlines of the newspaper in his hand. After that, he casually threw it into the trash can.


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